it obtains in 1h, clarity for your business

it discovers opportunities

I will analyze your business from an external point of view to identify new opportunities of growth.

it secures clarity

In the viability of your business online and it knows which are the best strategies to improve your results.

it gains security

Obt©n the opinion of an vps web hosting expert whom it will only recommend to you what already it has worked to him with his business.

To have a digital business forces to you to be making decisions every day and to accept the risks that each of them entails. Some decisions can generate thousands to you of Euros to the month whereas others, take to losses and the burning fire to you of resources. In only 1 hour, I will give back the clarity in your digital business so that you know exactly in what you must focus

during the next months.

  • Some of the challenges that we solve in the consultancy are the following
  • The creation of a system to generate income appellants month to month
  • How to optimize checkout of a store online to increase conversions
  • The best form to automate a process of sales
  • Which is best plugin to create a virtual academy within WordPress

How to continue scaling the invoicing of the business without having to contract more equipment

Who I am to help you

Why is this consultancy different?

I know what works since I have implemented it in my business and the one of more than 300 clients to whom I have helped.

  • These are some of my profits
  • To be professor in the University with only 23 years, I distribute eCommerce in the Master of Digital Strategy in the company.
  • To be positioned first in Google by œdesigner freelance Web and œdesigner Web.
  • To help more than 300 companies and entrepreneurs between whom they honor BMW, Panasonic, Roberto Gamboa, Consell of Ibiza, Xunta of Galicia or Group KIN.
  • To have webinars automated catching clients and selling courses in automatic every week, generating more of 8.000 to the month of stable form.

To have a global vision of the sales in Internet, thanks to pitching tent online and webpages to different types from businesses.


Details and Price


  • subjects that we can approach:
  • Design of your portfolio of services
  • Technical subjects of WordPress
  • Funnels of sale
  • Traffic by SEO or Facebook Ads


Still you have doubts? Send a message to me and I will less than solve them to you in 24 hours, and u will got free 30 mo unlimited hosting