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It guides To make Automatic Backup copies in WordPress

One of the most important elements in the security of your Web WordPress is the planning of backup copies and the storage of them in safe places and other people's to your Web server. Today we are going to teach to you to free realise automatic backup copies and in your WordPress through plugin

Eye! , it is very important to have backup copies since in WordPress by the simple fact to update plugin, a subject or Core de WordPress can be caused incompatibilities with which you will lose all the work done in your Web, since you will not be able to return to a previous point but you are an expert.Copies security wordpress

In the guide who we presented to you next, you will learn to realise backup copies of all the archives and the data base of WordPress, to plan them so that they are made automatically, to keep them in external servers to the Web and to recover these copies in case you have some problem.

We go there!

Automatic backup copies in WordPress

Many exist plugins that realise backups of the data base of WordPress and their archives, but we recommended UpdraftPlus to you by their simplicity of configuration, its versatility and its robustness at the time of realising their function. 🙠hardly has failures


  1. Basic Backup of Data
  2. Backup of all the Archives
  3. Backup automatic manual or
  4. Backup in the Web server or external servers
  5. Restoration of backup copies
  6. Warnings by email when backups are realised
  7. In Castilian and Gratuitous

1. Installation and Configuration of UpdraftPlus

Once installed and activated plugin you have to go to Adjustments/UpdraftPlus Endorsements to form it. You will see a screen as the following one in which it will give option you to realise an endorsement of all the archives and the data base either to recover a realised copy previously or.


2. Configuration of Automatic Copies

Now we go away to the eyelash of Adjustments and there we will form each time interval that we want that our automatic backup copies are realised, that are really what it interests to us of this plugin not to have to worry to us don't mention it.

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I recommend a daily copy of the weekly copy and data base of all the archives. The number of the right indicates whichever endorsements have to stay kept simultaneously, 1 is sufficient.

Screenshot 2015-01-06 to 19.20.59

The following step will be to form if we want to receive a by email electronic warning whenever one of the endorsements is realised, either basic of data or of the archives of our installation, I do not recommend it since it ends up tiring and if there is any UpdraftPlus error or it warns us in the administration panel.

Screenshot 2015-01-06 to 19.27.22

It comes that already we are arriving in the end 😛 This is one of the most important steps since we will be able to keep in an external servant as Dropbox our backup copies, thus if we underwent some type of attack in our servant and lose our data, the backup copies will be intact in an external lodging.

The configuration of this is very simple you only have to beat in the connection that we indicated you in the image and a window in Dropbox will be opened to authorize to UpdraftPlus to keep backup copies. Also there are other servers to keep our backup copies as Google Drive, Amazon, in the Email, by FTP


I recommend any servant except in the Email or by FTP since by email he will arrive a little while that they do not fit and by FTP is not recommendable since if you suffer an attack also you will lose backup copies. Also you can select No as external storage and the copies keep in a folder from plugin, in our own servant.

Once realised all this already we only have left To keep Changes and we will have assured our automatic backup copies in an external servant so that we can recover them at any time.

To recover a Backup copy in WordPress

This without a doubt is the most useful function of plugin since with only making a pair of clicks you will be able to leave perfect and working your Web WordPress. In others plugins is no this option To recover reason why you must manually concern your data base from phpMyAdmin and everybody does not have these knowledge.

In order to recover a copy that we only have we will have to go to Adjustments/UpdraftPlus Endorsements and to beat on Recovering fact once that will allow to only choose that we want to us to recover, the data base, only the archives or everything. The endorsements are divided in 5 archives: Plugins, Subjects, Raised Data base, Files and Others, so we will be able to choose individually what we needed to recover.

Screenshot 2015-01-06 to 19.51.05

If you wish to recover only plugins you have to beat on Plugins and if you wish to recover All the Archives you have to press on the button orange To recover. So you already know if your Web falls and you cannot accede to her you must realise a clean installation of WordPress, install plugin and only recover the copy from the external servant that you used!

We hope that you she has been of utility this guide. Since you have been able to verify [email protected], he is very simple to maintain your WordPress out of danger realising automatic backup copies without having to worry to you about anything. We see ourselves in following 😉

It accelerates your Web and in order to position in Google

In our gratuitous course you will among others learn things to optimize the speed of load of your WordPress to improve the SEO.