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The 5 better plugins Free of Sliders for WordPress

Sliders for WordPress is useful and very easy to integrate, they reinforce the image of any website with a œvisual exclamation that it draws attention of the user. WordPress has in its salary great amount of slider plugins whose transition effects between images are very well secured. Although care, also is sliders bad. In this article we separated the grain of the straw.

better plugins free of sliders

It finds the perfect Slider for WordPress in the following listing:

Today we bring the 5 to you better sliders gratuitous for WordPress, many of them responsive with boring animations parallax and more characteristic than do them showy and nothing reason why they will be a good welcome for your visitors.


1. It puts Slider


Goal Slider is, by far, plugin of more popular Sliders of WordPress with more than 1 million unloadings in repositorio official, is very easy to use and brings the following Sliders:

  1. Nivo Slider “ Responsive, 16 Transitions, 4 Subjects
  2. Coin Slider “ 4 Transitions
  3. Flex Slider 2 “ Responsive, 2 Transitions, Carousel Way
  4. Responsive Slides “ Responsive, Fade Effect

To create a new slider with this plugin is very simple and intuitive, it only selects the type of slider and plugin will provide a code to you to insert where you want to locate it, you will be able to drag & to drop to order and to raise the slides.

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2. WOW Slider


Unlike another Sliders, Wow Slider needs that you unload a program separately, is an assistant to create the presentations of slides. Still with this roll official of WordPress has had more than 300,000 unloadings in repositorio.

He is simple to use and once you have made the slides from the program you only have to copy and to stick the code to insert it in any place of your site. This developed purely in CSS, does not use Javascript and is Responsive.

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3. Smooth Slider


Smooth Slider allows to visualize images in slides with personalizables intervals, bottoms and content of text. Their characteristics are: transitions and effects, widget, open-source, labels and design responsive.

To create a new slider is quite simple still that when having so many different options can be something troublesome. Nevertheless the interface is very clear and once you are accustomed it will be very easy to you to use.

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4. Easing Lite Slider


Easing Lite Slider is the more popular second plugin if we consider the unloadings of repositorio official of WordPress, counts on 400,000 unloadings, in addition he is very light, only weight 16Kb.

This plugin allows you to establish the dimensions and duration of each slide in addition is responsive. Like many others it you will be able to insert through shortcode in any post or page, nevertheless, it has a disadvantage and it is that you will only be able to create a slider in the gratuitous version

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5. Soliloquy Lite


Soliloquy is sold as the best slider responsive of WordPress, is a good phrase and in fact it is not far from being it. He is very simple to install, as soon as you must form it and you do not have to lower any software to create the slides.

It is very easy to form, you only have to add the images, to select the size, speed and to beat in Publishing. Later it copies the code where you want to locate it and ready.

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It learns to design your Web in this gratuitous

It discovers the tools that use to make the Webs of my clients and to secure a professional result. We will design a Web in 1 hour.