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Payments with Apple Pay and Google Pay in WooCommerce

In the today post I want to tell a new functionality to you that brings Stripe to us to WooCommerce and is the one to make orders in 1 click thanks to the technologies of Google Pay and Apple Pay.

You will ask yourself: œof what the orders in 1 click consist. Then, with them the clients of our store online will not have to fill up their data of invoicing nor of payment, since WooCommerce will take them of its account of Google Pay or Apple Pay in each case.

He isn't incredible? Then, of this he is than I am going to speak to you today in this post. Very kind Estate because, as soon as you finish reading this post, you will only be able to integrate it today in your store online to increase to the conversions 😉


Finally! Orders in 1 Click in WooCommerce

I believe that this newness that I bring to you today is going to revolutionize the market of the footbridges of payment in stores online and comes from the hand of, a footbridge of payments of which already I spoke to you previously in another post exceeds how to form Stripe in WooCommerce.

Today what I am going to do is to teach to you how works Apple Pay and Google Pay in a store that I have of tests, but you must know that this is part of the constant innovation of the footbridge of Stripe payments.

Stripe has removed a new functionality in WooCommerce that is called Stripe Request Button. One is a button that is added to the cart of your store online to facilitate the purchase process and to make orders in 1 click.

You want to prove you yourself this functionality? Beam click and vetoes to DEMO de Stripe Request Button 😛 here If you open the store with Google Chrome you will see Google Pay and if you open it with Safari from iPhone or Mac, you see Apple Pay.

Eye! If it does not appear to you nothing in Chrome is because you do not have introduced the credit cards in the function to autocompletar of the navigator and if he does not appear to you nothing in Safari is because you do not have formed Apple Pay.

What is and How Apple Pay Works

Apple Pay from Safari in Mac

Apple Pay is the platform of payments of Apple to which you can have associate a credit card of your bank to pay with the mobile in any establishment that has TPV with ContactLess. 

Apple Pay every time is having more implantation online and the stores are already many that integrate this method of payment because, as you see, it accelerates much the purchase process.

If you pay attention to the images, the client of the store online does not have to fill up any data when doing an order, simply she makes click in the button of Apple Pay and realises the order. This will be possible whenever it uses Mac or iPhone and it has Apple formed Pay.

Apple Pay in iPhone

As you can observe, as much in iPhone as in Mac, the purchase process is incredibly fast. The client will only have to be called on the button to confirm payment and ready, already the order will be realised in your store online. That easy!

What is and How Google Pay Works

Google Pay in Google Chrome

But you thought that this functionality of orders in 1 click was only going to be available for people of Apple, you were mistaken;). And it is that Stripe also has added compatibility with Google Pay, so you will be able to offer this functionality to the majority of your clients.

Google Pay is integrated in Google Chrome navigator who is the one that uses the majority of people in Spain.

Therefore, if the person who is going to buy has cards and directions kept in autocompletar of Google Chrome already can use this system. Next we will see how to form these 2 methods of payment 😉 is really simple

Forming the Orders in 1 Click

In order to form the functionality of orders in 1 click in WooCommerce, first that you must do it is to register to you in since it is the footbridge of payments that has published this newness.

To install Stripe

Since there am saying, the first step is to register itself in and later you will have to install plugin of Stripe for WooCommerce in your webpage.

For it, you can make use of a tutorial that I prepared previously, and in which I step by step teach to you to form Stripe in WooCommerce. You do not doubt, you to it intention to that you read this videotutorial.

Connection | Videotutorial forming Stripe in WooCommerce

Forming Stripe Request Button

Once you have installed Stripe, to equip from this functionality to your store online you must activate the Stripe Request Button through the option of payment request Bellboys with which one will activate Apple Pay and Google Pay.

  1. When you activate that option 3 options will unfold to you more than step to detail to you next:
  2. Type of payment request button: In this option you will have three possibilities: by Defect it will locate a button To pay to you Now; another option is the one To buy with which you will activate a button with the text To buy or will be able to choose the option To donate that it will activate a button to you with the text To donate.
  3. Subject of the payment request button: In this option you will be able to choose the design of the button. You have 3 options: the dark that appears in the captures of this post, that is violet, another one with fund bank and a last one that also is white but with gray edge.

Height of the payment request button: With this option you will be able to choose the height of the payment request button to give greater importance him if therefore you wish it in your store online.

You must know that once activated that option Google Pay already it will work automatically, without you must do nothing, but for Apple Pay you will have to make a step more than I detail next 😉 to you

How To form Apple Pay in Stripe

So that Apple Pay works correctly with your store online of WooCommerce you will have to form it in Stripe doing some simple steps that I detail to you next.

  1. What you must make to form Apple Pay in Stripe and to begin to allow your clients to use this method of payment is the following thing:
  2. To enter and to go to Payments>Apple Pay
  3. To give to Add new domain and to write your domain in the place that I indicate in step 1
  4. Soon you must unload the verification file that it indicates to you.

And finally you must raise it the /.well-known folder of your hosting, that usually is within the /public_html folder. If you do not have this directory in your hosting does not pass anything, you must create a folder llamanda .well-known and if, it must take a point in front of the name. To see image:

Clearing the Request Button of the Product Page

It is important that you know that when activating the Stripe Request Button, in addition to adding the button in the purchase cart will be added in the individual page of All the products of your store.

Therefore if you want to eliminate it of the individual product page and to leave it only in the cart you will have to add in the file functions.php of your Child Theme the following code:

to add_filter (˜wc_stripe_hide_payment_request_on_product_page™, ˜__return_true™);

Video | Payments with Apple Pay and Google Pay in WooCommerce


I believe that, through this post, you have realized potential tremendous of this newness that has removed Stripe, so if still you did not use this footbridge of payment you intention to install right now to simplify your process of purchase and, in this way, to increase the sales.

The installation process is very simple, but you have some doubt, either you know, you can see the videotutorial of the post or contact to me. I will be enchanted to make use to you in everything what you need.

So you already know, if this newness is interesting similarity counts it to your friendly and helps me to arrive at more people, thank you very much! 😉