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why you don't position?

It discovers what is failing

You are undergoing some of the following problems?

  • The number of visits from Google has lowered suddenly.
  • You lose traffic of progressive form month to month.
  • The content that beams does not manage to position.
  • You finish realising a migration of domain and your Web has begun to lower.

If your website is losing visits, you do not waste more time, you need an Audit SEO.

With each visit that you lose you are losing a sale opportunity. If you see impotent as the positioning that took to you years of work to obtain is lowering little by little or you see that your website is not able to position and feel that you have proven it everything, then your domain is ill and your doctor is called Audit SEO.

An audit SEO is going to find the problems that they prevent that your project positions in Google.

our service of audit SEO

He is the best one of the market

Because to contract to an Audit SEO with us it means that, in addition to an evaluation and diagnosis of the domain, we will make decisions and execute actions that will cause that your domain returns to shine healthy and tempting for Google.

So that you understand to us well

  • You imagine to take the car to the factory because you hear a strange noise in the motor and that the mechanic says to you what he happens to him and how to solve it but he gives you the gloves so that you do it? You would know to fix your car?
  • You imagine to arrive at a luxury restaurant in which they give the letter you and they recommend best plates to you than you can take but you are who must ignite the furnaces and cook them? You would know to make that plate?
  • You would contract to an Audit SEO in which the present state of the domain is evaluated and only diagnosed? You would know to cause that your Web positioned?

The answer to the 3 questions is the same: No. You do not consider to fix the motor of your car if you are not mechanic, you do not consider to cook a luxury plate if you do not have formation as restorer, you do not consider to contract to an Audit SEO if they do not guarantee the implementation to you of the actions that can solve the problems in your website.

Our Audit SEO analyzes and evaluates all the parameters that affect to the positioning in Google (that all do it), but in addition we executed the actions necessary to solve the errors and problems that your domain has (that we only do it).

it discovers now

What we analyzed?

The fast answer is everything. But you want that we are a little more concrete, you must know that we divided to the work of Audit SEO in 3 great blocks:

  • SEO inside domain.
    • We analyze the domain putting us in his guts. Structures of the design Web, structures of URL, configurations of page and entrance, little content, contained duplicate, errors 4XX and 5XX, structures hierarchic of headers, structures of goals, connected internal and optimization of images.
  • SEO outside domain.
    • We analyze all the external liaisons and I connect projections, redirections 3XX, negative landlord of DoFollow/NoFollow connections, purification of backlinks, landlord of anchors and study of positioned key words.
  • Technical SEO
    • Configurations as well as possible the Search Console of your webpage, we analyzed sitemaps, txt, blocking of code, heads and optimized the speed of load.

Our service of Audit SEO is most complete. we analyze and we implemented

it knows all the

Tools that We used


With our Audit SEO you discover what is bad in your domain and we solved it.

997 + IVA

You will receive:

  • Report of On-Page action
  • Report of action In off - Page
  • Report of SEO T©cnico action
  • Robots.txt file optimized
  • Optimized Sitemaps.xml file

Take to you

BONUS of Gift

When contracting the Audit SEO we will give these two guides to you so that you have a solid base of how she is due to write for Google and to position in your city.

Starting off of the Keyword Resarch you will learn to write texts SEO that they enamor to Google and they position your Web.

Valued in 97

Position you in your city with this guide of SEO Local, you will learn to remove the maximum party to him to Google My Business.

Valued in 47

It analyzes ours

Cases of Success

Agenda a call strategic to be the following case of success

If you want to know what needs your webpage to position itself in Google and to receive qualified traffic of form appellant, ponte in touch with me and we will analyze your case of individualized form.