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Tutorial | As making a Marketplace in WordPress

You want to learn to develop a Marketplace in WordPress? This it is your site. Next, we are going to teach to develop a Marketplace to you under the WordPress platform, this we will still do it through plugin and ense±aramos a certain group that also you several options that exist in WordPress to realise this type of webpages.


how to create marketplace in wordpress

What is a Marketplace?

A Marketplace is a market in which to buyers and salesmen of different niches meet, surely one of oldest and famous is eBay but lately the Marketplace of digital goods as Themeforest or Codecanyon are acquiring great importance.

The operation of this type of pages Webs is very simple: the salesman publishes a product, the owner of the Marketplace accepts it and he puts it on sale and when the buyer/client realises a purchase the benefit as a percentage distributes between the salesman and the owner of the Marketplace by the publicity workings.

Normally the benefit of the salesman is of a 70-80% and the owner of the Marketplace remains between a 20-30% to give the option this promoting themselves and arriving at a greater number of potential clients. Luckily, with WordPress also we can develop to this type of webpages through a set of plugins and some specific subject for it.

Plugins To create a Marketplace in WordPress

In order to realise this type of webpages in WordPress 2 exist basically plugins really powerful, first is EasyDigitalDownloads and the second, for WooCommerce, is WC Vendors still that this last one is less powerful than the previous one.

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Digital Easy Downloads


This he is plugin more powerful to develop a Marketplace in Wordpres with him and some of his extras that we will review next you will be able to create a powerful Marketplace with all the characteristics that are happened to you since they have a specific pack to create Marketplaces.

Pack of Extras:

  1. Comissions: One is an extra with which you will be able automatically to distribute to the commissions by each sale between the salesman and the owner of the Marketplace.
  2. Wish Lists: With this extra you will be able to give the opportunity to the client to keep and to share certain products in his list of desires.
  3. Reviews: This extra allows the possibility that the visitors and clients they realise reviews on the products that are on sale.
  4. Recommended Products: With this extra you will be able to show products related in the page of each to stimulate the crossed purchases.
  5. Points & Rewards: This extra allows that the clients are accumulating points with each purchase later to offer discounts or supplies to them.
  6. Front end Submissions: This extra allows to create a zone of salesmen in the front-end of the Web so that these can raise their products as well as modify their profiles of salesman.
  7. Social Login: With this last extra you will be able to allow the buyers to identify itself with the social networks as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

The price of these items separately is of $340 but purchases the pack the price is reduced to $159. So you already know, if you want to develop a Marketplace with Digital Easy Downloads you must unload plugin, that is gratuitous, and soon to buy the pack with the extras necessary to create this type of websites.

WC Vendors


This plugin is an extra for WooCommerce with which you will be able to realise a Marketplace with famous plugin of stores online, WooCommerce. With him you will be able to sell physical, virtual products or unballastable and in addition automatically the due commission will be sent to him to the salesman.

A customized commission to each product or salesman will be able to be established and this it will be able to see in his account the accumulated amount in commissions as well as to comment the orders with the buyer. The owner of the Marketplace will be able to pay the commissions Weekly, Monthly, every 15 days or manually.

Plugins for WooCommerce are many that realise this function, but we recommended to you to unload WC Vendors for WooCommerce since he is gratuitous and very complete.

Subjects To make a Marketplace

Next we will show subjects to you of WordPress adapted to both create a Marketplace with plugins that we taught to you previously, this plugins can be used with any subject but obvious they will not enjoy integration and functionalities adapted of the following since they are specialized to be used as Marketplaces.

Checkout “ Digital Easy Downloads


The Checkout group is ideal to create marketplace of digital goods as photographies, audio, videos or eBooks since especially designer for adapted it and to the needs of this type of pages Webs has a site, is a great group, very modern and with several predesigned pages.

More Info | To unload Checkout

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Marketify “ Digital Easy Downloads


Marketify is an ideal subject for Digital Easy Downloads since it is developed to use the pack for Marketplaces with which you will be able to create one marketplace very complete and with a great design.

More Info | To unload Marketify

Makery “ WooCommerce with WC Vendor


Makery is a powerful group designed for WooCommerce with which you will be able to create a Marketplace with a great variety of functions that already brings developed as profiles by author, multiple stores, management of automatic commissions and much more! WC Vendor is optional since the own group brings several of its functions.

More Info | To unload Makery

Marketica “ WooCommerce with WC Vendor


Marketica is a group developed especially to create a Marketplace, in her you will be able to assign each product to a salesman, the salesmen will have own pages with their details and his prodctos and in addition to products of the salesmen you will be able to sell the yours own ones.

More Info | To unload Marketica

Stocky “ Digital Easy Downloads


Stocky is a group designed especially to mount a Marketplace de Fotograf­as as if you were a giant with years of experience since all details of the most professional form are well-taken care of, for it will need to you the pack for Marketplaces.

More Info | To unload Stocky

How to create a Marketplace in WordPress

Therefore after seeing plugins and subjects that we have reviewed in this post, surely already it is rather clearly how we must make to mount our own Marketplace, truth? 😛

For it you will have to realise the following steps:

  1. To install WordPress
  2. To install some of the previous groups
  3. To install plugin Digital Easy Downloads or WooCommerce
  4. To install the pack for Marketplaces or WC Vendors
  5. To form the group and plugin installed and ready, now you only have left to promote it to begin to gain your own commissions!

Spirit! 😉

It learns to design your Web in this gratuitous

It discovers the tools that use to make the Webs of my clients and to secure a professional result. We will design a Web in 1 hour.