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6 PROVEN strategies to increase the perceived value of your courses online

You have sent a course online that is not sold? Just you are in the process of creation of your first infoproducto?

Whatever your situation this article interests to you since if in something fails all the clients of my mentor­a is in thinking that when something is not sold, the fault is in the price.


If you are not able to sell your courses by the price that you have given them, the problem always falls to the form that you must to transmit its value to your ideal client.

It is by that in this post I have compiled 6 changes that you can implement in your course online to obtain that the value perceived by your client is much greater and therefore, the price is to him until low by everything what him deliveries.

6 PROVEN strategies to increase the perceived value of your courses online

Image of the product

How you are going to want something that you cannot imagine?

Although shelp thus it seems obvious, are many webinars and the pages of sale of courses online in which it does not appear not one image of the product.

I do not speak to create a logo with the name of the course, - something that also would help you, but to design an image or mockup (as the designers call it) in which appears a computer or a dossier with the exercises that you offer in the course.



These images will cause that your final clients can visualize to they themselves entering within the course, seeing the videos, completing each one of the lessons and printing the complementary materials.

Next, I tell you how you can create mockups of your products of simple form with Canva and Facebook Design.

To increase Perceived Value Courses Online To create Mockup with Canva

With first, he is as simple as search œcomputer, œtablet and œmobile in the finder of Elements. There you will find customizables images easily.

Nevertheless, for my mockups I like to use another tool that is very little well-known and is the one that Facebook offers to the designers. There you will find recopilatorio of groups of the used devices more of the market.

To increase Perceived Value Courses To create Mockup Facebook Devices

You don't think that your course will transmit more value if you represent it from the last model of MAC or iPhone device? I do not have left doubt.

Point you at masterclass of the next Thursday How to lodge and to sell your courses online in WordPress in that I will share with you my system to sell your courses online from your Web in WordPress so that you are totally free and you stop paying commissions to platforms of third parties by each transaction.


Notebooks of work and complementary materials

At this point I am certainly you know very well that to see a video it is not sufficient to assimilate all the information that there is in him.

For it, it is important that you take some type from action.

He is why your students will be thankful that you offer notebooks to them of work or complementary exercises to put in practice which you have taught to them.

Of this form, the students will be able to take an active approach beyond listening to you and to read to you, they will assimilate the concepts fastest and the best thing: if they decide to print the materials you will begin to physically be present in its houses and offices.

Something that he will still more connect to them with your brand and he will increase the probabilities that they return to buy to you in the future.

How you can do it easily?

There are many ways although simplest they happen to enclose underneath each lesson a copy in .pdf of the slides of your video or the transcription of the audio one so that they can print it and emphasize most important or to take notes.

Nevertheless, if you want to increase the really perceived value, which I recommend to you is that you create printable exercises and leaves with complementary readings or materials for those students who want to deepen in each lesson.

For it, you can use maquetadores as Canva, or resort to a designer in Fiverr.


Access of by life

The humans we are procrastinadores by nature. We lie down to leave it everything for later or œa better moment.

He is why one of the questions that more times to me the students do before taking the decision to enter my courses online is œuntil when I will have access.

To offer an access of by life that includes all the future updates of the videos and the materials without paying an extra cost will help you not only to increase the perceived value of the courses, but to close more sales winning one of the main objections of purchase.

Of this form you will give to your students the certainty that they will be able to make the course to his rate and to return to see each one of the lessons so many times as they need it.

To increase to Value Perceived in Courses Access of By Life


Classes in direct

Think it for a moment: what has more value for you: a course that takes place in an actual classroom or a digital course?

I do not tell you what he is more comfortable to you to take, but what has more value perceived for you.

To go to class (physical and tangible surroundings), to see the professor and power ask all doubts to him at the end of each session always will make you perceive a greater value.

In order to create the same effect in your course online I recommend to you that always you offer support. As minimum, by email.

In order to save time and to give one better attention to you you can respond to the doubts of your students creating videos with Loom, an extension of Chrome that will store them in the cloud (they will not occupy space in your computer) and it will give a connection you with which it will be very easy to share them.

Nevertheless, in this post I want to give a better alternative you: it creates biweekly classes in direct. In this way I talk about to webinars in direct in which you will be able to solve the doubts of your students in time real.

Beyond the perceived value to do this will help you more of 2 forms: they will feel like part of a group since some will be able to be known others and in addition, you you will have the opportunity to speak 1 to 1 with your ideal client, something that without a doubt will help you to sell to him better.

In order to organize classes in direct I recommend tools to you as Zoom or Crowdcast.


Different formats

How you would feel if you phelp 297 by a course online and when entering the platform it would only have unballastable in pdf?

I am not very well certainly. It is more, surely you would consider to request the return in case the course counted on a guarantee.

Nowadays we can find any answer in writing making a simple search in Google If you solve you ask of your students of the same form, why they would have to pay to you?

Not only that, that your students can see how you speak and the parts in which you put more emphasis with your tone of voice, will help them to assimilate better all the materials and to create a connection at a more personal level with you.

He is why I recommend to you that always you include 3 formats in your course: video, audio and transcription. Of this form each student will be able to choose the format that better fits to him.

I know that to speak before a camera a little can cost to you just when you begin, but really you want to gain the life selling courses online, is an ability that is worth the trouble to develop.


Bonus of high value

The most common error that I see in the bonuses of the majority of courses is that they have not been chosen of strategic form.

In this way I talk about to that the key function of a bonus beyond increasing the perceived value of the course is the one to overcome the main objections of purchase.

You must use them so that the client nothing else she perceives that all place setting has it and that once enters your course online or programs will not need.

Arrived at this point I want to ask something to you: as what it will serve to you to have more sales if you lose money with each transaction?  

If at the moment you sell your courses in a platform of third parties or you want to begin with good foot when serves your first course online, aims to you right now at masterclass of Thursday in which I will share with you œHow to lodge and to sell your courses online in WordPress.

Beam click in this connection to aim to you free.