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How to structure the 5 Essential pages of your Web

If you are thinking about renewing the Web of your business, certainly already you will have been made the question of the million: How I structure my webpage? Calm, usually it happens. It is as surpassing the fear to the folio in target, but in digital version 😉

If litters already giving him returned to the design of your new Web, it holds a second! Already you have in mind which is going to be the content? In a website the design is so important as the content that composes it. And not only that, the distribution of that content is key so that the user feels comfortable in his visit.

structure of webpages

Today queremo to speak envelope to you how to structure a Web and the 5 essential pages in any Web. We go to it!

Why it is important to choose the sections of a Web?

It is very important that at the time of planning the design of a Web we consider the sections of which is going to be compound and how it will be his distribution. To see how we placed them in the menus and what title we used for his identification.

It is not necessary to be too creative in this step, and is that those that there are to be concise and clear. We look for that the user finds of a look what he needs. If he turns out to him very complicated to accede to the content that interests to him, surely the potential client ends up leaving the Web. And that we do not want it!

The best thing is to use names easy to identify (those that are known and used by all). Title as œWho we are, œServices or œContact locates perfectly to the client. Then why to give more returning him?

You do not forget that the Web is not thinking for you, propietary, but for the users. It is necessary to think about the client when we designed once. How we want that it is its navigation? Simple, you do not forget!

How to design the structure of your website? 

When you put yourself to think the structure of your website you must know very clearly the objective that you want to obtain with her, following the type of business can be one of them.

In addition you will have to pay much attention to the images or computer graphics since they will help you much to structure your Web of visual form to facilitate the reading of the user, you never put too great paragraphs since they are not read.

We recommended to you that you read the post on space in target of the blog.

Which are the essential sections of my Web?

Next we are going to name the pages you that any project online must have as well as its structure. We indicated what elements to introduce in each and their correct order to you of numbered form.

On my

This is one of the most important pages, normally is 2ª more visited of any Web. Next we put the ideal structure to you for the page of company or on my in case of a unipersonal business:

  1. How you can help your client: You must count to who is directed the Web, to mention the points of pain your client and to show authority to tell him because you are the suitable person to solve its problems.
  2. Reasons to contract to you: Mass media testimonies and appearance
  3. Your history: Account who you are and from where you come in the professional aspect as well as your motivations
  4. CTA: Pon a call to the action at the end of this page since the people who are read it surely complete is always interested in your project

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Page on watch

This page also is fundamental since it is where you are going to show the reasons by which your client must buy to you, you must show what problem you solve, what price and all the details.

  1. It catches the attention: it describes to the problem of your client mentioning his points of pain and saying how one feels
  2. Solution: it describes how you solve that problem and how one will feel once contracted the service
  3. It leaks: I gave with whom you work and with whom you do not work, all the clients do not interest to you
  4. Methodology: it describes step by step how you work, shows transparency
  5. Authority: it teaches to previous works or cases of success
  6. FAQ: it clarifies any doubt, thinks well this section since it will save to respond many emails to you
  7. CTA: as always, a call to the action at the end of the page. In this case a form of contact or of pick up of name and email


This is a fundamental page that much obvious people by the work that entails to maintain it. A blog is going to allow to you to differentiate you from the competition and to demonstrate everything what you know, in this way you contribute confidence to your client.

In addition Google values the contained creation of periodic form and this help to transmit authority to your domain reason why your page of HOME also will position better.

Inicio or Landing Page

This page is going to be visited of your Web therefore she is the one in charge to direct the traffic to where it interests to you more and it must have a very attractive design and with a message clearly.

œOscar Wilde is not one second opportunity for one first impression “

Following your objective the page of Home can be designed of several forms, in this case we are going to suppose that we are selling services and our objective is that they fill in contact forms.

Next we are going to see the one that would be the ideal structure:

  1. Message: You must show a clear message and concise that it urges the visitor to continue reading, you do your promise
  2. What you do: The visitor of a Web first that wants to know is to what you dedicate yourself therefore she indicates the services that you offer
  3. Who you are: He shows to a photo yours, he personifies the webpage and in addition he adds social test, means appearances for example or testimonies
  4. Content: Next you can show to dynamic content as post or last works to invigorate the HOME
  5. CTA: As always finally a call to the action that it urges to realise our objective to the user


Little it is necessary to say of this page, is essential since she is through which people are going to communicate with you, you will have to detail all the channels by which you take care of your clients, in what hour and that location.

A structure that we like much is the following one:

  1. Telephone and Email
  2. Form
  3. Map 


Now that already you know something more about how organizing the content of a webpage, the moment arrived for thinking about what is what your business needs. There are ample structures much more, but today we have spoken of those essential sections for any project Web. These cannot lack!

If you need to lodge more containing in your website, there is multitude of options to structure the content correctly. If you want to know more on my services, we will be enchanted to advise to you and to analyze your project to obtain the major of the successes.

Tell your idea us and we will offer the best solution to you to realise your Web in WordPress with a simple design and intuitive that it helps you to catch clients online.

It learns to design your Web in this gratuitous

It discovers the tools that use to make the Webs of my clients and to secure a professional result. We will design a Web in 1 hour.