How to put the price of cost in WooComerce? I Randulfe


How to put the Price of Cost in WooCommerce

You have a WooCommerce store and you don't know how to be successful? You have asked sometimes how the margins of your gains are so low when the sales are good? Why, in spite of having fifty orders to the day, does your business continue dying?

Not to monitor the cost of your products can mean the failure of your business.

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You remember the class of mathematics of the school in which they taught the basic principles to you of the economy? We return to her.

If subtractions the costs of your income you will obtain the benefits, your real gain. This is one of those laws that surely you also have learned, but the problem is that we ended up forgetting to us that when we decided to begin a business. The theory cannot be in the paper, is necessary to take it to the practice.

The yield is one of the obsessions of all entrepreneur, especially in e-commerce. One of the most excellent aspects but at the same time as it generates much nervousness is to know how what to price to sell products in Internet to obtain sufficient benefits.

To sell products or services by Internet is not nothing new, but in the last years this sector has been immersed in an authentic revolution before the entrance of a competition more and more hard.

If we spoke of the product commercialization, now the opportunities multiply through platforms of sale online as the powerful Amazon; and in the case of services, every time they are plus the sectorial webpages that offer different types from services to very competitive prices. 

Licenses and Price

If you have arrived up to here is because you also have a Woocommerce, or want to put it march. Whatever your situation, this that you will see next I am sure that it will help you to make profitable better your business online.

But before home, let to me do a question to you:

You have calculated sometimes the product margin in WooCommerce?

Today I am going to analyze plugin for WooCommerce that will allow you to calculate the margin of sales, adding the price of cost of the product. It automates the process. Outside calculations! 

What is YITH COST of Goods and why it serves

The process to constantly analyze the relation between the costs of the product and their net entrance not always is simple. But, in this point, we are going to analyze plugin YITH COST of Goods, the best complement than it can have your WooCommerce.

If you look for tool of a simple and powerful control that it allows you to constantly monitor the tendency of your electronic commerce, here you have it.

And it is that this plugin allows to know of clear form the total costs you of all sales, including the option to enter the price of the shipment, the taxes to have a real vision 100% of your margin of benefit.

YITH COST of Goods will help to determine you which of your products have a greater margin of gain, what type of gain you would obtain in case of promotions or discounts and what sale prices will cover all the costs.

Characteristics of YITH COST of Goods

And now, in this point, you must know clearly which are the needs that your Woocomerce has so that soon you can verify you yourself the effectiveness of this plugin in your store online. YITH COST of Goods incorporates many functionalities, among others:

as putting price cost in woocommerce
Price of Simple and Variable product cost

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This extension for Woocommerce, allows you to introduce the cost in any product type. Not only for simple products, but also he is totally compatible with variable products. For this last case, you can insert a cost of or of the same amount or different for each product variation.

as to put the price of cost in store online
Simultaneously to introduce the Price of Cost in several products

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It allows you to introduce the price of cost to several products simultaneously and so you will save long time of management, in addition also you will be able to publish in mass the price of cost of products.

Possibility Of exporting the analyses

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All the information that you analyze is easily unballastable, exporting the data in file CSV. Of this form you will not have to be forming each element to be able to have an analysis of results, but in a single click you will obtain the data ordinate by categories or products.

You will be able to review it when and where you want. The data already you have them, is only your analysis.

price cost woocommerce
Segmented information

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And now we arrived at the part of the information, that now they include in a new section, information regarding the costs. This plugin allows you to filter your search by product, date, category, labels or customized field.

It allows you to analyze multitude of variations. You will only have to choose what she more interests to you to know and to compare!

To see the cost of products in the orders

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Plugin also adds a new column to all orders, in her you will be able to see the cost of each product so that of a look you can analyze the net benefit of the order at issue.

to add to price cost lies down online
It controls the potential benefit of your stock

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This plugin has a very interesting particularitity, and is that thanks to him you can calculate the potential gain of those products that already you have in stock. You can take note from the benefit that you would obtain from your sales.

Video | How of Goods works plugin of YITH WooCommerce COST

And in this point in which we were, what seems to you if we give a stroll? You want to see how works this plugin live? I leave a video here you so that you become an idea of how it is formed and it used:


After all the information that we have been analyzing in this post, surely now you have more things than to think. I have tried to synthesize the benefits of YITH COST of Goods so that you have a complete vision of all the functions that you can use and that will help you to improve the yield of your business.

For which work with YITH

If I have arrived up to here would like to explain why work to you with company YITH (Your Inspiration Themes). And in fact it is not because they have plugins more powerful and with majors benefits that those of WooThemes but because have a great support that solves any doubt to you in 24h less than.

If you do not know it, I comment to you that the own WooThemes company has his repositorio of extensions, but have a quite high price and they are not so outposts as those of YITH. In this case company YITH always improvement and adds more functionalities than WooThemes to all plugins.

On the other hand plugins of WooThemes is not developed by them properly, many of them develop them external programmers and soon they add them repositorio of WooThemes reason why I prefer to deposit the confidence in YITH since that they respond with guarantees.

Licenses and Price

If you are already determined and you want to control the invoicing of your business of a way simpler, and mainly more real, you must know before which are the terms and prices of the subscription with YITH.

As far as the subscription license, this it gives right to 1 year of updates and support you. And in addition you must consider that each installation of the complement will require a license key.

And as far as the price, this it varies following in whichever Webs you need to install plugin, but for 1 only website you can do with your plugin YITH COST of to you Goods by 50.

Later you will be able to control the invoicing of your business of a way simpler, and mainly more real. Without trap nor cardboard.