Tell your Project me

You know clearly that the most profitable businesses are constructed in Internet. For that reason you have created a webpage to sell your services.

You try to catch clients publishing articles, being active in the networks and implementing all the great strategies that recommend gurºs: email marketing, bots, SEO, Facebook Ads, funnels of sale

You put in practice everything what they say but you secure similar results not even

Leave me that it says something to you: you can less than create a profitable business in 4 months without writing hundreds of articles for your blog, going to events of networking nor so at least to make courses of marketing.

There are 3 reasons that causes that Enterprise Intelligence is a program of mentoring different from all the others

1. proven strategies

I perfectly know the strategies marketing that work since they are the same that I have implemented in my business to direct a team of 4 people and to invoice of stable form more than five numbers to the month.

2. Enterprise vision

You will not leave my mentoring with a popular blog, but with a profitable business that generates income to you appellants month to month.

3. rapidity

I know that you cannot hope a year to secure your objectives. I either. For that reason in my mentoring me center first in strategies that will make invoice you fast.

Anna Ravent³s

Case of Success

After mentoring, it is positioned as expert in webinars automated and invoices more of 3000 every month. Before it worked as Copywriter on another's account and it received 800.

What I emphasize more of mentoring is the facility that has David to identify what better it occurs you and to create a portfolio of products and services that you can offer with your knowledge.

Since David you gives it everything: he says to you how you must offer them, to what price, by where home search clients and how to close the sale to them once they are interested in you.

create to me if I tell you that

You do not need another course marketing

The majority of the clients who enter my mentoring already has the knowledge necessary to prevail, the only thing that needs is somebody that teaches to them to sell, that them of enterprise vision and shows to them how to catch form clients appellant.

And this is right what I can teach to you.

I perfectly know all the strategies marketing that work because I have before implemented them in my business.

Or it is that perhaps you know which

  • He is professor in the University with only 23 years: I distribute eCommerce in the Master of Digital Strategy in the Company.
  • He is positioned first in Google by œdesigner freelance Web and œdesigner Web.
  • He has helped more than 300 companies and entrepreneurs between whom they honor BMW, Panasonic, Roberto Gamboa, Consell of Ibiza, Xunta of Galicia or Group KIN.
  • He has webinars automated catching clients and selling courses in automatic every week, generating more of 20.000 to the month of stable form.
  • He has a global vision of the sales in Internet, thanks to pitching tent online and webpages to different types from businesses.

enterprise intelligence

How the Mentoring works


business validation

Forget to you analyses DAFO and the boring ups and downs of the ideal client. The same day that you enter mentoring agendar¡s a meeting 1 1 with me to validate your idea and to audit your strategy so that he is profitable. 


development of a system of sales

The following thing that we will do will be to create a plan of action with step by step creating your first system of pick up of clients so that you begin to invoice during the following 30 days.


strategic consultancy

Throughout the 4 months I will teach to you to make the decisions adapted against clients, invoicing, finances, hiring and any other challenge to which you face to turn your business into a success company.

What includes

This is what you take

Next you have a compilation of everything what you will begin to enjoy when you enter to comprise of mentoring.

  • Session 1-1 with me to validate the business idea
  • Direct biweekly session in of Q&A resolving doubts and to make pursuit of the strategy
  • Group of Facebook prevailed of support next to the rest of members
  • My equipment to your disposition so that you consult all doubts to them about SEO and Facebook Ads
  • Access to all tools and plugins premium
  • Limitless access to my courses: WooMaster and AcademyMaster

5000 + IVA

eduard coromina

Case of Success

After mentoring, Eduard works with an ample portfolio of clients and wins much more working less. Delegating with criterion and taking care only of strategic operations that they let grow his brand.

œWhat he more surprised me in the first sessions of mentor­a was his clarity in the decision making. At a moment he understood my situation and he created a clear trip ticket directed to harness and to revitalize the sale of my services.

Sometimes it seems as if the money spoke to him to David. Strategy of sales that proposed to take to me to end, strategy of sales that worked and client who closed.

David has given the necessary tools me, among them a renewed mentality, to grow of independent form. Because now I know what works and how to make it work.


This is not for everybody

This program of mentoring is not for you if you look for which motivates to you and it sends audio and phrases to you with positive affirmations in a group of Facebook

This program is for you if

  • You cannot be allowed to learn of anyone, but only of the best ones.
  • You do not squander hours thinking and gliding but acting and executing.
  • You happen to follow the flock because you want to become the leader of yours.

Enterprise intelligence was created for all those entrepreneurs, businessmen, professionals of the sales and owners of businesses that want to happen to the following level.

A group that does not want to have a business average, services average, sales average and a life as the one of the average.

With Enterprise Intelligence no longer you will hope at that the œfollowing strategy of marketing arrives that works because we will create it together.

Agenda a call strategic to be the following case of success

Than 5 years of experience advising more digital businesses to position themselves and to sell in form Internet stable appellant and. It contacts now so that yours he is the following one.