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it discovers what words

You must work in your Sector

A Keyword Research consists of finding the key words of your sector, to know its volume, competition and difficulty to position. It is as igniting a light in a dark alley.

A Keyword Research is a torch and a compass simultaneously; it discovers everything what your project surrounds and guides to you through him. It allows you to create an agreed strategy of contents to your objectives, at the same time as you respond to the demand that your objective public in Google does.

With a Keyword Research you are going to know the key words that your niche moves, you will know which are worth and which no.


You need a KR

If you want to position in Google you need a Keyword Research. That is safe. Without him you will be losing time and money.


Because you will not know if the contents that you are writing up have sufficient number of searches, and perhaps if they have it you are being too ambitious trying to conquer territories that your competition governs for years. Although you would publish 5 articles to the day don't mention it serves if you do not know nor you respond to the needs of the user whom it looks for in Google.


Because if you do not identify and you segment the key words that better define your services/products the fan become too great and are impossible to include. Without approach and strategy any action will lose effectiveness and the inverted money will be lost.

it discovers

The Benefits

You will know what key words you must position, how and when to do it.

  • You will gain all the transactional key words or on watch for your sector, its volume and difficulty to position.
  • You will gain a number of semantic keywords LSI and that you will be able to use to accompany to your main key words.
  • You will win in better structures of contents than they will facilitate the indexing and the positioning Web.
  • You will gain segmentation and filtrate of keyword in content bags; ready to put itself to write up.
  • You will win in knowledge of the sector in Internet and thus you will be able to develop strategies of more effective sale and marketing.

And most important, you will improve the positioning Web and the conversion to sale of your project because you will be focusing all contents to your ideal public and the objectives that as business you have noticeable.

You will respond to the demand of your hearing. You will give answer to the necessity search of the user.

With a Keyword Research you will know if he is profitable to invest in SEO for your project

Create to us when you tenth who is no sector or niche that does not have searches in Google, but a thing is that there are searches and another one is that these searches, either by vol., or by intention, help your business to sell in Internet.

it knows all the

Tools that We used



Market Samurai


Majestic SEO


797 + IVA

You will receive:

  • Excel with the segmented key words
  • Report of diagnosis and conducted battles
  • Mind Map with the derived words
  • Report of evaluation and recommendations

Take to you

BONUS of Gift

With the analysis of key words I give these 2 guides to you with who you will be able to use the data of the analysis to improve you yourself the SEO of your webpage.

Starting off of the Keyword Resarch you will learn to write texts SEO that they enamor to Google and they position your Web.

Valued in 97

Position you in your city with this guide of SEO Local, you will learn to remove the maximum party to him to Google My Business.

Valued in 47

It analyzes ours

Cases of Success

Agenda a call strategic to be the following case of success

If you want to know what needs your webpage to position itself in Google and to receive qualified traffic of form appellant, ponte in touch with me and we will analyze your case of individualized form.