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I do not recommend G©nesis Framework

So what you hear it, the objective of this post is to tell to all the truths and lies about G©nesis Framework. Yes, theme fashionable and which recommends many bloggers to other nascent ones.

In the last months, an avalanche of people have acquired this theme of Studiopress. Of course, one is very good ssd vps hosting, but nonrecommendable a group for WordPress for everybody.

You want to know why? It continues reading.



What is G©nesis Framework?

As usually it is shelp, we begin by the principle. The main characteristic is that Genesis works with framework (subject father) and a subject son (child theme).

In order to explain what is framework and child to you theme we are going to put a very daily example: the table where we eat on a daily basis. All we needed a site where to deposit our plates when we are going to eat. For that, we have the tables that serve us to support what we want.

Nevertheless, also we want to have a beautiful table. In order to decorate we put it different table cloths, napkins, plates, etc. The functionality us gives it the table and the decoration us gives to the table cloth and the rest it of elements.

Framework is the table and child theme the decorative elements.

What has this of good? Since whenever you want to change the decoration, you it is necessary not to buy a new table.

Applied to a blog, this means that when you want to change the design, you will only have to change child theme. All the functionalities are equal, since they are tie to framework, and that, not it headresses. Therefore, at the time of redesigning a page, you go much more fast.

Why recommended was Genesis framework?

In addition to the rapidity to redesign, to this theme for WordPress it is necessary to add other advantages to him. G©nesis Framework also offers to you:

  1. A SEO very worked
  2. Surely
  3. Very light, reason why very fast load.
  4. One perfectly adapts to mobiles and tablets.

It seems the perfect group for WordPress, no? Then it is not it for anything. I explain to you because.

The boom that had this theme was due to that many bloggers very known recommended it. In fact, there were some months in which it was not talked-off of Genesis framework.

How you have seen, this theme has many advantages and that help to that it is easy to recommend, but what they forgot all those people are that this group is not worth for everybody.

If to this we add to him, that the commissions by sale was quite high; then imagine to you, everybody was put to recommend Genesis framework of massive form.

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Difficulties with Genesis framework

We go to the important thing and to which it is going to help to you to determine if this theme is for you: the disadvantages. Everything what it is not had counted in these months.

1. Genesis is thought for designers, does not stop users.

As we explained at the outset, the use of framework and child theme makes the easiest life to the designers. In order to change the design of a page, you go much more fast.

Framework causes that it is not necessary œto prick as much code. You only adapt child theme to which you need and ready. But those changes are realised in the code, is no visual publisher. For a designer, this does not suppose a problem, but for a normal user yes. This takes us to the following point.

2. It almost does not allow to personalize.

Here one comes from the fat problems.

You install Genesis and surprise! It is not almost possible to be personalized. Almost there are no options, almost are no colors with which to play, does not let to you put a basic image For all those personalisations, you will need to touch to the styles CSS and language HTML.

And know does everybody to use these two parameters? Since you imagine, no.

A normal user, with basic knowledge on WordPress, will see very frustrated since he will not be able to personalize his Web as he wants. By this there has been a displeasure generalized with this theme.

Another example of that lack of personalisation and that are deranged many users: the size of the logo. Genesis framework forces to you to that it is of a determined measurement. If it is not thus, it trims by healthy it. Funny, truth?

3. Your Web is another Web more

Derivative of the previous thing, when not being able to personalize, your Web will be very similar to other so many that there are by Internet. The impossibility to differentiate to you, entails these problems to you:

  • Bad image for the users
  • It will make worse the conversion
  • Blow for your personal brand

4. To learn has been its time

All there are customary to the DIY (œDo it yourself, do it you yourself) and thanks to Internet, there is tutorial for everything.

If you are considering to learn to handle to the styles CSS and language HTML, to notice to you that it will not be worth to you with reading three tutorials to dominate the matter.

To only learn to handle styles CSS has been its time. Without telling to frustrations and pulls of hair. In addition, one comes here lasts reality: as enterprising your time is gold.

It is difficult to value how long will take to learn to dominate everything to you what implies to use Genesis, but will take to you enough, learning curve is high.

Now it evaluates all the money that you are losing, not to spend all that time in which really it is important: your clients and your products/services.


Conclusion on Genesis framework

If you are designer, programmer or by the reason that is you have knowledge to modify the styles CSS and language HTML, Genesis framework and affordable dedicated server can be a great option for you. That yes, involves to you in carrying out a deep work because if your Web will not be just as other so many.

However, if you are a normal user, you recomiendamos two options:

  1. First it is that you contract a professional so that adapts theme to you to which you want.
  2. Second it is that passes of Genesis framework for your WordPress and you look at other groups. For example, some of Themeforest that are not very complicated, you can request help to me.

Now that or you know all the truths and lies about Genesis framework, or you can choose what the more it is suitable you for you.

It learns to design your Web in this gratuitous

It discovers the tools that use to make the Webs of my clients and to secure a professional result. We will design a Web in 1 hour.