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Why it is Important To update WordPress?

Many clients ask to us for plans of WordPress maintenance to once we gave their finalized webpage them. The majority of companies it usually contracts but other many independent users leave of side the maintenance of WordPress because they reduce importance to him and this is a serious error.

In the long run to maintain out of date WordPress can be a great problem since if you put yourself to do great updates of blow can be that it breaks the Web and you must resort to a professional.

To update WordPress

Reasons To update WordPress

WordPress is one of the used CMS more of the world, in fact 25% of Internet webpages are done in WordPress, for that reason it has a so great community that it removes to updates every few months.

He is vitally important to maintain WordPress updated since the developers realise constants improvements in the code of his plugins or groups, as well as in Core de WordPress to guarantee the security of the platform. But it is necessary to have well-taken care of to assure the compatibility to us the updates.


The security is the first reason by which you must update WordPress since from time to time they come to the light holes security, which are only possible to be corrected updating the code. If we want to have a safe Web, we must verify that we have the last version of WordPress.

In addition also it is necessary to have all the plugins and up-to-date subjects, for that reason when unloadings these components of WordPress you must make sure that there is a confidence developer behind, that will maintain updated its tool.

It learns to realise in WordPress

It discovers what things must worry to you and what you must maintain to the day to have your safe and up-to-date Web.


If you update WordPress as well as his plugins and subjects you make sure to correct errors since once in a while WordPress sends small updates that only correct errors, that is the benefit to have a great community after WordPress.

The same for Plugins and Temas. The developers are abreast of bugs that reports the clients to solve them to him in next updates.


Obvious the main reason for the updates is to offer improvements to the users since little by little the developers are adding to improvements or more options to his plugins and this is the form to obtain them.

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Taken care of with the Incompatibilities

You must have well-taken care of with another important section of the updates since many nascent users arrive to me with the problem from which after updating some elements the Web remains with a screen in target. This is because some plugins or the same group is not compatible with the version of WordPress.

My advice before updating WordPress is to make the rest of updates and in them see if they will be compatible with the last version of WordPress, therefore you will make sure that there is not any problem and your Web follows in operation.

In addition it is important that before great updates you make a backup copy, thus you will be covered before any problem that you have after them.

It automates the Updates in WordPress

Plugin exists with which you can automate the updates of WordPress so that you do not have yourself to worry about it, is Easy Updates Manager. Still that personally I recommend to make the updates manually since thus you will avoid incompatibilities.

Still that this plugin is useful for the smaller updates since there will be no problem in realising automatically all

It learns to realise in WordPress

It discovers what things must worry to you and what you must maintain to the day to have your safe and up-to-date Web.