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Really is WordPress Safe?

You knew that a quarter of the Webs published in Internet at world-wide level is realised with WordPress? The popularity of this software of code opened with that you can create fantastic Webs reaches so high levels that it is already becoming one of the objectives for the hackers.

And it is that these individuals snoop in by the network in search of Web vulnerable. They rake and they rake until giving with a weak website. The best thing is to have prot©g© your website and to avoid the entrance of strangers 😉

If you want to know more envelope how to improve the security in WordPress and to enter you in which they are the best practices so that all the sites that you construct are safest possible, you do not lose this post. Here you will find all the information of computer science security for your WordPress and the best tricks to maintain your space surely Web. If you apply them, you will secure a greater protection.

Kind Est¡te and you do not lose detail!

How WordPress works and why he is safe

WordPress is a system of management of contents (CMS) that allows to create and to maintain a website. The platform works to create any type of website (corporative pages, virtual stores, pages of capture, more static bills of sale, websites)

In the first place Wordpres is made up of a basic nucleus of archives that unload in their own webpage and which they are the minimums necessary to install a Web with this CMS. But the attractive major of WordPress is the possibility of adding to this basic nucleus some of many plugins. There are 3 components that you must always maintain to the last one: Core, the group and plugins. Eye to all of them! You must maintain updated them yes or yes.

It learns to realise in WordPress

It discovers what things must worry to you and what you must maintain to the day to have your safe and up-to-date Web.


The automatic updates of WordPress are an essential characteristic that would have to be always activated. Thus we made sure that the security patches will settle in our Web as soon as they are available. In this case, the updates of nucleus (Core) are essential if you want a site really surely, the ideal is that you have the most recent version of WordPress.

Plugins and Temas

In addition to maintaining updated œCore, he is essential to make the update of the components as subjects and plugins since by means of them also soft spots can be presented. There is one who thinks that it is better first to update the subject soon and Core of WordPress and is one who she prefers to do it the other way around.

What is clear is that the attacks usually are based on vulnerabilities that the hackers quickly find in your system, and the developers correct with actuazalizaciones. For that reason - I stress must pay attention and as soon as you see that there is an update available, to by her! You do not let save any update by the good and the security of your WordPress.

In fact the famous filtration of the Papers of Panama was due to a hole of security of plugin Revolution Slider since this it was not updated.

It protects your WordPress of simple way

To maintain your WordPress safe is not any impossible mission. That they do not deceive to you, they do not make lack 50 plugins to have a protected website. You do not break the head! He is simpler than it can seem. You don't create it to you? Next you will be able to verify it by same you. Cnn these simple tricks podras to be calm that the hackers will not be able to enter your Web. I gave the security problems goodbye and enjoys your WordPress experience! ðŸ™

Automated copies

In order to begin, you must make backup copies of periodic way, at least once for week of the archives and daily form the data base. To have a backup copy of your website can be your better life-guard. In case of disaster you will be able to recover all the information with a single click!   

As we previously spoke in the blog the best option for it is UpdraftPlus, you have a detailed guide of how doing it in that connection 😉


WordPress is a gratuitous manager of contents, developed by a great community. Indeed, thanks to the work of these people around the world the new versions and the best updates are obtained to maintain any website surely.  For that reason it is so necessary that you maintain your WordPress updated. Estate always [email protected]!

First, by the security of your site: this it is the main reason to update. You already know that WordPress is very safe, but is nothing surely to the 100%, reason why he is not free to undergo any type of malignant attack. Here it emphasizes the work of the developer community, that always stays very active and when detecting any vulnerability in Core tries to provide solution to him.

Furthermore, we cannot forget to us the operation of the site. If you want a Web really hard, the ideal is that you have the most recent version of WordPress. Hands to the work!

Only plugin of security

But there are more elements to maintain your WordPress surely. We could make a listing with all of them, but why? There is already one who does by us. They already exist plugins that is in charge to review one checklist and to verify that all this correct one. They are as the guards of security of your website. In particular, I am going to speak to you of one: Wordfence Security.

With more than 22 million unloadings, Wordfence is the complement of security of WordPress more popular available. Gratuitous - although also it has a premium version is in charge search the more recent threats of security for your website of WordPress.

In addition this plugin limits the attempts of login reason why thus we annulled the attacks more famous than they are those of brute force, consist of proving passwords with a robot until they secure the correct combination. With Wordfence the attempts of access are limited bankrupt from a same IP.

It changes the access URL to the administration

The fastest way to accede is by means of the URL that gives access us to the administration panel. Why? Then because she is the same that is repeated in all the facilities of WordPress. What I mean with this? That he will be very simple that a hacker accedes to your panel of home and infects your website.

For it, you can use plugin to change the URL, one of which better works is Protect WP Admin

Hosting of quality

Now we go of hosting. And it is that there is to consider that some suppliers of hosting, normally those economic, usually have serious problems of security. Which is the reason? In order to reduce costs, they do not invest too much in security, which puts in danger your website.

Most recommendable it is to bet by hosting of specialized quality and in WordPress as Raiola Networks. They offer a service of quality with effort and.


With all these advice already you would have more sufficient, you would not need nothing else to maintain your WordPress surely. You do not require, far from it, a list of interminable action. With these simple advice you will be able that your website is safe and to avoid therefore the access to œstrangers.


  1. You do not scrimp in hosting
  2. It changes the administration URL
  3. It installs Wordfence (It limits the attempts of login)
  4. It updates WordPress

It learns to realise in WordPress

It discovers what things must worry to you and what you must maintain to the day to have your safe and up-to-date Web.