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You begin every month without knowing how much you are going to invoice? Would You like to have a system that was in charge to catch clients and to close the sales by you? You feel that in spite of having a Web your business is not visible in Internet?

The majority of clients who go with invoicing problems is not able to catch new clients for its business of form appellant.

Its invoicing depends on the month of the year in that they are and of the recommendations of ex--clients who have been able to close.

When I ask to them for the system of sales that they have implemented all they respond the same to me: the mouth none or mouth.

If you want to sell in Internet you need a system sales that attracts leads and week turns them into clients after week.

And this is what you are going to obtain with webinars.


What is an Automated Webinar

Webinars is a conference online in which you simultaneously present a subject against hundreds and up to thousands of spectators.

You contribute much value to them, it give authority and to your company you and you finish to the presentation with the sale of your products or services.

Webinars is the tool of more powerful marketing to turn to a stranger in client into only 1 hour

As well as the social SEO, networks, Facebook Ads and other strategies of marketing only attract visits your Web, webinars are the perfect system that is in charge not only to attract them but to turn them into clients.

They serve in all type of sectors (personal development, gastronomy, finances). You only need to have a product or service that solves one of the majors problems of your hearing and webinar will make the rest.

Why do 68% of the companies of the United States already implement them every month?

predictable income

Webinars works with a % of conversion: pointed > attending > sales. You will only have to program it every week and to obtain more aimed if you want to increase your invoicing. 

more visibility

The announcements to catch assistants to your webinar will run every week and they will help you to gain visibility in Internet and the social networks. You will gain authority and you will become omnipresent. 

automated sales

You will close sales of your courses and services without having to be present nor to write up proposals. From any part of the world and every day of the week.

Really, webinars is the best tool to obtain more leads, more authority and more sales week after week.

captures of everwebinar and facebook ads

We offer this because we have results

Return of the investment on Facebook Ads
32.27% of conversion of landing, 28% of attendance to the Webinar and 19 sales, 10% of conversion.
Graph of assistants when webinar, everybody sees it whole number, nobody goes away.
Valuation of the assistants when webinar of a client
32.50% of attendance when webinar, of those assistants 56 bought what a 11% do of conversion.
Capture of the sales in my WooCommerce of last the 2 months

it receives form sales appellant

We implemented all the automated system to you


script of webinar

We write up the perfect script of sales so that you connect with your hearing with authority and you convince it that you are who can offer the best solution to them. You will only have to record it.


facebook ads

We design campaigns of publicity in which testearemos hearings, images and texts so that you secure the maximum number of enrolled to the minimum possible cost.


Funnel of sales

We will create the necessary automatizations and we will mount system to you so that DES your to webinar every week without you must be ahead.


pursuit sequence

We will maximize the benefits with a sequence of emails of pursuit pre and undecided post to webinar to convince to all the leads that they take action.


optimization of the system

We will accompany and review the recording of webinar and all the process to you to obtain that you obtain major % of possible conversion. 

Considered investment: 5000 + IVA

Ready to let grow your invoicing towards the following level?

Agenda a strategic session with us and we will help you to mount all the system