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To make my Web I myself or To contract a Professional

It is possible that you have heard speak of I finish œDIY, which knows itself more popularly since œdo it you yourself. A current that every time is had more followers within digital marketing and in particular in the world of the design Web. The small entrepreneurs bet to try to maquetar their website, to manage the social networks and to create publicity campaigns online.

Nowadays I dedicate myself to as much give formation in private enterprise as in the University of A Coru±a reason why I understand to both profiles, as much to the people who want to learn to make her Web as a those that they value not to have to learn of that discipline and decide to delegate it in a professional.

to contract a professional Web

To contract a professional your Web or to do it you yourself? In this article I want to make a reflection on which they are the exposition that you must do to you when you must in mind design a professional Web.

I hope to be able to help with the following words 😛 you

How to make a Web that secures results

Nowadays who and who less it has certain technological abilities more, reason why it does not turn out very complicated to form a group of WordPress and to realise a webpage. What I mean with that? Can Anyone become its webpage? Although technically yes, in fact the result does not have anything to do with the page raised by a professional. Yes, you can make a webpage but.he is attractive and profitable?

He remembers that, as already we have seen, the page must be optimized well at technical level, must be able to position in Google and, mainly, to obtain income for your business. Without forgetting to us the structure, it is very important that your webpage well is organized and counts on those essential sections. Your you think that it will fulfill all this without the help of a professional?

A professional Web needs to fulfill certain requirements:

  1. Good speed of load
  2. Visual and modern design
  3. Texts Copy
  4. Optimized to position in finders

What you need to make a Web

Which are the steps to follow to mount a webpage? What you need? The moment arrives for knowing all the necessary one for the good operation your website. Not all bond. Before entering, it discovers to you how much it costs to make a Web and in what to invest for her. If you want a professional Web and that it turns, you would have to count on:

  • For the design and the model-making, you would need a graphical designer and a programmer
  • For the content, you would have to count on a Copy for texts and fot³grado for the images
  • And without forgetting to us a marketing specialist, to gain visibility

It is the option by that they bet great companies, those that have an elevated budget to their digital project. But that is not the case of all, those entrepreneurs who need lance their Web have the option to contract a freelance one or to bet to make their own Web. As everything in this life, it has his advantages and disadvantages.

and assure to secure results to you

In our gratuitous course you will learn things among others the objectives and needs that needs your Web so that it works.

Why to contract to the services of a designer Web

Well, you are thinking about contracting to the services of a designer freelance Web.  What type of professional you look for? What is going to contribute to you? There is no a unique profile that dominates to 100% all the areas to touch in the construction of a Web.

There are very few professionals who can give a correct advising you in all the aspects.

I am designer freelance Web, I began in this when only she was 19 years old, but in my equipment there are professionals of different branches from the digital scope that complete the portfolio of services. Thus with himself to give a complete support to my clients.

It is clear that or you are a thing or you are another one. You can know I prune of everything, but not to be expert. Eye because there are many offers a package of services when in fact they do not dominate what they are selling. And which is the result? The client pays thousands of Euros by a project that, in spite of being in the hands of a professional, does not secure the awaited results. He is poor, and he even can get to be worse than if he had done it the same.

Advantages to contract a professional

Well, you have been decided, you are going to trust your project Web to a professional. Well, and now? What I am going to obtain? Here I have the answer. These are only some of the advantages that you will have if contracts to a professional to make your Web:

  • Faster (than not worse). A professional will be able to give your project to you in less time than if it beams you yourself. It is practice question. Thanks to it, you will be able to concentrate in other aspects of your business.
  • Goodbye to the technical problems. A professional fight against all unforeseen circumstance to secure that your Web not of any failure. There is plugin, nor no hosting that resists 😉
  • Consultancy. You will be able to solve all technical doubts or of marketing and to avoid errors thanks to the endorsement of the professional.

Advantages to do it you yourself

But, and if you prefer to do it you yourself. Why no? The cost will be smaller and you will learn to handle your Web from minute one. These are some of the benefits to do you yourself the Web:

  • Price. Against this it is not possible to be competed. The cost economic to make one same its Web is minimum, but eye the time is money. In any case there are plugins and gratuitous groups that will allow you to mount your Web by a minimum price.
  • Learning. Doubt does not fit that when one makes the things by itself, learns, and much. well-known is a saying very, and is that œof the errors it is learned. You are not going to have better learning than to try to make your Web.
  • To avoid bad experiences. When contracting a designer surely everything goes well, but you can be with a œshoddy work since nowadays whatever it handles WordPress car-denominates designer Web. All that glitters is not gold. It verifies the work of the professional well, who does not deceive 😉 to you

Then what I do?

Each must shuffle its possibilities and interests at the time of venturing itself in a project. The doubts assault, mainly to the small entrepreneurs, those that are home with their business or which they do not have a very high invoicing as doing in front of this type of investment.

I would value 2 aspects:

  1. Time and Money: You already know that the time is money but your budget is limited is better than you yourself you design your webpage and you leave little estimated that you must to gain visibility
  2. My Ability: I have seen cases of people who are 3 months to manage to finish her webpage and are that you must at least have certain ability with the computer science or with the text writing if he is not something that can take long time to you. In addition any technical problem that arises to you you will not know as to solve it and you will have search help in forums to be able to solve it what it will consume hours to you. It is not worth the trouble

Each must value its possibilities. Sometimes he is better to begin with a basic Web and when you have validated the business, to already invest in a professional to have an acceptable result and that transmits the suitable image of your project.

and assure to secure results to you

In our gratuitous course you will learn things among others the objectives and needs that needs your Web so that it works.