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5 requirements that you must fulfill Before opening your Store Online

After helping more than 70 students as professor of the Masters of Digital Strategy in the Company of the University of A Coru±a to open its own stores online successfully I want to share with you the 5 requirements that threw to them for back before choosing this model of business that does not stop to grow.

5 Requirements Before Opening your Store Online

The latest that I want is that you stop enjoying the benefits to have the freedom that offers a digital business to you that you with the doubts, so are about to in height to have left we go to it.

A good product

Obvious the product is the base of all store online. Years back, this requirement supposed an important initial investment in stock but nowadays no longer it is a problem thanks to dropshipping.

You only must decide what you are going to sell and to find a good supplier of this product.

Of this form, your store online only act as intermediary between the final client and the supplier and you can offer a greater variety of colors, sizes and sizes to satisfy the taste with all clients.

Point you at masterclass of the next Tuesday œthe 3 keys to open your store online in 1 week in which I will share with you the suppliers of dropshipping that better have worked to me in my stores online.

It analyzes your market

In order to detect a good opportunity of business for your store online you only must concentrate in a thing: to solve a real problem of people with your products.

The more great it is the problem and the less people are able to solve it, the more will increase your possibilities of making money selling the products of your store online.

For it I recommend an infallible tool to you: Answer the Public. With her you will be able to obtain questions that become people about concrete.

Of this form, you will be able to identify those looked for products more and analyzing the demand. My advice: he chooses products with a stable demand and forgets to you of which they are only sold in certain months of the year as for example, during home of the schellostic period.

A freedom platform that you

If something you must know clearly in the world of the businesses it is that the more control you have on your company, the more frees you will be.

I tell this you since every week receipt requests of budget of owners of stores online that decided to open it by means of platforms as Shopify, Wix or Squarespace and now they want to change to WordPress so that they feel tied them.

The owners of these businesses not only are lost the control of the sales since they must give a monthly commission them or by realised transaction, but are also lost the exclusive feature of the data of their clients since they remain with all the emails to send his promotions to them.

Legal adaptation of the Store Online

Unlike which it thinks most people, you do not need to discharge from the hospital as independent home to sell with your store online if the income that you generate with her they do not surpass the multi-industry minimum wage in Spain.

Nowadays the SMI is of 14.000 to the year and we agree that once you surpass will not suppose it a problem to give you of discharge. So you do not worry, since property interprets that the income are occasional until you surpass that number, reason why you do not need to invoice.

The other legal requirement that must fulfill your store online is the fulfillment of the RGPD. For it, you only need to have your visible legal texts and to the day, to request the acceptance of the policies of privacy and the cookies of your Web and to offer the option to terminate of your list of mail in all the emails.

WARNING: these data are on the basis of my experience, but always I recommend to speak with an adviser.

Process of Optimized Payment

If you do not have a process of optimized payment you are losing money. You must obtain that the maximum number of visits to your page of payment becomes clients.

For it you need that your checkout (the payment page) is optimized possible. In her always it will have to appear the guarantee in writing that you offer with each order, the testimonies of other clients and the term of shipment.

To finish, is very recommendable that also you offer several methods of payment (card, Paypal/Stripe and banking transference) so that the client can choose the one that is to him more comfortable.



Easy, truth? This is right what wanted that you thought when arriving at the end of this post.

Now you only have left to take action. It is by that I invite masterclass to you of the next Tuesday in which I will show the 3 keys to you to less than open your store online in 1 week.

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