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In this Web the services offered by œDavid RL are detailed. Its use implies the acceptance of the following conditions, declining for realising any claim on the same. This website contains texts made with informative or merely divulging aims, that can not reflect the present state of the legislation or the jurisprudence, and that talks about to general situations, reason why its content does not have necessarily to be applied by the User to tactical missions.

a) The use of this Web is directed to people of legal age. The minors of this age are not authorized to use this Web.

b) œTapja will be able to modify the content of the Web, its services and products, tariffs, guarantees, etc., at any time and without previous warning.

c) œTapja can put at the disposal of the usuary one I connect or other elements that allow the access towards other websites pertaining to third parties. We commercialized products and services of these connected pages, neither we assumed no type of responsibility on the same, nor on the information contained in them, nor its veracity or legality, nor of any effects that could be derived. In any case, œTapja shows that she will come to immediate retirement from any content that could contravene the national or international legislation, the moral or the public order, coming to retirement immediate from the redirection to this website, informing of the competent authorities the content at issue.

d) The prices indicated in the Web, of having them, will be valid except for typesetter error, and susceptible of changes without previous warning.

e) It is not necessary to register themselves in the Web, nor to facilitate any de dato personal type, to sail by the same.

f) œTapja cannot guarantee the uninterrupted or totally free operation of errors of this Web. Therefore, we do not become people in charge of any damage caused by the use of this site.

g) œTapja offers his services and products indefinitely, being able, however, to suspend the benefit of the same.

h) œTapja will not become person in charge of the damages, own or to third parties, produced by an evil use of this Web on the part of the User.

i) The User commits himself not to use this Web nor the services offered in her for the opposite taking of steps to the law, the public order or these conditions. The User who acts against the image, good reputation or reputation of œTapja, as well as who uses illicitly or fraudulently the designs, logo or contents of the Web and/or attempts in any form against the rights of intellectual and industrial property of the Web or of the contents and services of the same, will be responsible in front of œTapja for his action.

j) œTapja does not take responsibility of the virus that has their origin in a transmission Telematics infiltrated by generated third parties in order to obtain negative results for a computer science system.

k) œTapja does not become person in charge of the information and stored contents, declarative but for a reason or purpose nonlimiting, in forums, chat's, social generators of blogs, commentaries, networks or any other means that allow third parties to publish contents. Despite and in accordance with the had thing in Art. 11 and 16 the LSSI-CE, œTapja puts himself at the disposal of all the users, authorities and forces of security, and collaborating actively in retirement or if so blockade of all those contents that could affect or contravene the national legislation, or international, right of third parties or the moral and the public order. In case the User considers that some content exists in the website that could be susceptible of this classification, it requests itself notifies it of form immediate to the administrator of the website.

l) This website has been reviewed and tried so that it works correctly. In principle, it can be guaranteed the correct operation the 365 days of the year, 24 hours to the day. However, œTapja does not discard the possibility that certain errors of programming exist, or that occurs causes of greater force, natural catastrophes, strikes, or similar circumstances that they make impossible the temporary access to the webpage.

m) The content of articles published in this website cannot be considered, in any case, substitute of legal advising. If outside the case, the User does not have to act on the base of the information contained in this website without resorting previously to the corresponding professional advising.

n) œTapja to be reserves the right to deny or to retire the access to the Web and/or the services offered without needing previous warning, to own instance or of a third party, to those Users who fail to fulfill our Conditions of Use.

1) Legal conditions for the purchase in Tapja

The present legal Conditions of hiring, regulate the use of the store online, of which Smart RL is responsible legal Webs, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY, in future, Tapja. These Conditions will be accepted by the parts without reserves, and could at any time be modified and without previous warning, reason why it will be responsibility of the User to read them whenever it realises a purchase, since, the effective conditions at the time of celebration of the contract, will be those that are to him applicable.

2) Applicable norm

The present electronic contract is celebrated under the Spanish norm and in particular under the legal regime imposed by Law 34/2002 of Services of the Society of the Information and Comercio Electr³nico (LSSICE) and the General Law 03/2014 for the Defense of the Consumers and Usuarios (LGDCU).

The electronic contract will not be filed by third and the language for its conclusion is the Castilian. The present general conditions could be kept and be reproduced at any time by the user who realises a purchase by means of the options of his navigator of Internet, and must be accepted before coming to the payment of the hiring.

3) Account of User and Correction of Errors

In order to be able to realise purchases online in this store the registry by means of the creation of a œAccount of User is necessary. It will be able to be registered at any time puncturing in the corresponding connection, or during the process of purchase. Once registered, the User will receive a mail having confirmed that the process has been realised successfully and a reminder of the access data.

From the account you will be able to realise purchases, to verify the file of orders, to change the password, to modify the personal data, to modify the invoicing direction, to realise commentaries, and other proceedings or managements related to your purchases.

In addition, at any time, you will be able to accede to your deprived account to verify your personal information and directions and, in case outside necessary, to correct the errors that can have existed in the introduction of the data or to update the same. The invoicing direction will be able to be corrected or also to be updated throughout the purchase process.

You will be able to be terminated at any time, sending an e-mail, from the direction that is wanted to terminate, to the direction [email protected], which will entail the cancellation of its personal character data.

The creation and cancellation of a user account will be in force by the established thing in the Policy of Privacy.

4) Process of Purchase

To buy in Tapja is easy and simple, you only must follow the following steps:

1º. - To select the services that you wish to acquire among the offered ones by Tapja. Clicando in each service, is acceded to its card, that a detailed description with the information includes, basic characteristicses and price. If you need to know more you do not doubt, in asking to us.

2º. - Once selected el/los services that you wish to contract, you will have to press the button œTo buy, being built-in the service to your shopping cart. If you wish it, it will be able to continue adding more service to the cart, or to come directly to the payment.

3º. - Concluded the selection of services, it will appear a summary. Finally, to continue, you will have to press the button œTo realise Order.

4º. - Since we have indicated in previous sections, when finalizing your purchase, you must be registered, indicating your data. In your next purchases you will not have to introduce them again, because they will be stored in your Cuenta de Usuario.

5º. - Finally, you will have to choose means of payment among the offered ones by Tapja (to see following section).

6º. - Once finalized the hiring process, we will send an e-mail in that the data of the same will be detailed, as well as voucher to you of purchase or invoices. If you do not receive this mail in 24 hours, or if you appreciate any error in the introduced data, ponte in touch with us by anyone of the following means:

Calling to the 881914641
Notifying it in the section œContact of this Web
Writing to the email address [email protected]

Also, you can ask for invoice in paper in touch putting itself with us, within the term of 15 days later to the purchase, and we will make it to you arrive without no type of additional cost.

Tapja communicates that she owns to your disposition leaves of claims, in the mailing dress that appears in the Legal Warning of this webpage.

5) Forms of payment

Tapja has diverse modalities of payment to facilitate the hiring to you:

  • Banking transference
  • Debit or credit card
  • Paypal

Next, we specified the conditions for each of these forms of payment.

Banking transference

Tapja offers the possibility to you of realising the payment by means of a transference in our bank account:

Abanca “ IBAN: ES17 2080 0000 7430 4023 8233

If you are decided by this option of payment, once finalized the hiring, they will appear in screen the data necessary to realise the banking transference. In addition, we will send an email to you with the amount of the hiring, the concept that you must indicate and the account number. It is important that, when to realise the transference, you indicate as concept the reference of your hiring, facilitated by Tapja in the email. The transferences can take up to 48 hours in becoming effective, tenlo in account in the terms of shipment. Once confirmed, the payment will be come to the management of the contracted service. If you wish to make agile this process you can send an email to us with the voucher to [email protected].

Tapja also offers the possibility to you of realising the payment by means of a banking transference online by means of the footbridge of Sofort payment.

Debit or credit card

The payment by means of debit or credit card is realised through the footbridge of safe payment Stripe. By means of this modality of payment, Tapja never picks up nor manipulates no data of the client regarding his card number. All the data are treated directly by Stripe, so that Tapja always can offer the greater security, transparency and confidentiality in the transaction.

The cards that at the moment the payment footbridge admits are Visa, Mastercard and Maestro, in addition to pertaining to the networks 4B, 6000 Network and Servired. If you have some doubt, it contacts with us and we will take care of to clarify you any restlessness.


It realises the payment with your account of Paypal. By means of this modality of payment, Tapja never picks up nor manipulates no banking data. All the data are treated directly by Paypal, so that Tapja always can offer the greater transparency, security and confidentiality in the transaction

6) Prices, taxes, rates and tariffs

The prices are expressed in Euros, and are valid except for typesetter error. In case a manifest error in the fixation of the price takes place that appears in the card on watch, the price established for this service in the informative email will prevail that we will provide to you when we detect the error.

The PVP for clients of Pen­nsula and the Balearics includes IVA.

The PVP for clients of Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla and, generally, any country that is not Spain, does not include IVA. The price indicated in each service is the final price of the same for the shipments to these CCAA. Tapja will not be responsible for the expenses of import and taxes (ISPI, IGIC), or rates, of being the case.

7) Returns

In Tapja we wished the satisfaction with your hiring. For this reason, we facilitated the option to you to cancel the same (dropping of the claim). The exercise of this right of dropping of the claim will have to be realised in a maximum term of 30 days natural from the hiring. The exercise of the dropping of the claim right will not be admitted on the acquisition of digital products or services that could have been used by the User, something that is registered directly in the platform.

On the other hand, in case of to have initiated the course or service the application of the 30 days of guarantee offered by œTapja will only be valued if it meets the conditions of the guarantee:

  • WooMaster
    • The condition to ask for the return of the money is that the student is not able to mount the store online, to verify I solicit it that it demonstrates that it has tried seeing it the 3 first realised modules.
    • The guarantee of 30 days will not be applied to any student who has concerned him store DEMO.
    • The Lite version that does not include return guarantee.
  • Academy Master
    • The condition to ask for the return of the money is that the student is not able to mount the academy online, to verify I solicit it that it demonstrates that it has tried seeing it the 3 first realised modules.
    • The guarantee of 30 days will not be applied to any student who has concerned him academy DEMO.
    • The Lite version that does not include return guarantee.
  • Webinar Master
    • The condition to ask for the return of the money is that the student mounts all the system by webinars and does not secure sales, for it has to put 100 ASSISTANTS to the system. With the exception of the Lite version that does not include return guarantee.

The reimbursement of the amount of the purchase will take place once has been verified the state of the hiring, through same half of payment used in the purchase and, in any case, a maximum of 30 days natural from the convincing reception of the dropping of the claim request.

8) Resolution of conflicts

As therefore the new European norm demands it, we informed to the users of the existence of an European platform of resolution of litigations for hirings online. Thus, for the resolution of litigations in the matter of consumption (according to Art. 14,1 of the Regulation (the EU) 524/2013), the European Commission in line facilitates a platform of resolution of litigations that is available in the following connection: