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Guide | To create a Webpage of Coupons in WordPress


as creating page coupons wordpress

Many are the people who ask to us through contact form exceeds how to realise a webpage to publish coupons discounts in some stores or services of a certain place.

Then in this post we will teach to you to realise in WordPress fast and easily very complete a webpage of coupons discounts. And the best thing, will count on all the characteristic outposts of this type of webpages.



Tutorial | As making a Marketplace in WordPress

You want to learn to develop a Marketplace in WordPress? This it is your site. Next, we are going to teach to develop a Marketplace to you under the WordPress platform, this we will still do it through plugin and ense±aramos a certain group that also you several options that exist in WordPress to realise this type of webpages.


how to create marketplace in wordpress


Guide | To accept Credit cards in WooCommerce without TPV

In the stores online the used form of payment more is the credit cards but the majority of stores realises a bad integration of this system of payment since usually they contract a TPV with his bank and when the user chooses this method of payment redirigen it to the page of the bank.

In addition to have a TPV with a bank normally it is necessary to pay a monthly instalment to be able to have it operative. Today we want to teach to you to receive through credit cards without the necessity of a TPV and this we will do it through a system that will be integrated totally in our webpage so that the user does not have to leave to another page to realise the payment which will increase the cards Woocommerce(more)

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