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It guides 2018 | To reclaim Carts Left in WooCommerce

You knew that one calculates that 73% of the users who add products to a cart online they end up it leaving? The abandonment of carts in the stores online is a problem of most habitual. But, eye, has an interesting solution.

You want to know which is? In this post I am going to tell you how to reclaim the carts left of your ecommerce.

With the help of only plugin, you will be able to contact with your clients and to remember to them what was buying and to invite to them to complete his action.

As reclaiming carts in woocommerce

I am going to give a track to you, because I cannot be held more Its name is YITH WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart and I assure to you that, after its installation, you will turn these left cars into purchase orders.

Yes, which you finish reading. You don't create it to you? Then kind to which it comes next. You do not lose not one detail. It takes to pencil and paper. This begins in 3, 2, 1 😛

What is YITH WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart and why it serves

Many are the reasons that take to the users to leave their cars: the cost of the shipments, the price of the sum of products, or perhaps a sudden distraction that it allows him to forget what was doing.

Luckily, there are some customized solutions that can help us to retake the contact with that client who a day was on the verge of buying in our store online but that, by some reason which we do not know, she decided to leave the purchase. YITH WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart is one of those solutions, of which they help us to remember our clients which left them and to encourage them to complete his process of purchase.

It persuades the users of your site so that they complete the purchase who left suspended. Yes, all this sounds very beautiful but, tactical what use this plugin to animate to the clients to return to the purchase?

First of all, it allows you to create a system through what you can send customized coupons or e-mails so that your user returns. In addition, for those registered guests, if they write his email address during the purchase process, you will not be able to contact them with a small reminder than still they have in its cart.

And not only this, but if its site of electronic commerce is visited by many clients of different countries, also you will be able to form the shipment of an automatic e-mail in the related language.

Until now it does not sound bad, truth? Well, we follow then.

Differences between version FREE and the PREMIUM version

In the section of above I have tried to explain to you, of a quite concise way, which is the function of YITH WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart. I hope that you it has been of help and that already you are home to form your own conception on this plugin. But, it hears, this only finishes home. Still we have left much, to see much.

Now it is the turn to know more in depth each one of the characteristics this plugin. Ey, but we must here consider that this extension of WooCommerce has two versions. Yes, two. So, the best thing is to analyze each separately.

Characteristics of version FREE

As reclaiming carts left in woocommerce

We begin by the gratuitous option, but before continuing I want that you know clearly that this version does not have anything to do with the Premium one. What I mean? The benefits of the Free are very limited. You yourself you will be able to verify it if you unload this plugin to you. The personalisation possibilities are very basic and the facilities that summary in these offers:

  • It defines the time interval to consider left a cart
  • It personalizes the emitter and the subject of the e-mail
  • It personalizes the content of the e-mail sent to the clients
  • It allows to send an e-mail to each user who has left a cart, but you will have to send emails manually. Not it for of automatic form

Connection | Version FREE

Characteristics of the PREMIUM version

And well, what has seemed you the version free? Simple, truth? At first it can be well betting free by the version but, by my own experience, when you want to form more things The problems arrive, or rather the limitations.

And here it is where the Premium version enters game, that offers multitude to us of possibilities. They are so many that I have had to choose to select those that I consider more excellent. These are some of the characteristics of the version of payment of YITH WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart:

It adds coupons to the email

to reclaim carts left in store online
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In previous post we have spoken on the relevance that the shipment of coupons acquires discounts to your clients, and the good results that they give. In this case, to reclaim left carts, you will be able to add coupons in emails that you send to your clients so that they retake the purchase.

The coupons are, without a doubt, the winning weapon to persuade your users to buy immediately.

It programs the shipment of emails

To reclaim carts left in woocommerce
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The premium version facilitates the day to you to day of ecommerce, since with this version you will be able to program the shipment of e-mails to your clients. Of this form you will be able to remember to them what they left without finishing and animating to them to that they complete its purchase. And everything through a contact via email.

It creates different groups from email

As reclaiming carts in woocommerce
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As I have already told you previously, the personalisation options are many in the premium version of YITH WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart. One of them is this: you will be able to create different customized groups from email and to connect them to any cart.

Of you are form you will be able to change the content when you want and to adapt it to the e-mail manually that you wish to send. Based on the product or products that have been left, you will be able to send an email or another one.

What we obtained with this? To have a more personal contact with the client and to make see the importance him that it has in our store online. It is not a number more of clients, has full name.

It keeps the carts from the guests

as reclaiming carts of users nonregistered
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What happens with the carts of those users who never got to buy in our store online? How we can put to us with them in touch? Then, this extension of WooCommerce also facilitates the possibility to you of keeping the carts from those people who never got to finalize a purchase. It is the way to retake a contact with them, since you do not have its registered data.

You will be able to be put in contacts with the guests who happen through your store and which they have arrived until finalizing purchase. It is the first step to turn them into clients 😉

It reclaims carts following the roll

as reclaiming carts left in ecommerce
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Because each client is unique in your store, she establishes strategies according to each one of the rolls of your users. Thus, if you want, you will be able to reclaim the carts of certain users establishing previously a particular roll. Of this form, you will secure benefits only with certain users. But, eye, equal are what it interests to you more.

Before determining this option, I recommend to you to know the operation well your store online and to know which are those clients more giving to return to buy. It is triviality that you spend efforts in which they will not report any benefit to you. One is not to send to send, but to secure results with emails that we sent.

Video | How YITH WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart works

Up to here, what has seemed you everything what we have seen? You have some doubt? You do not worry, is normal. Of first it can seem difficult to understand the operation to you of this plugin, but I assure to you that with the practice it will be to you very, very simple. You remember the first time that you cycled?

Certainly it only scared pedaling to you but you obtained it, because this is going to be the same. In any case, before you pedal only with this plugin, I want to show to you of a practical and real way how YITH WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart works.

I hope that this video serves to you as help. Give the play


And well, what has seemed you the video? You continue being scared to only pedal? It has helped to understand the operation You of this plugin? I hope that yes and, if no, always you can put to you with me in touch. I will be enchanted to solve all the doubts that you have.

Does Your store online have a high number of left carts? You don't know what to make to reclaim your clients? Then now already you know how to act. You only need to unload this plugin of which spoken to you throughout this post and solved problem! 

It has never been so easy to contact with your clients and to remember to them what was buying and to invite to them again to complete his action.

For which work with YITH

If I have arrived up to here would like to explain why work to you with company YITH (Your Inspiration Themes). And in fact it is not because they have plugins more powerful and with majors benefits that those of WooThemes but because have a great support that solves any doubt to you in 24h less than.

If you do not know it, I comment to you that the own WooThemes company has his repositorio of extensions, but have a quite high price and they are not so outposts as those of YITH. In this case company YITH always improvement and adds more functionalities than WooThemes to all plugins.

On the other hand plugins of WooThemes is not developed by them properly, many of them develop them external programmers and soon they add them repositorio of WooThemes reason why I prefer to deposit the confidence in YITH since that they respond with guarantees.

Licenses and prices

If you are already determined and you want to reclaim the carts left in your store online, you must know before which are the licenses and prices of this plugin of YITH.

As far as the subscription license, this it gives right to 1 year of updates and support you. And in addition you must consider that each installation of plugin will require a license.