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That is a Child Theme and so that He serves?


Child theme

A Child Theme or Plantilla Daughter is a subject of WordPress with a very simple structure formed by a file functions.php and style.css that the complete structure of the subject uses father. That is to say, it serves to realise modifications of style and functionalities without touching to the subject father.

He is very useful to modify subjects of css or to add functions to the subject without touching the original subject since thus in case of updates of the subject or if there is any problem you will not lose no of the modifications that you have done in the Child Theme.

As creating a Child Theme

The creation of a Child Theme is very simple, you only have to create a file funtions.php and style.css, in this last one has to go the following content:

/* Theme Yam: Child Theme Theme URI: Description: Child Theme of the Subject: xxxxxx Author: Author Author URI: Warms up to you: nombre_de_la_carpeta_del_tema_original Version: 1.0 *

This it is the minimum content that can take style.css so that WordPress identifies to this subject as Child Theme, the most important data is the line Warms up to you, in which beams the call to the original subject with all the archives, you have to put the name of the folder of the original subject, this name will be in the /wp-content/themes route.

An important thing that you do not have to confuse is the use of the file functions.php of the Child Theme with plugin My Functions that we taught to develop to you since in the Child Theme they have to go the functions that modify only aspects of the original subject while in plugin My Functions have to go those that modify the aspect of WordPress generally.

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