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How to know if it is hour to redesign your Web

When you wear for the first time Web gives the sensation you of which she is most beautiful, most comfortable, most modern and than always it will follow thus But it is not thus. You have thought sometimes which is the expiration date of a Web?

And it is that, you want or no, will arrive a little while in that your website will need a redesign. Like it happens with the physical spaces, your virtual site will need to readapt itself to improve its operation and usability. Perhaps Or you want to offer an obsolete image to your potential clients?


But, how you know that the moment has arrived for redesigning your Web? Next we are going to give a few tracks to you that will help you that is to say that your webpage needs a change.

Is Each how long necessary to renew a Web?

A precise formula does not exist, not even any type of consensus on each how long would have to renew a Web. But, that does not seem to you strange. In fact you do not need this type information, because you yourself you will know when it is the moment for redesigning your Web. How? Very simple.

In order to know if the moment has arrived for redesigning your Web, you must pay attention to certain aspects that you yourself you will be able to identify. It continues to You representing the Web? You have changed your businesses? You have extended services? All this type of questions will help you that is to say when he must modify the design of your Web.

5 signals that they indicate that moment is him for redesigning your webpage

But we are going to try to be something more necessary. We are going to see some you indicate that surely they help you to discover if it is the moment for giving a washing facing your Web:

  1. Your corporative image and your ideal client have changed. Eye, is moment for redesigning your Web. If you have changed your logo, you have a new trowel of colors you must reflect it in your Web. A new one, clearly.  If in addition the new image has come accompanied by a new positioning of a business, with more reasons to realise a redesign of your Web. The thing seems urgent, and is that the digital image that you are project is not real. It redesigns!
  2. Your services have changed. It is possible that you took a business centered in a specific area, but with the passage of time you have been gaining experience and you have extended your business. If this it is your case, I must say that the hour has arrived to redesign your Web. And it is that the Web is one of first affected by this change. You need to adapt his site to the new supply of your business.
  3. Your website works slow. It stops giving him returned at the top! The solution is very simple. You need to redesign your Web to improve his operation and rendimineto. And it is that, since already I have shelp before, a redesign goes beyond a simple visual improvement.
  4. You have traffic but you do not turn. If you have a webpage that does not turn your visitors into possible clients, you are losing many opportunities every day. But, you do not worry, thinks what you would like that your visitor did and you overturn your Web in securing the most successful in reaching that objective.

It discovers of a webpage

In our gratuitous course you will learn things among others the essential pages that it needs your Web so that works.

How to choose the new design of your Web?

Perhaps now that or you have seen the reasons to redesign a Web, or you have in mind a change for your website. If it is thus, we see with attention that one in which you are due to center.

In order to begin, it is important that you know to choose the design and the new strategy for your site bottom, colors, typography But there are other many factors to consider at the time of confronting a redesign Web:


Which is the objective of your site? This is the question that you must do to you before entering you in the task of redesigning your Web. It considers the purpose well and objectives of your website, the things will facilitate much to you. Ten in whatever what it worked in the previous design and it optimizes your new idea.

It can be that your objective was to catch contact forms at first but now you have entered in an email strategy marketing and your main objectives is to catch many leads, reason why you will have to adapt each page and element of your Web.


You do not forget that any change in the design of your Web will have an impact in the SEO of the same. If your website were not receiving much traffic, it analyzes the key words of the same to see which you must maintain or eliminate.

In addition normally with the redesign to a Web it improves the usability, therefore the dwell time in the page it increases and the percentage by ricochet falls what it will help to raise you in the ranking of Google.


It reviews the global structure of your Web and takes it from bases for the new design. That yes, you do not forget to analyze which are the pages yes work and which no, and pon all your effort in optimizing it to the maximum. That yes, tries to verify that the structure includes all the essential pages for a Web that works.


Once you have the structure of the new design, fill it of content! It reviews the first content of your website and decides what will have to be eliminated, to be published and to be added. You already have an important base, it is only question to improve it and to adapt it to your new format.

But not you obsessions with writing much text, ten in account that in a good design Web the space in target plays a very important role. 

To redesign your website requires of time and planning. Now that already you have reviewed cheklist and you know when it is necessary to redesign a Web, transfer it to your case in particular. If you consider that all the signals are aiming to you made a redesign, ahead! There is no time that to lose, hands to the work! 😉

It discovers of a webpage

In our gratuitous course you will learn things among others the essential pages that it needs your Web so that works.