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15 questions before Contracting a Designer Web

A webpage is, to day of today, the best showcase for any company. It is for that reason that every time is plus the people who include the creation of a webpage as one of the first steps at the time of sending their new business. And you, you are one of them? If it is thus, surely in more than an occasion you will have become some of these questions. How? When? Why? they will pass to be mere question after the reading of this post.

If you are thinking about sending your Web, here we solve all the questions to you that you will become before contracting a designer Web. Outside interrogative! Here you have the answers to all doubts.

To contract a designer Web

1. What other projects Web you have realised?

The best way to evaluate any designer Web is to see its work, those projects in which are work. Thus you will be able to verify if that one in which there is immersed is from your interest and, the best thing of everything, if one adapts to your needs.  It evaluates its style, its design and, mainly, the results.

Questions by that one aspects that have been able to harness in each one of the projects: the best one of the presence in Internet, improvement of the image name brand  And even, why no? If you see it necessary requests testimonies or references on its work.

The projects are many in which we have worked throughout these last years. Here you can see our last works.

2. As soon as time I will have my webpage?

The answer must be solid and serious. The company must offer the maximum commitment to turn the terms and time of development. In our case, in only ten days you will be able to have your webpage.

But in this process also it is necessary to consider to have the material surely that you will have to give for the development of your website. In order to make agile all the process, assure to have to you all the necessary material and, mainly, to make it arrive in term. The normal thing is that it does not begin to work until having all the compiled material.

3. I can know the equipment that will develop my Web?

The best guarantee for your project is to have a direct bonding with the designer of your website. It is important to know the equipment that is going away to turn over in optimizing your project. Of first hand, thus it is the deal with the client.

Assure being able to maintain a personal communication to you with the one in charge of the design of your Web, and are that you are going to comment very specific subjects with those people and the best option is to be able to maintain a contact without intermediaries.

What better way to be understood that to deal with the professional who all along dedicates necessary to your project 😠to him

and assure to secure results to you

In our gratuitous course you will learn things among others the objectives and needs that needs your Web so that it works.

4. There is some part of the project that is going away to externalizar?

Eye, are many companies that, before the lack of personnel, are forced to engage external agents for certain phases of a project, especially if has certain special characteristics.

In addition to the design Web, our equipment is formed by different professionals of the design and marketing online, consequently the service is realised completely of way commits. We were in charge of everything.

5. How we are going to be in touch? And with what frequency?

Each professional of the design Web has a way of different contact. This does not mean that one is better than other, but what is clear is that it is necessary to throughout make contributor to the client the process of development.

Of email or through fixed telephone of the office, thus we could be in favor in touch while we dedicated ourselves to the design of your Web. You will always be of the evolution of your project and we maintain open the contact routes to include any suggestion or proposal that you want to formulate to us.

6. If you use WordPress, you use a predesigned or customized design?

At the time of designing with WordPress, the designer it can take a DEMO of thousand that soon exists and to introduce your texts and your photos, but we we did not use that methodology but we make customized designs for each client, since surely you will know that almost never it fits the content of the client with WE GIVE them and soon they are not as beautiful as they seem 😉

The main difference is the cost, because a customized design increases in price the project when having to spend more hours to him but the result is far better. If you look for a unique Web, we will work to personalize your brand and to create a space customized Web.

You will practically obtain a unique design to a very competitive price. It sounds well truth?

7. It will be a Web easy to use and self-managing?

You look for a Web easy to use for any user, and by all means for you also. The objective is to secure a Web that secures the results demanded by the client and, in addition, that this is easy to handle once is given.

You do not worry, you will be able to handle it you yourself since we always used Elementor for our designs which assures the easy edition to you the same.

8. How it will be the work of positioning SEO? And the local SEO, it will be optimized?

To obtain that your page appears positioned well in Google is key for the good operation of your Web. What sense has a project that nobody is going to find? For it, it is necessary to optimize different aspects: design, structure Web, content  The visibility of your business is guaranteed.  How?

We take your Web and we improved those factors that Google considers to position, we fortify your image name brand and we cause that it flies so that Google raises you in the ranking.

In addition, in the case of local businesses, you will obtain that it appears between the first positions search, which will be vital for the good development of your business. If your page well is optimized in local SEO, the users will find you in opening and closing of eye 😉

9. How we are going to define the objective of the Web? How we will obtain conversions?

We begin by the principle. A conversion is that one action that we want that a user in our Web does: to subscribe to newsletter, unloading the catalogue, to make a purchase Once we know this clearly, how it goes it to obtains your Web?

First, you must define the real objectives of your business and the conversions that you want to obtain with the launching of your new website, which they will go based on your budget and of the type of company.

And finally “ here it is where it enters to play the designer Web since it will have to design each page to achieve that only objective that has settled down.

10. Is the service of lodging Web and domain Web own? Or he is external?

Good question. This it is a key aspect of transparency of the design company Web. Our clients are the proprietors of their lodging from the home. Without trap nor cardboard.  The lodging and the domain will be all yours, at no moment œyou will be tied.

Thus, in case of wanting to change of supplier of hosting or designer Web, you will not have any problem. The lodging and domain are of our clients and they are those that decide what to do with them in the future.

And without doubts, because we advised to you and we informed on which it is more recommendable lodging in your case. We will give with the best option for you.

11. Have to give will I all texts and photographies for the Web?

It is no wonder the development of a webpage is delayed because he is pending of the delivery of texts and the photographies on the part of the client. First of all, it is necessary to consider the time that are needed to write up the content to raise in the Web, as well as the images that are wanted to show.

A success Web also is that one that communicates effectively. If you need a complementary service, we make your available best copywritting to be able to catch clients through the communication.

And as far as it photographies, all the information of marketing indicate that to use real photographies of the company they are the best way to communicate with the users Web and in addition what better conversions obtains. Perhaps other times, according to the profile of your company, we must use images of bank of images and that if that we were in charge.

12. What safety measures are going away to take with the Web?

If the corresponding safety measures are not taken in your webpage, it will be time question so that this one finishes infected, hacked into and losing all the data. Better not to imagine it!

As we commented you in another post, with taking some certain safety measures your Web will be prot©g©e totally, without needing conducting infinite battles therefore those same measures of the post are those that we applied with our clients. You will have your Web with all the guarantees of security.

13. Once my Web is sent, I will receive support when it needs it?

Surely once published the Web doubts enter to you and on how using the services that the Web offers. It is important to choose a designer Web that offers a service of guaranteed support. You do not worry!

Once the Web is given to you, you will receive from first hand all the explanations necessary to know how how to handle your just worn for the first time website. But not only that, if you want to concentrate in your business, we will take care of all the technical aspects of your Web as well as to maintain updated it and safe.

14. What happens if you disappear in the future?

We know that the companies arise and disappear, unfortunately every time is more at your service of the day. But this type of circumstances does not influence for anything in your project. You can be calm, you will have the principles guarantees. How?

Very simple, all the services related to your Web will be directly to your name and you will have all the keys of access: domain Web, lodging Web, manager of content Bes not worried to you, you you are the only proprietor!

15. Which the total price? And the conditions of payment?

And now, we spoke of money. You need to know to the total cost of your project Web with all the aspects previously mentioned. By all means! Of there the post that we connected 😉 to you

But normally each budget is to size, since it will depend on the services to contract and the spread of the project. You do not doubt in requesting a customized and adapted budget to your needs. That yes, is important that you very clearly know the conditions of payment, and that these adapt to your economic needs.

and assure to secure results to you

In our gratuitous course you will learn things among others the objectives and needs that needs your Web so that it works.