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Guide | To accept Credit cards in WooCommerce without TPV

In the stores online the used form of payment more is the credit cards but the majority of stores realises a bad integration of this system of payment since usually they contract a TPV with his bank and when the user chooses this method of payment redirigen it to the page of the bank.

In addition to have a TPV with a bank normally it is necessary to pay a monthly instalment to be able to have it operative. Today we want to teach to you to receive through credit cards without the necessity of a TPV and this we will do it through a system that will be integrated totally in our webpage so that the user does not have to leave to another page to realise the payment which will increase the cards Woocommerce(more)

What is the Best Plugin de Cache for WordPress?

One of the most important aspects of a webpage is its speed of load. If you want to optimize your Web WordPress you have to offer to your visitors a great experience to him of use, in addition Google also values that your webpage loaded fast for the positioning of the same in the great G.

A slow Web can make to go down much to you in the ranking of Google in addition if a user sees that he enters a Web and takes much in loading will give the button Back and will enter another page. Reason why today we will teach different options to you and we will help you to choose best plugin of breaks for WordPress.

Better plugin breaks WordPress


It guides To make Automatic Backup copies in WordPress

One of the most important elements in the security of your Web WordPress is the planning of backup copies and the storage of them in safe places and other people's to your Web server. Today we are going to teach to you to free realise automatic backup copies and in your WordPress through plugin

Eye! , it is very important to have backup copies since in WordPress by the simple fact to update plugin, a subject or Core de WordPress can be caused incompatibilities with which you will lose all the work done in your Web, since you will not be able to return to a previous point but you are an expert.Copies security wordpress


The 5 better plugins Free of Sliders for WordPress

Sliders for WordPress is useful and very easy to integrate, they reinforce the image of any website with a œvisual exclamation that it draws attention of the user. WordPress has in its salary great amount of slider plugins whose transition effects between images are very well secured. Although care, also is sliders bad. In this article we separated the grain of the straw.

better plugins free of sliders


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