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[MEGA GUIDE] How to make an Audit SEO

Perhaps the title scares a little but after all an Audit SEO is since to make joints in an electrical picture, if you know why it serves each cable and where you must connect it, not even it is necessary that you use rubber gloves.

That yes, is not enough with having knowledge in electricity to be electrician, if you do not want that an Audit SEO with execution of action finishes bad, in touch takes precautions and ponte with us; or in his defect it reads this article that will help to understand you what SEO moves behind an Audit.

You will learn of new concepts and techniques that will take your website to the following level. We begin. 😉

as making an audit SEO

What problems solve an Audit SEO

Arrive doesn't traffic from Google at your domain? An Audit SEO is going to tell you what it happens between borders

  • It will lack content?
  • You will have content duplicated and of little quality?
  • Many errors 404 of page nonfound?
  • Will the group that you use well be optimized for SEO?
  • Already you have correctly formed important archives as robots.txt and your map of the site?
  • You have a negative landlord of connections?
  • You will have been penalized by Google?

An Audit SEO says you what it happens to him to your project. It allows you to know because you do not position.

An audit SEO is as a toolbox, in its interior has all the necessary one to reform your domain. Perhaps there are tools that you do not know so that they serve, but we assured you that all they act a as, sometimes very specific, that will resolve any defect or failure that it prevents to position to your project.

Why is our Audit SEO better?

In the network you will find much content, empty theory and without practical effects for your project. It sounds quite dissapointing but You know what? The services of Audit SEO that usually are offered do not do much more that to audit your website and to send to you to a report with the found errors and problems, sometimes, next to a leaf of recommendations and good practices to correct them.

The question is that often technicians and their so vague and superficial description are information so that little or nothing understands the client. And then How it is going to be able to apply those recommendations without having necessary the technical knowledge?

Short answer. It will not be able. It will not be able and it will have to contract a complementary service. That is to say, to return to pay.

If you value to contract our service of Audit SEO you must consider that by the same price that other agencies or professionals simply audit and send report, from DaviRL we audited, we took action and we resolved the problems, errors or lagoons that we detect in your project.

When you compare prices, they ten in tenth account that we not only found and you the errors in the equation, in addition we solved them.

In our audit, which is bad will stop being it, he isn't that what counts?

If we go to the mechanic because our car makes a strange noise or costs to him to ignite What we want that it makes the factory?

  • It says to us what it happens to him and what we must make to fix it. It gives to gloves and tools us and to fix it we.
  • It says us what happened to him to the car but that it already gives it to us without that problem.

The answer is evident. A mechanical factory must give back the neat car to you and working, as well as we thought that an Audit SEO must give back the project to you better lubricated and lighter having cleared ballasts.

To speak of technical terminology of a way that a profane one can understand is not easy, and is why our service of Audit SEO not only analyzes what it is happening in your webpage but also that takes action; we are decisive.

How I know if my project needs an Audit SEO?

Well, in this article we will contribute light to make understandable technical concepts that can be affecting to the positioning Web of your business of negative form without you are realizing, and we will do it using gratuitous tools SEO. 😉

If your domain is or some years old, regardless of if it is positioning or no, needs an Audit SEO.

The experience has demonstrated to us that in spite of the good positioning that can be having a project, an Audit SEO always will find errors, absences and dangers that more bond to take a short cut before the disease expands and begin to feel the symptoms.

In any case, when an Audit SEO really becomes necessity is when:

  • The traffic that arrives to you from Google has been some months falling. You are losing visits month to month.
  • You have made a migration from a domain to another one and want to make sure that everything has taken to end correctly.
  • The number of visits has lowered in pricked in only some days or weeks.
  • You take to time working the contents of your domain but you are not managing to position. The time happens and the results do not arrive.
  • You are positioning for some key words, but they are few if you compare them with your competition What will be doing they who escape to you?

In the cases above-mentioned it is important to take brings back to consciousness of that something happens to him to your domain and taking action to revert it. The more time you let pass, the more difficult will be to recover the positioning that there are lost.

In addition, they ten in account that is not only good for auditorar a website when something you believe that it is going bad. Also he is very recommendable to do it when at first everything seems to go well. A œanalysis of blood never is of confirming more than everything is in sequence, already you know. 😉

An Audit SEO serves œto heal the domain and to clear to him of some bad habits that with the years and the carelessness now drag.

Audit SEO: Your project to analysis

We used professional tools such as SiteBulb, URL Profiler, NetPeak Spider, Screaming Frog soon to apply the actions that we see that the domain needs. But you do not worry that for this article we will use less complex tools and, mainly, gratuitous. Follow us reading, this article goes merit to you, and of much, to learn how to rescue and to improve the aptitudes of your project.

In the first place we let to you with some tools to make the Audit SEO and Web free and thus you can have a global vision of the situation of your project:

Anyone of these tools online works equal, is enough with introducing the URL of your domain like thus: so that it begins to analyze your website in search of everything what he is bad (and also than is well, clearly).

You can prove the 3 and even compare the results of one with another one. As well as with the people, no tool is in possession of the absolute truth; it compares. 😉

The tool allows to create information name brand white. You the tenth thing because thus it is as the œAudit is sold free SEO that some only offer with leaving their mail them.

We, in DavidRL, offer a previous analysis of 15 minutes of video in which we worked your project with the best tools of the market of totally gratuitous form.

It is a great difference you do not create?

What factors it is necessary to consider for the Audit SEO

Now we are going them to you to discover, although in truth all the factors SEO do not have the same degree of importance at the time of positioning.

You can position perfectly in spite of not telling not even on a connection your social networks and positioning very badly in spite of counting on the protocol of security SSL (https). An Audit SEO must be understood as an evaluation examination in which all the questions are not equal of important nor add the same points for the final qualification.

Or, understood this we happen to detach œmysterious to the factors SEO that help or prevent that positions in Google.

SEO T©cnico

It is without a doubt the most delicate part of an Audit SEO but he executes himself accurately according to the needs that the domain requests the results can surpass the most optimistic expectations.

We have gotten to duplicate traffic in two weeks for projects that already counted with more than 3000 daily visits, there is nothing.

You can use the option limited (but gratuitous) of ScreamingFrog so that it analyzes a percentage of your URLs (if you have a small site, easily will be able to analyze the whole domain).

For us SEO T©cnico includes:

All the codes of answer that gives the servant: 2XX, 3XX, 4XX AND 5XX.

Code of answer 200

It tries to have the maximum of URLs with that code of answer. It means that everything walks well.

Code of answer 301

This means that the old URL has been redirected to a new URL. He is habitual to see many of those when a migration has become from a domain to another one.

Generally they are not problematic, although if you have many and your servant is of the light ones, it can give some problems you of yield that will be translated in errors 5XX or slowness of load.

Code of answer 404

This means that the URL pointed from an internal liaison (or Google) is not available.

He is acceptable to have a percentage of around the 5-10% without it supposes a greater preoccupation, that yes, if some of these codes of answer 404 affects to a URL that or is positioned in Google, the more is worth to you to make a redirection 301 or to recover the content that had that URL.

Code of answer 5XX

I do not put any in specific because, although normally most habitual usually he is the 500, after all they are servant errors, who, by that there is, we recommended that you consult with your supplier of hosting and ask what is happening or you raise the benefits of your servant to equip it with majors resources.

Here you can see as we have it

Elements as robots.txt and sitemaps.xml or sitemaps.html

As much robots.txt as sitemaps.xml serves to him to the dredges of Google to know what contents have your webpage and which you wish to prioritize. Although after all the interpretation that make the dredges of the directives that we give them is of recommendation, the truth that usually respects the norms of the game enough which we dictate.

These documents we raised them Search Console that way to verify that everything is in sequence.

In the following image we are trying that, indeed, URLS that they include filters of price are inaccessibles for the dredges, thus we did not squander crawl budget.

With this we are avoiding thin content and the duplicated content. Two authentic ones you damage very persecuted by Google. More ahead, in the section of SEO OnPage, we will speak carefully of it.

Search Console

Although there will be some who do not include it in this lot (or not even in the Audit SEO) we assured to you that it is a very important value that she allows you to make a countless number of configurations and, so to speak, œto speak directly with Google.

So that we are understood, the Search Console is as the secretary of Google, the one that takes the agenda to him.

From there one it can prove the directives created in a robots.txt, to raise different sitemaps for the domain, to analyze the traffic of the possible most trustworthy form, to track errors 404, to erase URLs for always, to monitor the tracking, internal liaisons, formats enriched

In short, that to eyes of a profane one, which Search Console can do approaches which enough it is the magic. ðŸ™

SEO OnPage

To detach SEO OnPage is as counting the bones of the human, a priori body does not seem to have so many but as you begin to count You do not finish!

Here we will set out the factors to you that can more improve/to harm the positioning of your domain. We begin:


The configuration by URL of the labels h1 until h4 (h5 and h6 lack value SEO).


It is truth that puts-keywords are now as useful as the pesetas, but puts-title and it puts-description yes play an important role; the game of the CTR.

And it is that if you offer an attractive extract in comparison to your competition and emphasize, the user is going to want to press your result instead of the one of the competition.

Types of page and taxonomies

If your webpage has been created starting off of a group, especially if era of payment, then you will have types of entrances that not even you knew that they existed and that they will generate to you, without doubt, contained duplicate or of low quality.

He uses to siteliner to verify how much duplicated content has your domain (in the gratuitous version URLs analyzes a maximum of 250, but you can be made a quite exact idea by extrapolation).

Internal liaisons and anchor text

A distribution responsible for the internal connected one will mark great differences in your project.

Not only the framework of internal liaisons is important with regard to its direction, but also as far as its content (anchor text) and intention (intention of the connection; for example to extend content and thus to improve the user experience).

The internal liaisons that aim at other domains even play their roll for the positioning of a URL.

Structures of URL

Although one is a concept somewhat more abstract, is important to understand the formation of structures of your webpage to be able to harness the contents and, by all means, to create always URLs short and friendly, without numbers nor symbols.


When two pages of your domain are positioning by a same keyword in Google, it says that a cannibalisation is occurring.

If that happens is recommendable to indicate to Google which of the 2 is the one that you wish that the user reads, that is to say, which is the canonical URL. He can become from the box that offers plugin SEO Yoast, at the end of the text editor.


We did not discover anything to you if we told you that the contents are the most important element so that your project positions.

For Google the contents she is the main plate and must like. However, imagine to you to be repeating in each food the same plate. You would end up being satiated to you and even you would take disgust to him.

You must consider that the dredges of Google (Googlebot) happen on a daily basis through your website and analyze a good number of pages (those that the budget of tracking assigned for your domain allows them).

What happens if it sees as the same contents are repeated time and time again?

What happens if it does not see coherence in the menu that you offer?

Since one will go away displeased of your website and it will not leave a very good critic.

It is by that reason that in our Audit SEO we put special emphasis in the treatment of contents. Here you will know what you must consider:

Clusterizaci³n of key words

Google even associates domains and URLs to certain key words. If your project does not have them in its texts is much more difficult that you can position. It is for that reason that we phelp attention, and much, in the niche by which the project moves that we are working.

To understand the sector and to know the competition are essential to work the contents by keyword later.

Thin Content, what it cause

Its translation œwould be contained thin. This comes to us to say that if some of your URLs have little text, your domain could be considered as of little content/value to eyes of Google.

How I solve the problems of thin content?

The best form to do it is coming to the deindexation of certain routes or folders by means of the creation from new directives in robots.txt.

To work both points is delicate since on the one hand you must recognize and identify that URLs that generates thin content and soon to go warily not to desindexar contents that in fact already you are positioning.

The labels are a delicacy on which the Thin Content is fed so to begin you do not create labels, and if you already have them then desindexa.

Duplicated content, what it cause

Often the duplicated content usually goes of the hand of thin content but their negative effects accustom to being worse.

The duplicated content occurs normally due to the automatic generation that WordPress de URLs as the one does of author, labels, filters It is a very common problem.

In the audits that we realised usually we find percentage of content duplicated around 30%, and that is much.

How I solve the problems of duplicated content?

In the same way that with thin content, deindexation and new directives in robots.txt.

You must know that Google understands that a domain has a percentage of duplicated content, without going the text more far than you have in footer or sidebar of your webpage is repeated in all the URLs of your domain, that is not bad because the percentage of unique content by URL is far beyond the duplicated content.

The bad thing is when you have URLs whose duplicated content reaches and exceeds 60%. That yes is bad.

We would like to be more specific and to offer a solution to you in hand but lamentably is no a magical formula to eliminate thin content and the duplicated content that is used in the same way for all the domains, we must analyze each case and of applying different actions.

By general norm, we recommended to desindexar labels, categories and any special page that the group generates. But it sees with well-taken care of when doing this.

SEO Offpage

It is the practice of the SEO that involves everything what it is outside our domain but that even so influences to him of direct form. We speak of backlinks or external liaisons, of course.

Although with time its importance within the positioning Web has been decaying, still continue being excellent to position, especially for the key words of greater competition.

For this reason, now we will tell you to what you must pay attention before being able/to buy a connection:

Authority of backlinks and distribution

That from other domains they connect yours because you are offering a content that complements them is very good, more still if the connection comes from a URL of semantic content similar to yours.

Another different thing is if you are receiving a pile of connections from footers, sidebars or even headers; elements (and I connect) that are repeated generally in all the pages of a domain. Then neither the distribution is being good, nor the authority of that connection is considered.

To receive connections therefore is going to you to harm more than to benefit, so if it is your case, it will be better than you contact with webmaster of these domains that connect to you from footers and sidebars soliciing that eliminates them or, by default, puts them in nonFollow.

Semantics and proximity of the connection 

Google associates domains according to its content in different clºsters, thus, how many more connections arrive at your Web of domains that share that cluster in Google greater thematic authority you are going to obtain.

At another level, that also is applied to the geographic proximity of the connection (although that it depends to a great extent on the supplier of hosting contracted) and has a reduced impact rather more.

Balance of backlinks Do Follow/nonFollow

Although there are some who still very consider it (for some years it has been evident that it was a factor) right now the experience has demonstrated to us that she has a low influence for the positioning of a domain.

That perfect balance that some sell of in fact 20/80 to not is going you to serve in your project. With which you have it half grasped is sufficient.

That yes, taken care of with having percentage of 98/2, more if the majority of those connections comes from footers or sidebars from domains with little authority and null semantic relevance with respect to the content from your webpage.

Landlord of anchor text

It is the content through what is connecting to you, that is to say, œthis connection to our cases of success is the text anchor of the connection.

It is an important factor and one is due to work very well, although Google gives margin enough you to play with him, a anchor landlord text that we recommended would be the following one:

  • 35% I connect name brand or of keyword + brand. Example: DavidRL, David Randulfe, designer Web David Randulfe, design Web DavidRL
  • 20% naked link (simply the URL). Example:,
  • semantic generic 30%/. Example: this content beats here, is going to you to interest, since we did in this example
  •  15% of keyword. Example: designer Web, designer Web wordpress, consultant wordpress

Usability and movable answer

The values of usability and movable answer have won in importance with the passage of the years and ten by discounted of which this no longer is going to change. So nothing, to apechugar and adapting the design of your webpage to what Google demands to position.

In fact, if your project has been some months falling in positions, it is possible that one is due to an obsolete design that offers bad usability to the user.

Google is able to discern perfectly between a domain that facilitates navigation to the user of whom it obstructs it Fortune teller which will receive the finder please?

Then evidently the best preparation to offer a satisfactory answer, but Of what we are speaking?

Taking notices:

  • A design that is adapted to movable devices.
  • A webpage that it loaded fast (next we will treat that point).
  • That they do not appear intersiciales in the form of MGP-UPS or banners occupying good part of the reading content.
  • That the content can be read easily (great letter).
  • That one does not get stuck navigation nor unnecessary archives are loaded.
  • Images with the correct size and the resolution according to device.
  • Connected internal coherent.
  • Etc.

After all, everything what the user bothers to him or annoys. There he is nothing.

The factor of usability and movable answer as well as the one of speed of load and security is something that we took care of much in our designs, if you are interested in renewing your webpage and adapting it to the new times or want to mount a solid project from his foundations, we invited to you to that you contact to us and we speak.

Our designs safe, fast and are adapted to any form of user experience. We take care of much these details because we know the important thing that they are for the positioning of a website.

Optimization of speed and configurations of security

The user wants what he is looking for and he wants it fast. If he must wait for a little more than he considers acceptable, one is going away to go of your webpage when this one still was loading contained.

By all means that as proprietor of a domain that offers some type on watch/product to its potential clients is not going it to like that pass this, but he is that to Google is not either going it to like nothing.

And the bad thing is that it will know, in the majority of occasions far better that you, the times that this happens throughout the day.

You can analyze your website in one of these 3 tools (you can use them all if you want):

If your website gives some low values of speed, then your positioning Web is in danger.

PageSpeed Insights

Although it is the well-known more, you must know that he is not the best one. Recently it has changed a little and now it shows metric a referring one to the speed accompanying the metric one by optimization.

It offers a series to you of recommendations to improve the metric ones of optimization (and clear, of speed), but in the end the crude truth is that if you apply some of the recommendations that the tool gives us, your webpage is going to lose in usability and are going to begin a to appear errors of load in your design.

A tool online very used that nevertheless from DavidRL we recommended that it is used responsibly.


A tool that enchants to us to use and that we invited to everybody to try. With a simple and very intuitive interface, it indicates the time of load, the weight of the page and the number of requests that the URL to the servant realises (the more plugins active you have, the more requests will have).

It follows with a technical analysis that it has to do with the combination and minificaci³n of styles and scripts and the configurations concerning servant.

Later it gives to the codes of answer and the load us that each type of content supposes in weight and percentage for the introduced URL.

Finally, it detachhes in cascade the time to us that has taken to each one of the requests to process itself and to ejecturar itself.

An authentic mine of information to know because your domain fast nonload.


Another very useful tool to analyze a great variety of parameters that influence in the speed of load of your webpage. It offers everything what offers Pingdom and a little more. In addition to analyzing the metric ones that considers the finder of Google, also it analyzes the Yslow, that is to say, the metric ones that takes as reference the Bing finder.

With these tools you will be able to do a quite clear idea to you that it is what moves and it loads your website. Also it is certain that many of the values that it indicates to improve are of technical nature and therefore to resolve it is not within reach of everybody power doing it. In DavidRL we offer a service of completion SEO and speed of load for the new designs that perhaps can be of your interest. (it connects)


A safe website is a reliable place in which to be, to move and to buy. The security in a webpage can be understood of many forms, as for example systems of protection and defense against malware, injection of code, usurpation of identity, attacks DDOS

Here than we are speaking is on the factors that analyze during an audit SEO, we will mention the security points to consider to like to Google.

Protocol of security SSL

For Google it is very important that the user who takes to your website feels safe. Thus it will only be able to move with sufficient ease as interacting and, possibly, buying in the domain.

It is not only in that crusade after the security in Internet since the majority of navigators includes for a time in their last versions warning messages for when the user is trying to realise a transaction in a website without protocol of security SSL.

Private WHOIS

More than a factor it is a detail, but he is habitual that the successes often are behind small details so from DavidRL we recommended to also have it in account. For the dredges of Google it is very easy to know the registry to them of the WHOIS, the direction of the recorder, telephone and others of interest.

The fact that the information for the WHOIS of the domain is coincident with the direction or the telephone that is within the webpage or in Google My Business, it gives a small extra of confidence to the finder. You are saying to him that you do not have anything to hide 😉

Social networks

The paper that plays the social networks for the positioning of a website is relative.

In case single don't mention it they serve but well worked it can turns as a indicative of confidence for Google. More than to have your social networks œin rule the truly important thing is the traffic that can generate to your website, that the majority of the cases will be very residual.

Bad it will not be that from your webpage one connects to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn, but you do not hope that to create a profile of social networks it will make the change in the positioning Web.

That is to say, if you are not positioning, you can discard that one is due to that you do not have tie social networks to your domain. But these in conjunction with a good strategy of contents and a campaign SEO, yes can help.


, It has been a long article well but we are sure that you will have learned much in his reading. Now already you know what is an Audit SEO and have the slight knowledge sufficient as to understand of what it consists, what benefits can contribute to you and how to fight with some of the problems that you can be found during the analysis.

Now, if you want to see what it happens to him to a project once has passed through our service of Audit SEO, we recommended that you beat in the following connection and you know one our cases of success: An Audit SEO for

Thus you will understand the force and the impulse that SEO to a project gives to an Audit that already works.

If you feel that something begins to go badly in your website we recommended to you not to delay time to take action. The causes of a slope in the ranking of position of Google can be many, but of solution only there is one.

That solution happens to make an Audit SEO of guarantees in which it is analyzed first and it is acted later. In DavidRL we offer a service of complete and decisive audit.

Problem that we found problem that we solved.

Otherwise, what sense has an Audit SEO? You can visit the page of the service from the following connection: service of Audit SEO.

Finally, we want to make mention to the bonus for 147 that we offer with the hiring of the service of Audit SEO. Complete ebook on how making SEO Local. That part of the SEO so forgotten for some and that for businesses of local scope it is so important.