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He today implements these 16 improvements for your eCommerce

You aren't able to translate your visits to sales? Although you offer a product of high quality, you don't manage to arrive at the suitable public?

If you have a store online and you do not receive too many visits nor all the sales that you would like, this post is thinking for you! It is necessary to have to point ecommerce, and always is that the clients wait for the 24 hours the 365 days to us of the year.


In any case, it is the time of the year that is, is important that your eCommerce is to point to receive that one user who has landed in your ready Web to buy your better product.

And now you will ask yourself: how? Then with certain unnoticed improvements that perhaps are past to you but that they can change the sales of your commerce online in a matter of just a short time.

If you want to optimize your store online and to improve the sales of your business, it takes note from the following 15 improvements. Your eCommerce and your pocket will thank for it to you! 😉

1. Simple and fast Checkout

It always facilitates the purchase process. Whatever less clicks needs the user to realise the purchase, better.

Each click supposes a barrier, passed more until arriving at the ultimate goal: that the purchase finalizes.

For this reason, the step tries always to facilitate checkout “ that follows to introduce products in the cart; and it is that this it must have an only step.

But how? Then introducing in a same page the data of the buyer, data of shipment and methods of payment. Everything in one.

2. Direct to the purchase process

Outside package! No, we did not speak of the gifts, we continued referring us the store online.

And it is that, once the user enters the shopping cart, most recommendable is to eliminate all those sections (menu, finder, head, access to social networks) that they can suppose a distraction for the buyer.

P³nselo easy to the buyer locating a great button to finalize purchase. It will go direct!

3. Lost cart of purchase, reacts

If the purchase process does not arrive to be finalized, you are not scared. Still there is one second opportunity.

If your buying potential has not finished acquiring your products, you can send an email to him asking to him if it has had some problem and remembering to him that its purchase has remained by halves.

Of these form you will be able to close a purchase that has not concluded by the reason that was. Ah, by the way, if you want to make agile work, more the practitioner is to automate this action whenever it is possible.

4. Seals of confidence

The confidence is one of the factors key at the time of being able to close a sale. But, how to be able to generate confidence in your eCommerce?

It places confidence seals as they are the one of ˜safe Purchase™, or also the methods of payment available. Certainly already you have seen it implemented in more than a store online.

5. Opinions of clients

In addition to seals of safe purchase, it shows the user the opinions of previous clients. How it has been his experience and what result has given the product them that they have acquired in your store online. There is no better guarantee than the result.

6. Simple navigation

Pon order in your eCommerce! It groups products in simple categories, and always thinking about the user.

How I want that they find me? , What looks for a potential client? It always thinks about the user and teaches your product to him of the clearest form.

It learns to realise in WordPress

It discovers what things must worry to you and what you must maintain to the day to have your safe and up-to-date Web.

7. Sold products more

In addition to the product categories, it is very important to locate in your store online a listing with sold products more. Help to the user to make a decision.

8. Related products

And how no, they cannot lack related products. When a user is visiting the product card, show other to him that are related to the purchase that is on the verge of realising.

We put an example, if you are looking at a television suggests a sound bar to him

9. Good product photos

So important she is the organization as the design. It places photos of real products and high quality.

Beam that the buyer has the sensation to be seeing the product as if it was in the counter of the store. You will be able to mejorarar the sales, already you will see.

10. Speed of load

The time flies. Also in Internet. Each second more of reduced charge the percentage of conversion.

And it is that, to whom it likes to make tail to buy a product in a physical store? To nobody. Then something similar happens in Internet.

Your potential client will not want to be hoping to that your Web his finishes of load to be able to finalize its purchase. If he were thus, certainly he decides to leave it before, just as he would do it in the tail of the store.

For it, you must have a Web either programmed, in a good servant and or optimized.

11. Web responsive

Every time they are plus the users who accede to Internet from movable devices, reason why also every time are plus the purchases online that are realised from these devices.

He is vital that your Web is adapted to movable devices. With the service that we offer of store online you will be able to sell 24/7 with a compatible Web with mobiles, tablets and computers. To what delays?

12. Beam tests

It learns of your errors. The best way to know what is what works is with test/error and, by all means, also is applicable to your store online.

Test to realise test A/B, that is to say creates two versions of a same page to see which works better.

This type of action also you can transfer it to other strategies that you carry out in relation to your eCommerce, as they can be the campaigns of mailing or the announcements of Facebook Ads. In order to optimize, first it is necessary to see what fails.


13. Specified expenses of shipment

In addition to knowing when it is going to him to arrive his order, the buyer, first of all, wants to know the expenses of shipment of its purchase. How much it will have to disburse by that order that is to click to realise.

That it is not a surprise last minute. Confidence, always generates confidence.

14. Telephone of contact

Can Your client clarify doubts? If yes that is what would have where he can do it?

He tries to always facilitate a telephone of visible contact to which your buyers can go in case of having some doubt with the product or the process of purchase. Certainly them help to buy, and in addition is a good method of help.


15. Coupons

The coupons are a great ally for your business online. The possibilities are many that exist: precise supplies, coupons of gratefulness by registry That already is to your election. Test to create a webpage of coupons with WordPress.


16. Loyalty

And what to do with which it buys for the first time? Of course, we cannot forget to us him once makes click in realising purchase. There the sale process finished, but next it is necessary to concentrate in the loyalty.

How? Then making him arrive a coupon discounts or some system from loyalty this already depends on each business to facilitate and to stimulate the second purchase.

For example, second purchase offers a discount to him of 20% in his and offers the possibility to him of adding itself to your club of loyalty that offers multitude of advantages for clients.

Each of these actions will help you to improve the result of your store online.

You will obtain to more visitors and more sales. You do not wait for more and it applies these 20 improvements in your eCommerce! You will already tell to the result 😉 us

It learns to realise in WordPress

It discovers what things must worry to you and what you must maintain to the day to have your safe and up-to-date Web.