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Why the Keyword Research is so important your project and how to do it

You have asked yourself sometimes if the course that you have given your project in Internet is the suitable one? You fear that the time that you dedicate to make articles for your hearing is in vain when seeing the statistics of traffic in Google Analytics?

You feel that you are depositing effort and money in the mistaken bank? You continue hoping to that the project takes off?

as doing keyword research

How many months you take thus?

Doubt, uncertainty and even impotence They have told you that to mount a website he is the unique thing that needs your project so that it begins to generate money and, the truth, this does not work thus. Without a leaf of very well defined navigation you lose yourself. So it last as certain.

If you do not know your hearing nor you know what looks for in Google, how you are going to be able to offer an effective answer? To make contents without knowing the demand of your sector in Internet is as walking with the bandaged eyes; you will occur of you brush against the wall to all hour.

How you can take off the bandage? If you want to win in visibility and to grow in Internet you will need that Google is a friend who fights by you, but for it you will need to feed it with a good content.

What content? The content that it more likes to eat to the finder of Google is the same that the user demands. The user knows and you will know the niche. He discovers what moves in your sector and you will position in Google.

And How you can have that knowledge of the sector that allows you to work surely and assertiveness in your project?

Only there is a correct answer for that, is called Keyword Research.

We understand that your budget will be limited and your little time. You cannot squander two of your main assets without having a course, without knowing if the money that you are putting in this campaign takes some economic benefit to you, or if to write a perfect article of 4 hours it is what your objective public is demanding. While some hope others take action; I know of the seconds.

Benefits to make a Keyword Research:

  1. You will increase the traffic that arrives to you from Google and therefore your number of sales also will grow.
  2. You will know the key words that it moves your competition in Internet and will take advantage of his route in own benefit.
  3. You will know what key words are necessary to position for the viability of your project.
  4. You will find new opportunities of business in the form of keyword. Services or products that look for in Google which you did not know.
  5. You will know the monthly volume the key words that people look for in Google, her competition and difficulty to position.
  6. You will discover the real interest that it has the user in your products or services.

Really, the Keyword Research will give a clear trip ticket you and needs your sector. You will know how to spend to your money and your time. It remembers, are the most important assets that you have for you and your business.

Your boat will stop sailing to the drift; you will have the map of the treasure.

Okey, now you know clearly that you need a Keyword Research perhaps but still you do not know clearly what is. It continues reading and you will understand it ðŸ™

Of what a Keyword Research consists?

It is understood that a Keyword Research is the process that identifies and optimizes your webpage for the specific key words that your objective public in the web search engines looks for (Google). That way, the Keyword Research connects with your hearing in form and time to you.

Thus you know what strategy of contents you will have to take, how much to invest in positioning Web, purchase of connections, structures really, it gives a precise map you than it is your sector, where you in that map are and how to arrive at your hearing.

Shelp this, we will not be so boastful to promise that is going to be easy. We want that you are conscious of the difficulties that it involves to obtain visibility in Internet and that each sector, each niche of market, is a case of independent study.

Of there the importance of giving to the Keyword Research a good execution and better interpretation, he is not something simple, but you are arranged to try we want it that you count on the maximum number of tools and knowledge to take it to end of satisfactory form.

 What is the intention search?

Before home with our Keyword Research it is important to both understand great types of intention key words that exist.

Keyword of consultation

The user is looking for information, does not have a purchase interest (a priori). Example “ œas preparing a mountain bike.

Transactional keyword

The user has realised a search directly associated to a product or service; he has intention of purchase. Example “ œprice mountain bicycle.

Although the potential of a transactional keyword (or Golden Keyword) for the sale is important, we recommended not to despise the power that has the key words of consultation for the conversion of user to subscriber (what after treatment it can take on sale also).

Types of key words

Keyword primary root or

Key words with a very high volume of searches are, but little segmented and with much competition. Example: œbicycle mountain.

Tail keyword long

Key words with a lower volume are search, its competition also usually is smaller and its more concrete intention. Example: œmountain bicycle for woman.

What type of key words agrees to me more to position for my sector?

Well, there is no an answer that is used for all the cases. The best answer is than It depends. It will depend on the unique characteristics that occur in your sector as well as of the authority of your domain.

By norm, if the domain just begins, it does not have as soon as contained or authority, is important to put the center in the key words long tail and long long tail. They will have minor competition and, often, the ratio of conversion to sale will be major that with the key words root.

Shelp this, as the domain is positioning these key words long tail and acquiring force, he is interesting to begin to work some key words root, especially if these are of consultation instead of transaction; there will be less competition.

Finally, the key words root of transaction. These are the door from gold to the paradise but before you will have to open many of wood. We begin with first ðŸ™

Home a Keyword Research?

As yet in the life, you must know and understand where you put; the Keyword Research says to you after all if that alley is too dark to enter him. If your project is apt to position in Google and how.

In order to find something first you must know how what search. These are some of the questions that we make our clients; you also would have to do them to you.

Which is your objective?

Here one is not to go to the easy thing and to say that your objective is to make money. By all means that will be it, but he remembers that if you think thus you are going to share the same objective that all your competition. The money will arrive if the things become good, and for it is necessary to mark measurable objectives, with control posts that allow to see the stages us that we are surpassing.

You must define a primary objective and other secondary ones. For example:

Main objective: To position in Top 3 my page of services.

Secondary target 1: To increase to a monthly 50% the number of visits from Google.

Secondary target 2: To obtain that more users subscribe ready of mail.

Measurable objectives as which we finished teaching to you are those that are going to help to define the direction of the Keyword Research.

Which is your public?

You do not allow that they confuse to you, everybody cannot get to become client. When we prepared a Keyword Research, we needed to know the profile which we went. We must respond to the demand that the user realises.

You do not convince to who does not want to be convinced. However, it corresponds to that one profile of user who demands the service or product that your you have.

In order to find the inherent key words to your sector, before you must discover your ideal public.

Which is your competition?

It is important to know which are your competitors to know why key words are positioning and how they did it. Sometimes an only competitor can offer sufficient ideas to you of keyword as having to you entertained during months in the creation of contents SEO.

We used Semrush and Ahrefs for such effect, is tools of very specify analyses that they give back information to us of many carats, but also is expensive.

Although he will not be the same, you can realise the searches directly in Google of the main key words of your project and to find your competitors there. You can use the extensions for navigator Chrome (gratuitous) SEOQuake and Moz to do an idea to you of the authority that has your competition for each one of the results.

The values that the red box understands are extracted of Semrush and they give the number us of connections that aim at that URL, that way we can do an idea to us of the authority that has the domain. In addition, you can beat in them and have access to searches limited (but gratuitous) in Semrush.

In the same way, the extension of Moz uses its own method to intuit the force or authority of the domain.

In the box in red we found the PA (Authority of page) and IT GIVES (Authority of domain). The most important value, especially after the last updates in the algorithms of Google, is the PA here since it says the authority to you of the URL that is being positioned.

Although much people, SEOs, even use these metric ones as value of reference, the truth is that they are quite imprecise since, for example in the case of Moz, depends much on the Seeds that the tool considers of authority and the number of connections that come from that Seeds.

By where I begin the Keyword Research?

First of all, if you have a physical store or previous experience in the sale of those products/services, then it throws of her, uses it of first filtrate. Concentrate to you in associate key words to your sold products, your demanded services more. Desires of a person do not change because it decides to buy them via Internet.


You do a list of products or more excellent services of your business. You do brainstorming. A rain of ideas, concepts that you think that the user looks for in Google when he wants to buy some of your products/services.

Associating the product with its keyword

Now it is the moment for associating your products or services with the key words that the user can look for in Google.

You must put you in the shoes of your Buyer Person (your potential client), what type of searches you would realise? He thinks about some client appellant, takes it as reference and he transfers his form to think to the searches in Google.

Your main keyword writes in the finder of Google and you will see as this it will suggest another related keyword to you long tail. They appear at the end of the page, just before the pagination. As you can see, 🙠is a very interesting material

The process with so many key words repeats as you want to position They leave many to You? That is good. More ahead there will be time to filter them. 😉

Often the key words long tail usually are more specific. It is important to have a mix of both, keywords tail root and keywords long tail and long long. You do not let save any opportunity.

What tools to use for the Keyword Research? (Gratuitous)

Keyword Shitter

The related key words that Google suggests are only the end of the iceberg of which there is. To find them and to segment suitably will mark them the difference. Create to us. It visits the website and it uses its tool to still find keywords long and long more tail to use in your domain.

This gratuitous tool, in addition, allows to filter your results search. For example, key words long tail that include œthe cheap term:

Answer the public

Simply it visits and it introduces the keyword for which you want to find All the questions that the user does on the same.

When one is search key words, you do not make use of article nor prepositions. It introduces keywords as if you were Tarzan. 😉



Ubersuggest gives to an approximated estimation of the number of monthly searches for suggested the introduced keyword and his keywords you.

When one is search key words, you never use tildes, the user does not use them when he realises a search and that would affect to the volume search that shows the tool.


The volume of searches that offers is not that he is erroneous, but for some cases in which we look for keyword long tail very specific, is going to give zero results to us when really yes there are them, the only thing that have not been able to register them. It is good for remembering that after all it collects of tools created for advertisers (AdWords), does not stop SEOs.

For which Keyword and Ahrefs are more precise and trustworthy tools?

In order to give with the most trustworthy volume search possible we resorted to the duo Keyword in communion with Ahrefs.

Why they are much more exact? Because on the one hand they use the own data base of Google, suggestions of autocompletar in Google and Google Suggest, but soon they reinforce that search with his own data base. In addition, they allow a more precise geolocalizaci³n, as well as the function to find questions that the user is formulating to the finder.

Well, already to finish with the search of key words, and although this last one he is of a lower profile, we recommended that him DES an opportunity to Soovle. This tool online can be a good complement for the search of some terms, especially if you try to position in other finders as Bing or Yandex.

Another option to consider, especially if you want to position a new tendency, is to resort to the Google Trends tool.

Treatment and strategy for the found key words during the Keyword Research

We enter the most delicate part of the Keyword Research, the part of analysis and segmentation. It is probable that if you have used all the tools that we have recommended you right now have a leaf with hundreds but thousand of key words. To know how to read which will be useful in each phase of the project will be important not to lose time, money and effort trying to position key words that play in another league or who no type of conversion can contribute to your business.

We used specific tools that help us to automate a work that of another form would take weeks to us to do.

Nevertheless, if you have sufficient free time to dedicate to you during days to segment and to filter the found key words, there some recommendations go that you must consider:

Segmentation of the Keyword Research, step 1

Whatever state in which is your project, acts of moderate form and tries to obtain a good balance between volume search and competition for each keyword in heddle. You are not too ambitious but either too moderate. In the average term you will find the virtue.

Segmentation of the Keyword Research, step 2

Once you have fact the first filtrate is moment for identifying the main key words, those that you want that they are your point of the spear to position in Google. Ten in account that around that keyword main will be a semantic pile of related key words or sinon­micamente, groups them in bags of key words like thus:

  • Main keyword to position.
    • Semantic keywords or of synonymous.
      • Related secondary key words.
        • Key words LSI (of context).

Segmentation of the Keyword Research, step 3

Already finally, and according to the bags of keyword that we have created, will be moment for designing the structures of contents and the internal architecture that must have our webpage to harness to the maximum the disposition of the contents that we are going to create.

In this phase it is important to create mindmap representing a tree that contains the optimal structures for the creation of the contents, how to structure them in directories and to design the routes that will have they will have. That way we obtained a trip ticket that is understood at first sight. There is no confusion and errors are limited. Here we left you with an example:


Mindmap allows to see the structures that hang of respective a main keyword and to work its keywords long and long long tail. In addition, it will help you to visualize of a fast look the order of the contents later to work as well as possible its internal interlace.


In the first place I hope that the information that we have offered you in this article has served you to understand better what is a Keyword Research, because your business needs it and the main keys exceed how to do it; and to do it well.

Because before investing money in a service it is good that you have knowledge of what consists, of its benefits and the problems that solve.


Because thus you know what you are contracting and that is one of our objectives. And if nonaccounts with us to do it, if contracts to another professional or company, at least now you will know if they are doing it to you or or no.

Without wanting to crush to you with technicalities, we have given the knowledge you of tools and concepts that, we are convinced, will be to you of utility.

Now the election is yours, you can take action and try to make the Keyword Research of your sector without having previous experience nor counting on the suitable tools and to risk to you to lose opportunities of market because of a bad execution, or can contract our service of Keyword Research where an experienced equipment will work by you and your project.

If you are of the second profile, of which it needs to be centered in his business 24/7, centered where more value can contribute, that surely is not to work the SEO. So if you decide to delegate this task you can contract our service of Keyword Research and we will analyze your particular case thus to find the suitable key words.

We have been years doing it and clear, over the years we have been perfecting the method. If there is a keyword that gives money for your business, it is not going away to us to escape.

Finally, to remember to you that in case you acquire our service of Keyword Research, we will flatter to you completely with eBook valued in 97 free in which we explained to you how to write to enamor to Google.

Necessary complement that we give you free of charge because, after all, which your you want, as well as we offer we, are measurable results and effectiveness.

Account with us and you will count on a Keyword Research of guarantees with which your project is going to improve the present positioning, an impulse for Google is an impulse in sales.

We know than we are speaking ðŸ™

You want to comprise of our cases of success? The decision is in your hand 😉