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OceanWP, review with Video

After analyzing the other Elementor day, the visual publisher with whom we designed the pages Webs for our clients, today we want to speak to you of OceanWP, the subject for WordPress with whom you will be able to make any type of Web from eCommerce to blogs, happening through corporative Webs for your business.

The power of this group is in the personalizador of WordPress since you will be able to make any type of adjustment and to see it in real time before keeping the changes, you will be able to personalize any thing without touching nothing of code. With Genesis for example, another one of the subjects very recommended as soon as you can make personalisations as we commented you in the critic.

We are already using them for the Webs of our clients and also we redesigned ours with this subject!

Basic characteristicses of OceanWP

Certainly you have proven some subject of Themeforest previously in which he is super complicated to leave the Web you as in the DEMO or you it has been impossible to form his panel of adjustments because you have yourself lost between the 500 options that bring! Then that is not going to you to happen with OceanWP since it is a subject thought for œhobby-users as it comments his developer!

It is a subject that official has left in repositorio WordPress and that in 2 months has only obtained more than 10,000 unloadings and official is active in more than 4,000 webpages with WordPress according to numbers of repositorio. It is the group with a faster growth after his launching and maintains his valuation in 5 stars.

Version FREE + Addons

OceanWP is a gratuitous subject for WordPress and it you can find in repositorio official of WordPress, for you and the majority of users is going to serve the gratuitous version to you since unlike other groups already she is very complete.

Its model of business is based on the Addons that we will see next in detail but I leave a photography you where you will be able to see them, in any case a user of basic level or average surely it does not need to buy any since the majority of them is thought for advanced users.

By OceanWP defect already it lets to you manage from the personalizador all subject of colors, typographies, header, menus and even WooCommerce thing that does not make GeneratePress, his competition but that the deajamos for another post 😉

Light and Optimized for SEO

This it was the objective of the developer from the home wanted that the group was very light so that it gave to discharges scores in Google Pagespeed and GTMetrix and is something that we valued much since in addition the code is done of form to modulate so that any developer can easily personalize it with child theme.

On the contrary that the subjects Multi-Purpose de Themeforest with OceanWP when being fact of modular form you will be able to deactivate everything what you do not use improving therefore the speed of load of your Web, something that Google values much!

Next we left 2 screenshots you of Gtmetrix and of Pingdom so that you see the level of optimization of OceanWP in one of his we give officials, as you see she does not take nor 1 second in loading the webpage and surpasses 90% in Google Pagespeed.

Compatibility with plugins and navigators

OceanWP is totally compatible with plugins as WooCommerce and WPML without needing buying no addon you will be able to mount your store online of simple and customized form.

In addition you will be able to translate your webpage totally with plugin WPML that is the best option to make translations in WordPress, on the other hand is totally proven in all the navigators as much as of movable devices.

It discovers of a webpage

In our gratuitous course you will learn things among others the essential pages that it needs your Web so that works.

Different adjustments by page

Another one of the advantages that OceanWP has, already in the gratuitous version, is the adjustments of pages since it will allow you to modify the global adjustments of individual form in each page according to you see in the image, as much of layaut main as of header, footer, title

These adjustments allow to change sidebar you of side, deactivating it, to change the menu in a page in particular, to hide foter, modifying the design of the title bar or to insert shortcodes in any location of the page, we see it in the video of the post 😛

Maxima personalisation (Video)

In the following video we are going to teach all the options to you of personalisation that brings OceanWP in the gratuitous version, as much from the official personalizador of WordPress as from the own individual pages.

Addons Available

Next we detailed to you which are addons available with the OceanWP group, the characteristics of each as well as their price. But first of all, to comment that there is an option to buy all together ones by $79. It is price than more reasonable for the options outposts that contribute these plugins to us.

To comment that some of them are gratuitous and others of payment, but that we will be it detailing of individual form.


Woo Popup

This module is used much in stores online since normally it increases the average ticket of purchase. You will be able to cause that when adding to the cart a product leaves popup where the user will be able to choose if to continue buying or to finalize purchase directly.

In addition the design to the same can be fit from the personalizador of WordPress, in the zone of content if you put a group of Elementor also executes it reason why popup you can personalize it totally.

Connection | Price: $16,00


Sticky Header

With this addon you will be able to cause that header scroll stays fixed when doing, something very used in all the pages Webs since it facilitates the access to the menu. It has different options that can be fit from the personalizador as causing that the menu only stays fixed or also the bar superior.

Connection | Price: $29,00



If it commented in the post of Elementor PRO that his portfolio was a little loose, with OceanWP you will not have any problem in adding one since it has addon that is very powerful and versatile but simultaneously quite light following the philosophy of the subject.

It has many options for the design of portfolio through shortcodes but in addition you can personalize the appearance from the personalizador of WordPress of visual way.

[] Added It in an update after recording the video

Connection | Price: $39,00


Sticky Footer

This module serves to cause that footer a fixed finite bar in the part always stays as inferior of the page, when beams click in her all the content of the same unfolds upwards.

Connection | Price: $19


Modal Window

This module serves to create modal windows that are as popups which clicks in a button are opened when doing or connects. Within these modal ones you can insert any thing, the normal thing is a form but as you see in the image you can put the title and content that you want as well as to handle width, bottom and others to him.

Connection | Price: Free


Posts Slider

As its own name indicates allows you to create a slider of post enough light dandy and! You can choose the number of columns, the size of the image, text to read more, what categories of post to show, animations have enough options.

Connection | Price: Free


Ocean Hooks

This he is plugin very useful for professionals since it allows to locate any code PHP, HTML or shortcode in many places of the group: to header, to footer, after the post, before the post

Connection | Price: $9,00


Demo Import

Simple, as its name indicates serves to matter we give them that they developed the creators of the subject. In a click you will have the Web exactly just as page DEMO that you choose.

Connection | Price: Free


Custom Sidebar

This addon allows you to create limitless to sidebar, that is to say, limitless zones of widgets for the pages or post in case you want to put one different one to him from each post or each page. Very useful.

Connection | Price: Free


Side Panel

This plugin is super versatile since it allows to add an hidden lateral bar you with widgets of any type and this will be when doing click in an icon of hamburger of the menu.

Connection | Price: $29,00


Footer Callout

With this plugin you will be able to add a call to the right action before footer and will be visible in all the pages, you can put a content and bellboys to him or design it to size with Elementor totally.

Connection | Price: $29,00

Support and Documentation

As far as documentation and support to comment to you that Nick, its developer, whenever shipment some ticket responds in the same day something to him that all we are thankful when we have a problem.

On the other hand as you can see in the video in the panel of adjustments of the subject he has a zone for the first steps that you must make when installing a group of WordPress as well as direct access to the documentation of the subject that quite detailed and is organized by categories.

OceanWP for Advanced users

In my opinion OceanWP is a perfect subject for designers Web, in fact I am the one who we used for our clients and in brief we will redesign our webpage with him.

One of the points to favor that we see is the subject of the licenses. The package of addons you can use it in so many Webs as you only want by $79 and thus the clients will be able to update the group and addons without no problem of independent form.

In addition the advantage to be easily personalizable tambi©nahorra time of formation with the clients since they themselves will be able to make many adjustments that before asked to us.

To all this we must add addon of Hooks that we commented previously that it allows us to insert content almost anywhere and the option of being able to export and to import the options of the personalizador from a Web to other than also saves to the professionals very many repetitive tasks.


In summary as you can see in the post and the video, Ocena WP is a very complete group as much for beginner users as for professionals of the design Web in WordPress.  The advantages would summarize them in their price, that are gratuitous, lightness and personalisation in real time through personalizador of WordPress.

If have liked and you want to see you how she works, you can prove the subject your [email protected] in a test installation that has they. Thus you can enter the administration and to play with him and his addons before buying them, is acceded here.

It discovers of a webpage

In our gratuitous course you will learn things among others the essential pages that it needs your Web so that works.