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To publish several products in WooCommerce simultaneously

One of the things that to me more my clients request who use WooCommerce is the possibility of working with several products to a time. And he is that, if you have a store online, surely you are expert of the exhausting one that turns out to be publishing product to product. He can become something eternal.

Imagine to have to change to the price of 1000 products one by one that to you would take an eternity! And once you finish, probably you would have to begin again. And if I say that time to you that you would dedicate to do this you can use it in other more productive things for your business. Yes, which you are reading.

He learns to easily handle all the fields of your products. No longer you will have to return to change the price or description of a product and another one, with plugin adapted you will be able to manage it simultaneously. You will save long time! 😉

to manage several products simultaneously

What is YITH WooCommerce Bulk Product Editing and why it serves

It gives equal if you have a small store or a great site of electronic commerce, if nonaccounts with corresponding plugin the problems at the time of modifying products are always the same: you are forced to open, one to one, each product page to realise any exchange rate, by small who is. And not only that, certainly also has passed you in some occasion having to publish the same time and time again, for example to fit the prices during vacation.

But, today I bring the solution to you: YITH WooCommerce Bulk Product Editing. Perhaps already you have heard speak of this plugin of WooCommerce, but perhaps what you do not know they are all the advantages that can offer to you at the time of managing your store online. If still you do not know that I am speaking, I already advance to you that it will simplify the life to you, and much, when you put yourself to publish products of your store.

It saves time and it publishes many products at the same time

With this plugin, in addition to easily filtering the products that you wish, you will be able to also come to his edition. What can more be asked! And it is that you are before a powerful tool that allows you to save hours and hours in your day to day, which will allow to review him what you need, in addition to importing and exporting products in a text file immediately!

Differences between PREMIUM versions FREE and

In this point we are going to analyze the two versions of this plugin so that you can check each of his functionalities and to see which of them adapts better to your present circumstances. It compares and it chooses.

Characteristics of version FREE

to manage together products in store online

We begin by the gratuitous version. His benefits we could summarize them in these two mainly:

  • It will allow simultaneously to change the prices you in all the products of your store, but nothing else, it does not allow you to publish in mass more fields
  • You will be able to filter by category and price the products that you want to publish in mass

Connection | Free version

Characteristics of the PREMIUM version

In front of the version free, we were with the possibility of extending the functionalities of plugin when contracting its version of payment. These are only some of the benefits of the Premium version of YITH WooCommerce Bulk Product Editing:

It publishes any product field

to manage several products in woocommerce
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Plugin has a function where you choose what columns of data you want to show between all the existing ones. You only must choose what data to show and soon to put to you to modify them in mass. In addition it allows you to include any customized field that you have introduced in your store.

It publishes title and description of several products

to publish simultaneously in woocommerce
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In addition to publishing any field of the store online, you can modify the titles, URLS, descriptions adding to X word ahead or after the same, replacing them You only must select products to publish and ready, we see it well in the video. 😉

It changes prices easily

to modify prices of products simultaneously
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No longer you will have to be modifying price to price, that is thing of the past. YITH WooCommerce Bulk Product Editing facilitates to you, and much, the process of modification of prices of your store online. Thus, you will be able to reduce or to increase the price of several products, or determining an amount fixes or applying a certain percentage to him.

It includes system of filters

to publish products in woocommerce simultaneously
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You will have the advantage to apply all the filters that you need to quickly find the products that you are looking for and to publish them in opening and closing of eyes. The option of products Rep is important page since you will be able to publish more products simultaneously whatever you put more by page.

It publishes all the variables

to publish products in woocommerce simultaneously
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This plugin allows you to publish product variations only, personalizing each one of the variables of your store online. You only must give INCLUDE VARIATIONS and it will list all the variables to you of each product, so that you can publish the price, stock and others

Flock several products simultaneously

to eliminate several products in woocommerce
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You will be able to eliminate all the products that you want in a single click. You will only have to select of a listing those products that no longer you want that they follow in your ready store and. Your store will have what you want. For example, you have several descatalogados products or that no longer make Very simple: you accede to the panel, you select and to beams click to them in œeliminating.

Video | How YITH WooCommerce Bulk Product Editing works

What has seemed you what this plugin can do by you and by your store online? You think that it can serve you as help? If still you have certain doubts on the operation of YITH WooCommerce Bulk Product Editing, with this video that I bring to you next I am safe of you will leave them to a side. 

It discovers the operation of YITH WooCommerce Bulk Product Editing on the inside, as much the gratuitous version as of payment. Comfortable Ponte, begins in 3,2,1.


And well, what has seemed you everything what we have seen in this post? You know clearly what YITH WooCommerce Bulk Product Editing can do by you? This tool will change the way to work in your ecommerce. If until now you feared to have to realise any change in several products of your store online, that I finish. 

Since there are throughout this article, this plugin allows you to publish several products simultaneously. No longer you will have to be selecting product to product and to be opening its respective pages to be able to change any detail, by small or great that was. Now do it everything of joint way. And the best thing, decides the time that before you lost in what really it is productive for your store online.

For which work with YITH

If I have arrived up to here would like to explain why work to you with company YITH (Your Inspiration Themes). And in fact it is not because they have plugins more powerful and with majors benefits that those of WooThemes but because have a great support that solves any doubt to you in 24h less than.

If you do not know it, I comment to you that the own WooThemes company has his repositorio of extensions, but have a quite high price and they are not so outposts as those of YITH. In this case company YITH always improvement and adds more functionalities than WooThemes to all plugins.

On the other hand plugins of WooThemes is not developed by them properly, many of them develop them external programmers and soon they add them repositorio of WooThemes reason why I prefer to deposit the confidence in YITH since that they respond with guarantees.

Licenses and prices

I do not want to leave me nothing in the inkpot, for that reason, before finishing this article, I want to make reference to the subject of the licenses and the price of YITH WooCommerce Bulk Product Editing

 As far as the subscription license, this it gives right to 1 year of updates and support you. And in addition you must consider that each installation of plugin will require a license key.

And as far as the price, this it varies following the licenses that you need but for 1 only website the price is of 65, if you need to see all the prices you can accede directly to his webpage.