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50 Tasks To improve your Web in WordPress

To manage a Web with WordPress takes more work than simply to publish content. In order to maintain your webpage without problems we advised to you to realise a series of action with which you will improve the yield of your Web and in addition will be safer.

We have compiled in a list a total of 50 actions that you can make today to improve your Web WordPress and that would not have to take to you more of 1h to implement them. Spirit, you will notice the difference in a matter of 😛 just a short time

If it gives laziness to take to end the implementations you, we have available a maintenance service WordPress with which we will be in charge to maintain safe and fast your webpage. You do not worry about anything.

action to improve Web

50 Actions To improve your Web

Next we detailed the tasks to you that you can make in your webpage to improve different aspects.  For it, we have classified the same in 7 sections so that it is easier to understand to you. It comes, we go there! 😉



General subjects

1. It improves the page of On My: A detailed page where you count your history will help you to connect with your readers since they will know the person whom there is behind the Web.

2. It creates your list of Mail: Everybody must have a mail list since it is the best form to connect with your possible clients.

3. It adds a notification: You can put a bar of notification in the part superior of your Web to promote some supply or service.

4. It adds a Private Zone: You will be able to create a community in your blog with which to share exclusive content of great value.

5. It organizes Categories and Labels: Normally we have very many labels in the blog that are not used for anything, so eliminate them. Beam the same with the categories that you do not use.

6. It improves your page of contact: It adds to a photo yours, pon a form of simple contact and adds the location of your business.

7. It adds the Social Networks: Pon I connect towards the social networks that you must in use to interact with your clients, you do not have to be present in all.

8. It sends a survey to your clients: The surveys can help you to prepare content of great value for your readers which will increase the conversions.

9. It creates a challenge: You can create a challenge in which you give something to the winner which will increase engagement of your community.

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It improves the SEO

10. It installs and It forms Yoast SEO: He is plugin more complete for WordPress with which you will be able to improve your positioning in Google.

11. It adds a XML Sitemap: You can do it with Yoast but you must be sent it to Google through Search Console.

12. It forms the permanent connections: It is important that your permanent connections are formed correctly using/%postname%/

13. It adds Post Related: With related articles you will by ricochet diminish the percentage of your Web, which will help to position to you.

14. It adds breadcrumbs: You can do it also with Yoast and will help Google to structure the content of your webpage.

15. It verifies broken connections: I recommend to you to scan your Web monthly to verify the connections that do not work of your Web to create redirections or to correct them.

16. It creates internal liaisons: With SEO Smart Links you will be able automatically to connect internal content of your site which will pass the authority of your post to other pages so that they position better.

17. It adds Rich Snippets: With this plugin you will increase the CRT of the articles that you have positioned, and so you will catch more visits.


It improves the Speed

18. It installs plugin of Cache: We recommend to install Super WP Total Cache or W3 Cache to improve the speed of load remarkably.

19. It forms a CDN: You will accelerate your webpage loading the static content of servers near your visitor.

20. Minifica the CSS and the JS: You will be able to compress the size of these archives with plugin Autoptimize. Well-taken care of Ten since the heaviest subjects can fail.

21. It optimizes your Images: You will be able to reduce the size of your images with this plugin, which will notice remarkably in the time of load.

22. It optimizes the DB:  With WP-Optimize you will be able to optimize and to reduce to the size of your data base eliminating the old revisions of post.


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It improves your Plantilla

23. It optimizes your Logo: Assure to you that your logo is seen well in all the devices, as well as screens retina. It is your image.

24. It adapts the colors: It modifies the colors of your group so that he is agreed the image of your brand, a fundamental detail.

25. It adds a cover image: We recommend a very great image in the home page to catch the attention of your client with a message.

26. It eliminates sliders: They only serve to increase the time of load and nobody arrives at 3ª slide I do not recommend them.

27. It forms the Sidebar and Footer: Years 1000 I do not connect to the Footer and mant©n clean your only sidebar with the necessary thing, you do not supersaturate.

28. Theme creates child: It is important so that the modifications of code you do not lose them when you make an update. Tutorial

29. Connection to your post popular: It creates a section either adds your post the more popular before the present content of your blog. It teaches your better content.

30. It adds CTA: The bellboys of call to the action so that the visitor realises the objective for which you have thought each page of Web.

31. It adds Testimonies: The testimonies are very important if your Web sells services or products since they increase the transparency of your business and show to you more trustworthy.



32. It eliminates the unnecessary ones: It reviews your listing of plugins and flock all that you do not use, you will improve the time of load.

33. It adds plugin to share: It is fundamental if you want to attract more visitors your webpage or blog, beam that is easy to share your content.

34. It adds pick up forms: It is important to let grow your list of mail reason why you must add forms to catch the email, not very intrusive, remembers.

35. It installs Google Analytics: It adds statistics of visits to your Web, you can do it very easy through some plugin as this.


It improves the Security

36. It limits the attempts of login: With this plugin you will be able to prevent attacks by brute force with simple form.

37. Plugins updates your: Mant©n updated all plugins and subjects since usually they patch security holes.

38. It changes to the user admin: You do not have any usuary administrator with the name œadmin since this facilitates the attacks to your WordPress.

39. It adds captcha: Adding this element to the forms of login you will reduce the possibilities of attacks by brute force.

40. It reinforces your passwords: It uses safe and different passwords for all Webs, symbols, capital letters, numbers

41. It realises backup copies: It is important that you make automatic backup copies to recover your Web before any problem.

42. Flock usuary extra: It eliminates any user who is not at the moment in use, you will reduce the front doors to your Web.

43. It reviews the permissions: He verifies that the directories of your webpage have the suitable permissions.

44. He installs a SSL: Forming a certificate SSL you will be able to improve the security of your Web since the information will travel based and in addition Google values it facing the SEO.

45. He scans your Web: Plugin as iThemes Security realises I scan of security in your Web with Sucuri or some other to see if they find vulnerabilities.



46. It installs Akismet: She is one of the best tools to prevent the Spam in the commentaries with your WordPress blog.

47. It deactivates Trackbacks and Pings: Habitually they are used by spammers and they are not necessary for your page or blog.

48. It installs a Captcha: Installing a Captcha system you will be able to prevent the registries nonwished or the abuse with Spam in the commentaries.

49. It fits the commentaries: You will be able to cause that you must approve them manually or that they remain in moderation if they inserted a connection.


Good and this is everything! Yes, we only put 49 tasks but to that in the title it is better 50? 😉 Spirit with its implementation

It learns to design your Web in this gratuitous

It discovers the tools that use to make the Webs of my clients and to secure a professional result. We will design a Web in 1 hour.