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To add a System of Returns to WooCommerce

You knew that the people like the back of her hand read the reimbursement policies before buying a product? And it is that, to transact the return of an order he is something that any store online will have to manage some moment. So more bond to be preparation and to learn to manage returns in WooCommerce for when you must do first. You don't create?

A return never is plate of good taste, I know it. But the returns in a store online, we like or no, they are an aspect more of our business and the knowledge to manage them can marks before and later in the relation with our client: you can gain his confidence or, on the contrary, not return to see the hair him.

When one mounts its store online (I speak by own experience), the latest that is crossed to him the mind is that a client is going to give back a product. But already it advanced it to you: it will happen. And you, you would know as managing this situation?

If your answer is NO, you do not worry. In this post I am going to you to explain how to approach the returns of your store online saving time and money. Of a way more effective outpost and.

It takes to pencil and paper. We began! 😉

to make reimbursements woocommerce

What is YITH WooCommerce Advanced Refund Sytem and why it serves

If you have a WooCommerce certainly already you have been able to thus verify that the system of basic reimbursement is not very easy to approach, dig¡moslo, and the communication between buyers and salesmen is not realised of direct way. This could affect negatively to your business, since they would be possible to be spread bad critics and to be reduced the reputation of your company in Internet.

Oh, no! He is quite the opposite than one it wants when it mounts his store online, truth? But, calm, because there is a solution to flee from this scene. YITH WooCommerce Advanced Refund Sytem is called.

In question? He is plugin that will allow you to manage the returns of a faster and effective way. With this complement of WooCommerce, the reimbursement requests will be much more simple as much for the user as for the client. All leave winning.

Differentiate you from the competition and you contribute a special attention to your clients with a system of safe reimbursement. Your users will be faithful to your store.

Differences between PREMIUM versions FREE and

In this point we are going to analyze the two versions of this plugin so that you can check each of his functionalities and to see which of them adapts better to your present circumstances. It compares and it chooses.

Characteristics Version FREEto manage returns in woocommerce

We begin by the gratuitous version, whose functionalities more are restricted than in the payment version, but even so are certain actions that can be realised with this version. We see which are:

  • He allows that the clients ask for reimbursements by all the order.
  • The clients can send messages to the administrator and the administrator can respond them, but archives cannot be enclosed.
  • To approve or to reject reimbursement requests.
  • To reject reimbursement request sending an e-mail of automatic notification to the user
  • To send notifications by email electronic to the clients whenever the state of the request is updated.

Connection | Version FREE 

Characteristics PREMIUM Version

In front of the version free, we were with the possibility of extending the functionalities of plugin when contracting its version of payment. Beyond allowing or the reimbursement and not to inform on his state, with the premium version of YITH WooCommerce Advanced Refund Sytem you will be able to do all this:

Request of return by order or product

returns in woocommerce
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With the premium version you will be able to facilitate to the users of your store online the request of reimbursements for all the order or only for a product. Of this form it will give more facilities to your clients and you will allow that they are those that decide what wants to give back.

Perhaps for example, they have realised a great purchase and they only want to give back one of acquired articles. Why it isn't going to be able to do it? Sure that yes.

It informs into the state via email

returns lie down online
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In addition, your user will be informed at any moment on the present state of his requests of reimbursement thanks to a system of automatic e-mail. As much the administrator, that is to say you, as the user you are abreast of the changes in the return process. Usuary he will know when he will receive his reimbursement and you also stop thus to be able to be not worried to you.

To limit the days to ask for returns

management of returns in woocommerce
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If you want to limit the requests of returns, this plugin allows you to establish a limit of days in which the clients can request a reimbursement. That is to say, you can fix that from X days more requests cannot be sent. For example, once passed a month from the purchase, if you love your client no longer will be able to come to ask for its return. Of this form you are avoided to be continuously managing returns.

To choose how to give back the money

management of reimbursements woocommerce
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Once the client asks for his reimbursement, the administrator can choose how to do against his payment. Thus, you can realise it or of automatic way manually, through the payment footbridge.

And it is that, I remember to you that by means of the technology offered by two of the platforms more used at this moment as they are Stripe and Paypal you can manage the automatic return from the own panel of administration.

To give back the total or partial amount to the client

to make reimbursements in woocommerce
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In addition to choosing the payment method, you will be able to select the amount of money to reimburse. That is to say, you can decide between reimbursing the order to the complete one or to only make the partial return. For example, if the product costs 100 Euros you can choose to give back only half, 50 Euros.

It offers a coupon instead of to give back the money

coupons for reimbursement woocommerce
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And if you want fidelizar clients, you can offer coupons as alternative to the reimbursements. Of this form, like it happens in infinity of stores with physical establishments, the amount inverted in the product will be given back to him in the form of bond. It is a money that your client will have reserved to spend when she wants.

In addition, you can establish a date of optional victory on the validity of the coupon. For example, that expires to the six months from its emission. The client will try to spend the amount before losing this money, and thus you are also guaranteed a fixed one.

Automatic management of stock

returns in woocommerce
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Once realised the reimbursement to your client, you can resupply the product of automatic way.  Of this forms you will avoid that those products that already have been given back remain in tail hoping to put itself again on sale. Why to have a product in warehouse if you can return to sell them as soon as possible? You do not leave it in would embroider it.

Video | How YITH WooCommerce Advanced Refund Sytem works

Now that already you know something more on the operation of plugin that allows you to manage returns in your Woocommerce, what it seems to you if we see them in action. If you want to see as it works in direct, you do click in the video that there am preparation for you. You will see how handle YITH WooCommerce Advanced Refund Sytem in version FREE as in PREMIUM as much.


And well, what has seemed you everything what we have seen in this post? You know clearly what YITH WooCommerce Advanced Refund Sytem can do by you? This tool would change the way to manage the returns in your ecommerce. Now he will be to you much more fast and simple to respond to your clients.  

Since we have seen throughout this article, this plugin allows you to facilitate the reimbursement of products to those clients who, by a reason or on the other, want to give back the article that they acquired in your store. You do not hide the policy of reimbursements of your ecommerce and facilitates, in the average of the possible thing, the returns to your clients. Because, as already I have told you at the outset, the user will review the policy of reimbursement of your store before buying a product in the same. Ponte in its situation, certainly you also would do the same.

This plugin of WooCommerce puts it to you easy. It fideliza to your clients with a safe system of returns. You do not wait for more!

For which work with YITH

If I have arrived up to here would like to explain why work to you with company YITH (Your Inspiration Themes). And in fact it is not because they have plugins more powerful and with majors benefits that those of WooThemes but because have a great support that solves any doubt to you in 24h less than.

If you do not know it, I comment to you that the own WooThemes company has his repositorio of extensions, but have a quite high price and they are not so outposts as those of YITH. In this case company YITH always improvement and adds more functionalities than WooThemes to all plugins.

On the other hand plugins of WooThemes is not developed by them properly, many of them develop them external programmers and soon they add them repositorio of WooThemes reason why I prefer to deposit the confidence in YITH since that they respond with guarantees.

Licenses and prices

If you are already determined and you want to manage the returns of your store of a faster and effective way, you must know before which are the licenses and prices of this plugin of YITH.

As far as the subscription license, this it gives right to 1 year of updates and support you. And in addition you must consider that each installation of plugin will require a license.

And as far as the price, this it varies following the licenses that you need but for 1 only website the price is of 52, if you need to see all the prices you can accede directly to his webpage.