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The score of PageSpeed is not used for anything

Surely you have heard speak of the score of PageSpeed, and until you will even have tried at all costs to obtain the 100/100 in the tool of Google. Many mention that there is to raise that number in Pagespeed, but are few those that they indicate that the really important thing is that the Web goes fast, independent of the number.

why he serves pagespeed

But, really is useful the score that gives PageSpeed to your webpage? In this article we told you why it serves the score as PageSpeed. It continues reading and it discovers the tricks to analyze the level of optimization of your webpage!

What is Google PageSpeed

The optimization of your Web is key in the success of your business online. That is clearly. But not whatever the cost. The speed of load of your webpage is important, and is that if your webpages load faster they cause that the users sail more. They will feel more comfortable and safe, and therefore the possibilities of turning will be majors. The more slow it is your webpage the less income you will have!

I leave 2 significant examples you:

  1. Amazon loses a 1% of invoicing by each 100ms of slowness
  2. The income of Google were reduced a 20% with 600ms more of load

And what has made Google to help you to have a fast Web? The called tool PageSpeed Insights allows you to analyze your own blog. Once analyzed, Google says to you that it is what you need to improve your page and to reduce therefore the times of load. In this way, you will be able to increase to the visits and conversions.

To improve the PageSpeed benefits to Google

The tool of PageSpeed Insights analyzes the optimization of the resources of your page, not it real speed of your website. Its objective is to help to that your page is light and easy to rake, not simply fast.

Why it benefits this to Google? Very simple, because thus it does not have to use so many resources to be able to track your Web, which makes agile its work. Bots is necessary to emphasize the high investment of Google in making work his, and is that if the pages are optimized faster and with less data, it will save money.

Since we have seen, PageSpeed informs on the optimization into your Web and the speed to you into load into your results, but that would not have to be your objective. The important thing is to bet by the generation of income and visits. Often he is better to increase the number of conversions before to do that the page loaded faster

It is the trick There! 😉

It accelerates your Web and in order to position in Google

In our gratuitous course you will among others learn things to optimize the speed of load of your WordPress to improve the SEO.

The problem of Google PageSpeed

This tool as we come speaking is very well, but to the being of Google people have occurred him to too much big drum then gets themselves to obsess with that score which is not good. The main thing is that the Web loaded fast since if some problems cannot arise from sobreoptimization.

Failure FOUT, not to load the styles in the suitable order


In WordPress it is impossible to obtain a 100% of Pagespeed without affecting to the yield of the group, to the nonbeing who this is programmed to size with that objective, in the Webs of my clients normally we arrived at 90% of optimization, with a maximum of 96% in some very concrete case.

When trying to optimize a group we can much get to have failures as those of the image and is that will be bad the Web by the order in which we loaded the styles CSS or the Javascript, in addition to obtain 100% we would have to sacrifice some plugins fundamental in WordPress as they are WooCommerce or Elementor.

And then what I do?

After entering us in the operation of PageSpeed, we verified that this tool of Google is not bad. In fact, everything is necessary to say it, is a very good indicator that it allows you to analyze the level of optimization of your webpage. Simply it is not necessary to obsess itself by that number!

Not you obsessions with the number of PageSpeed, simply the Web must go fast, but it gives equal the number that puts Google. If the website goes fast the Web will be positioned well. In fact the number that grants PageSpeed is an indicator, but it does not serve don't mention it. Nor Google considers it to position to you.

A PageSpeed of more than 90 is sufficient in the majority of the cases. Once you secure that number, most recommendable is to concentrate in other aspects of the Web: usability, contents, conversions To improve the times of load without a doubt they help you to generate more visits, but from that point there are things that will give more results you in exchange for less effort:

  • That your Web is responsive
  • That she is safe and it is updated
  • That it loaded less than in 2 seconds

In addition to using the analysis tools Web, it verifies the state of your Web and optimizes everything what this in your hands. It offers a good experience to the user of your Web. It will help you to improve the results.

Verify it you yourself! 😛

It accelerates your Web and in order to position in Google

In our gratuitous course you will among others learn things to optimize the speed of load of your WordPress to improve the SEO.