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Analysis of Elementor Page Builder [4 Videos]

Today I would like to speak to you of Elementor Page Builder that is a visual publisher who has revolutionized the form in which we make the Webs the designers of WordPress. Until recently it used Composer Line of vision, but it was to prove this new publisher and to change without doubting it to me, agile, robust and much more light.

As of that moment all the Webs of my clients I do them with Elementor PRO and my Web already I am redesigning it to do it lighter and friendly for my users, good and for Google 😉 If you want to know this plugin with which you will be able to design the Web of your business easily and without knowing how to program it follows kind, I will make an analysis of plugin and some videos of how it works.

Elementor page to builder


What is Elementor and how it works (Video)

Elementor Page Builder is a visual maquetador, that will allow you to design the pages of your Web of fast and simple form, without knowing how to program. It is as Line of vision Composer or Thrive Leads but much more advanced.

Next I leave a video you in which you will see as I install it and I put it to work in minutes, also I will make a general review of its characteristics:

Basic characteristicses

Light and thought for SEO

The developers of Elementor knew from the home plugin clearly would have to be friendly for SEO and very light, not as their competition. They did not use styles in line and everything is programmed of modular form so that it does not consume many resources.

In addition it allows you to modify labels HTML of the elements to fit them to harness the SEO to the maximum and thus on-page of the Web. On the other hand if you deactivate plugin it does not have effect locking, that is to say, it does not maintain shortcodes and it generates HTML to you so that all the content of the pages continues being accessible.

and assure to secure results to you

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It is FREE

He is not that it only is FREE but also that is of opened code, which means that any programmer has access to the code to modify it freely, in fact are leaving many extensions to harness his functionalities, the Add-ONS calls.

In the gratuitous version you have available amount of Widgets to design but most advanced as they are forms, sliders, portfolio are of the version PRO of which we spoke more down.

Easy to use without knowing how to program

As you can see in the video plugin is based on œDrag and Drops, everything is to drag & to drop. In case outside little you are seeing the changes in real time and so you will save long time since with other publishers you had to keep the changes and to go to the webpage to see them.

In the final video of the post you will see as I will copy a webpage with Elementor of fast and simple super form.

Guard designs as groups

This characteristic for my as designer Web is of the best thing! It allows you to keep complete sections or pages that you have designed as groups soon to concern them in a click in another Web or in another page of the Web. This is super useful for forms that are used several times, boxes of subscription or for calls to the action.

Very powerful design responsive

The options that Elementor gives you to personalize the sizes, margins and alignments in version table and for mobiles are brutal, in this aspect does not have no competitor who him can make shade.

With a simple click as you can see in the image superior you can make that the size of text, the alignment or the margins is different in writing-desk, tablet or mobiles The same with the line height or the spaced one of letters to secure a perfect design.

Widgets to design with Elementor (Video)

Now in the following video I am going to review All the widgets that brings Elementor in the gratuitous version to make designs of webpages. After the video I will leave to a listing of each in format text you.

Recommended subject to use with Elementor

This is a very important decision, I until now I used The7 with Composer Line of vision, in fact my Web is developed with those technologies but since I discovered Elementor I have changed to the OceanWP group that is a gratuitous and very flexible subject to design with Elementor. I analyze it in the post of the connection.

It is being spoken much of GeneratePress but the truth is that the gratuitous version brings many less elements of personalisation and is not as flexible as the one that I recommend to you. OceanWP just as GeneratePress works with Addons but that I leave it for another post.

I for the Webs of my clients use OceanWP with the package of Addons and go brilliant, am super flexible with the heads, footers and in addition is super light and personalizable for the programmers. Web

Elementor PRO (Video)

As you can see in the video the version PRO of Elementor adds to very interesting functionalities that I will comment next, in addition to all the widgets new that to us the design options extend. I recommend to him to everybody to buy Elementor PRO since the license for an only website has a price of $49 reason why it seems to me quite right considering everything what incorporates.

You can see the details and prices of Elementor Pro here.


Post and Portfolio
It adds some widgets of very common use that he is the one to show to the post way grid, type mansory or even as Cards in any page in addition to showing portfolio of works with option of filters including, all you can see it in the video.

As comment in the video widget of portfolio of Elementor is a little loose, I recommend to you to use the one of OceanWP.


Widgets Global
This is super useful since it allows you to create widget of form for example or of testimonies and to keep it as global, soon inserted east widget in the home, individual page of services and in the one of contact. Perfect, but soon if you want it to only publish you would have to do it in a site and it would be applied the changes to all the sites where you have put it, very interesting.


Customized CSS
This option enchants to me! Since to the designers Webs it allows us to personalize each detail, Elementor of in case already it gives many options of styles but you want to change something very concrete allows you to introduce your own code CSS to leave it in detail.


Super important for stores online, it allows you to manage of visual form all the subjects related to WooCommerce, grids of product, categories with image, bellboys of product purchase Until you can create the pages to finalize customized purchase or of cart with Elementor PRO, also shortcodes includes those.


This is another very powerful functionality, would be worth the trouble to only pay to the license PRO by her. You can keep groups just as in the gratuitous version but with the PRO you will be able to insert these groups through shortcode that generates Elementor to you, for example a form of pick up designed by elementor we will be able to insert it in sidebar of the blog.

Another possibility is the one of within an eyelash inserting a elementor group, since by defect it only lets to you introduce flat text.


He is plugin simple of slider that allows you to put images basic with a title, a description and a button, these elements if you leave them emptinesses disappear and soon it allows you to vary the animations, the speed of transition, the size of the slider, to put you shoot with an arrow and points, to vary typographies and colors Simple and light but very flexible.


Forms of Contact
As you could see in the video this widget is very powerful, only by him it is worth the trouble to buy the version PRO since it allows you to insert types of elements enough, to determine an auto answer, to change colors basic, edges, disposition of each field in summary, is already very complete.

In addition you will see all the changes that you are doing in real time.

To talk back a real Web with Elementor PRO (Video)

Now in this video you will see as I copy a webpage with Elementor PRO of fast form and seeing everything in real time, therefore will be made to an idea of how plugin really works to design webpages.

The Web to talk back will be this landing page.

and assure to secure results to you

In our gratuitous course you will learn things among others the objectives and needs that needs your Web so that it works.