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To write Articles To position well in Google

The writing of quality contents is something indispensable if we want to position our webpage. For this reason, it is important that we write articles SEO (optimized to position), without losing attractive quality and for the readers

Forget to you to only write for the finders. That stage finished long ago. Now most important it is to please to the user and in background, to Google.

However, the ideal is to find a balance. We go to for that reason.

How to write for SEO

What is to optimize a text for SEO

As always, we began by the principle so that you do not have left any doubt. The SEO is based on being able to position in the finders our contents. Until there all clearly. The question is that Google chooses what contents raise and what contents lower according to their quality. Perhaps never you have thought it, but Google does not know to read. How it can then know if a content is good or no?

Another thing no, but Google is not idiot. In order to be able to decide if a post is good or bad they have a decalogue species that each article must fulfill if it wants œto seoevolucionar.

Whenever it is indexed a content is just as if it happened through a scanner. In that test a pile of variables will be checked and soon they will be able a note.

Luckily, we know clearly which are those points that look with magnifying glass and we can prepare to us in advance.

Prepare to you. We put to examination your writing as if we were Google.

It accelerates your Web and in order to position in Google

In our gratuitous course you will among others learn things to optimize the speed of load of your WordPress to improve the SEO.

How to write articles that it likes to Google

As we shelp before, Google does not know to read, for that reason, it is based on certain rules to determine of what subject you are speaking.

To what Google pays attention:

  • In the title
  • In the URL
  • In the description
  • In the number of times that you use each word
  • In the structure of the text
  • In the images

Before shelling each point, there is an idea that to make before clear: on articles SEO everything is based on the key words. Therefore, before home to write you must locate keyword by which you want to position your Web.

In order to locate key words you have tools as œbersuggest, or Hypersuggest. The own tool of autocompletar of Google can also help you.

In order to determine the volume of searches of keyword, the Planner of key words of Adwords uses.

Well, I give by fact that already you have your selected keyword. We follow


1. Title

Eye that you play it here to you. The title is the most important part of an article, since no matter how much you optimize your content for SEO usuary, S.A. not it likes, you are lost.

It is necessary to find the balance between being attractive for the clear user and for Google.

There are two premises of writing for an article SEO:

  1. It always must appear the keyword.
  2. At the most to the left keyword is better.

My advice is that you always put the keyword, but not you obsessions with the place. The fundamental thing is that the title likes the user.

2. The URL

In articles SEO, the direction always must be optimized. We are going to see the different levels; from the worse thing, to the best thing:


The worse thing of the worse thing than you can do. In fact, one of the basic configurations that there are has to WordPress is indeed this: to modify the permanent connections.

In Adjustments/Permanent Connections modify the option that you have putting and pon œName of the entrance

B. ³mo-position-my-Web-without-have-that-volverme-crazy person

This case is far better, already is œfriendly. Thus it is as your URL will be seen the activated salary the option œName of the entrance, but as we are going to still see it is possible an optimization degree more.


We have eliminated the rest of words and we only left keyword. It does not have major difficulty, since in the own entrance it gives the option us to publish the URL. There is a form to eliminate the words automatically trash of the URL in WordPress.

Thus it is as you are saying to him to Google of what you speak.

3. Description

Also it must be optimized and to include the keyword. However, in this point also another question is important: the CTR (number of times that the user makes click in the content).

The description is what it visualizes in the results of Google along with the title and the URL. For this reason, you must use these two lines to urge the user to that it opens that post. The CTR is another criterion that uses Google to value the quality of a content. Of there its importance.

It explains in those two lines which the user is going to obtain when reading that post. It always introduces a call to the action.

4. Structure of the content

Google when not being able to read, must base on other questions for œseeing your content. For this reason, much pays attention to the structure, is as the map that makes understand him of what you speak.

For this reason, it is very important that you structure the post. You do a scheme before home to write to determine that parts are most important of your text.

In order to indicate to Google the structure to him, you only must go indicating the importance to him to each section. Like in Word, for that you only must assign to the text: œtitle 1, œtitle 2, œtitle 3 ³ It is to which in SEO it is denominated: H1, H2, H3

It thinks that the H1 is the title that you put to the article, reason why in the text you will only use the œH2 and œH3. He is strange to deepen more.

Also, it remembers to put a H2 in which keyword is included.

5. The density of key words

This term talks about to how many times keyword in the text appears repeated of exact way. She always appears expressed in somewhat by the way.

Years ago, you could be found texts in which the keyword was repeated time and time again (what keyword is denominated stuffing). Something horrible to read. In 2011, it arrived at the life Google Panda. A change in the algorithm of Google that it looked for to evaluate the quality of the contents.

Thanks to our Panda everything has changed, since the number of times is reviewed that appears each word in a text. The optimal density of key words in articles SEO is between a 1 and a 2%.

By this, now so much is recommended to use the synonymous ones. Google will value of positive form that you use a variable vocabulary, since he is more natural.

6. The images

Yes, the images also have something to say envelope how to write articles SEO.

It is very important that controls 3 variables:

  • Name of the file: it introduces the keyword and you do not introduce strange symbols: the œn, accents
  • It labels œTittle: It describes the photo of brief form. This is for the users so it is not necessary who you introduce the keyword
  • Label œalt: it introduces keyword exact in an only image, in the rest you do variations and plays with long tail.

For this point there is plugin with which you can do this of automatic form, you will be able automatically to assign to the label title and the label tag, although the name of the file you will have to put it your.


Errors SEO To avoid when you write a Post

  1. You do not choose a keyword. Without keyword there is no SEO, that simple.
  2. You think more about Google than in the user. This is very important: if your contents do not like the readers, you will not position well in Google. Your priority always must be your hearing.
  3. Clear or little little attractive title for the user: just like before. If the person does not make click in your title, all the others will not be used for anything.
  4. Not to optimize the URL: it is easy and it only costs clicks. Unforgivable if not it beams.
  5. Not to use the H2, H3: to structure your post not only will make you write faster, but also he will be simpler to read and to understand by the user. And if above to Google it likes, because it is not much more necessary to discuss.
  6. Keyword stuffing: as I commented to you before, this factor is necessary to have it in account and not to abuse him since Google penalizes it.

It remembers that the positioning Web is not only to obtain connections. First of all, you must have done a good work of SEO in your Web and that begins to write articles correctly SEO.

It accelerates your Web and in order to position in Google

In our gratuitous course you will among others learn things to optimize the speed of load of your WordPress to improve the SEO.