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Guide | To accept Credit cards in WooCommerce without TPV

In the stores online the used form of payment more is the credit cards but the majority of stores realises a bad integration of this system of payment since usually they contract a TPV with his bank and when the user chooses this method of payment redirigen it to the page of the bank.

In addition to have a TPV with a bank normally it is necessary to pay a monthly instalment to be able to have it operative. Today we want to teach to you to receive through credit cards without the necessity of a TPV and this we will do it through a system that will be integrated totally in our webpage so that the user does not have to leave to another page to realise the payment which will increase the cards Woocommerce


How to accept Credit cards in WooCommerce without TPV

Then we are going to begin the tutorial to accept credit cards in WordPress indicating the requirements or tools that need to you for it:

  1. You will have to contract a Certificate SSL
  2. You will have registers to you in STRIPE
  3. You will have to unload plugin for Stripe WooCommerce

It is necessary to also stand out, before home with the integration tutorial, that the footbridge of payments STRIPE receives a 2.9% + 0,30 by realised transaction. It is a commission inferior to the one of Paypal and they do not receive monthly instalments as some TPV.

STRIPE is a system of payments online that is reaching great popularity and it already has presence in 18 countries, including a Spain. This popularity is obtaining it since for the developers is very simple to use and to integrate in the pages Webs and applications.

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1. To contract a Certificate SSL

In order to accept payments with credit card with STRIPE in our webpage it is fundamental to have a Certificate of Security SSL, is to activate the URL https:// as in our Web:

Screenshot 2015-03-21 to 12.40.58

These certificates you can contract them in your company of Hosting, usually they cost between 50-100/a±o and with them you will generate great confidence to your possible client and in addition Google considers it as a positioning factor. If it interests to you, we offer these certificates SSL by 49,99/a±o within our section of hosting.

Once you contract it with us or with your company of hosting they will install it to you and activate in your domain within 5/7 days. To once they have activated it you, you have to go to Adjustments/General and to change the URL of your Web to https:// 


In addition to changing the URL of your Web I recommend to add the following code to .htaccess to redirigir all the traffic that there is towards http:// towards https:// since but Google will think that there is duplicated content.

RewriteEngine On RewriteCond % \ {HTTPS}! =on RewriteRule ^ (. *) https://% \/$1 {SERVER_NAME} [R, L]

Also you can use plugin FORCE SSL if you do not want to walk touching codes, works of the same form. With this already we will have list our Web with certificate of security SSL.


[thrive_leads id='5452 ²]


2. Register to you in Stripe


Now you have to enter and to register itself, is a very simple process where they only ask for email and password to you. Once registered already you will be able to form your bank account and direction, as well as other data. In Account Settings you will find the Clave API who will need more ahead to you, in addition to other details of configuration.

STRIPE works of different form that Paypal, to once realises a payment you in STRIPE you will not have balance, since its advantage is that daily they realise the transference to your account of automatic form. Also you can form that he is Weekly or Monthly.


3. To integrate STRIPE in WooCommerce

In order to realise the STRIPE integration in WooCommerce to be able to accept payments with credit card without leaving the Web you have to install plugin for Stripe WooCommerce that is Gratuitous from repositorio official of WordPress. Soon direct to WooCommerce/Adjustments to you/To finalize Purchase/for Stripe WooCommerce and you will see the following screen of configuration.


Once you are within plugin you have to form the title and description that you want that they appear in this method of payment and in the end you must obtain from your keys API to be able here to acquire the transactions. Once you introduce these key ones already you will be able to accept payments with credit card.

Now if you realise a purchase process you see the following screen so that the clients introduce the data of their card without leaving your store and in safe surroundings thanks to certificate SSL that you have obtained.


It accelerates your Web and in order to position in Google

In our gratuitous course you will among others learn things to optimize the speed of load of your WordPress to improve the SEO.