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Choosing a good Web Hosting

When we began a project online always arise infinity from questions, but one of perhaps the most repeated is the related one to hosting. Is Qu©s? Which is best hosting? they are only some of the questions more frequent than they formulate my clients to me.

Today we are going to solve all those doubts here! 😛

What is hosting?

First that you must know it is that hosting or lodging Web is a service where a supplier rents a connected servant to you to Internet and in which you can lodge all type of files so that it is possible to be acceded to them via Internet. That is to say, so that your website is always online and available, it is necessary that you have a lodging Web or hosting Web where to be able to store it.


Your website will be visible as long as it is located in one of these servers, reason why to contract hosting is a requirement fundamental to have a Web.

The problems to choose an evil hosting

When you begin search hosting for your Web you will realize of which there is infinity of options, poe what already you advertimo that is easy that you lose yourself. You can be felt attemped by some tempting prices, but in the end cheap it leaves expensive.

You do not save in hosting, because the consequences to choose an evil hosting will weigh on you. Why? It continues reading

  1. That your Web loaded slow, very slow. Taken care of! Your visitors will get tired and they will go away of your Web.
  2. That the errors of the servant harm the SEO of your page and therefore your positioning Web. Bye, bye, Google!
  3. That you are not able to contact with the technical service when has a failure.
  4. That they do not take care of too much the security of your Web. Danger!

What type of hosting to choose? 

Following the type of Web that you have or you want to create, you will need a service of hosting or another one. In any case, we are going to speak on the different types from hosting:

  • Gratuitous Hosting: The functionalities that offer are very limited. They are not recommendable for a serious project, and is that as much the space available to lodge the files of the Web as the monthly transference very usually is reduced.
  • Shared Hosting: In a same servant several pages lodge Webs. What means? Since the resources are shared, reason why the yield of your Web can be seen affected by behavior of the other Web sites.
  • Hosting VPS: In this case contract a virtual servant. That is to say, the company supplier of the service of hosting uses a technique of virtualizaci³on to divide to a Web server in several virtual servers. If your project grows, surely you will have to shuffle the possibility of extending to this type of hosting since the speed of load improves remarkably.
  • Dedicated servant: Only for you. You will have a whole servant for your project. The price more is lifted and they also are necessary majors technical knowledge.

It accelerates your Web and in order to position in Google

In our gratuitous course you will among others learn things to optimize the speed of load of your WordPress to improve the SEO.

How to choose best hosting 

One exists supplies incredible of hostings in the market. The problem resides in which of all those companies, only one few, offer a great service and specialized in WordPress. And of those few, for my the best one is Raiola Networks.

You do not think that we recommended it because yes, our opinion this based and in addition is the one that we used in all our projects and with our clients.  The decision to choose to Raiola Networks as better company of hosting for WordPress is based on 4 pillars.

Attention to the client

When you suffer the fall of a Web you value the importance of telling on a service of attention the efficient client. And that, indeed, is what offers Raiola. Not only they are there for you always: 24 hours, seven days to the week; but they are with you really. They become jumbled completely in your problem and they do not stop until being able to solve it. With them you are safe.

In addition, they have a telephone service that allows you to be in touch with them in a matter of seconds 😉

Technical yield

It gives equal of the volume of visits that we are speaking, if you need power, they are going it to you to give. If your project grows in traffic and you cannot use hosting shared, you need to ascend to a VPS. Worse you do not worry, Raiola will inform to you at the time for your site does not fall.

In addition the Optimized VPS to Raiola are of the best thing of the market since especially some of their advantages are formed so that the CMS WordPress renders very well in them and consumes few resources, are:

  • System of cache in RAM
  • Storage RAID 5
  • Multiple directions IP
  • Security Anti-DDOS

Installation in 1 Click

This is something important if you do not like the technical aspects, now the majority of hosting already offer installation of applications as WordPress in a click which will save a pile to you of time and it will allow you to create facilities of WordPress in seconds.


And as no, its price. Raiola Networks has a magnificent relation quality/price. When being hosting burglaryable, always you are going to be able to contract what you really need according to the situation of your project. What but can be asked?


Before contracting hosting, assure to you that his panel of management is easy to use, that take care of the speed of load and the security. And you do not forget to verify if they have a good technical support the 24 hours, the seven days of the week.

Taking notices of all these advice, would help you that is to say to choose best hosting for your WordPress. You will not regret!

It accelerates your Web and in order to position in Google

In our gratuitous course you will among others learn things to optimize the speed of load of your WordPress to improve the SEO.