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It guides 2020 | How to form Stripe in WooCommerce

In this guide I am going to teach to you to form Stripe in WooCommerce, a footbridge of super payments simple to use, of low commissions and that in addition increase the conversions of your eCommerce thanks to their constant innovations.


What is Stripe?

Stripe is a payment footbridge online that allows you to offer to your clients the option to pay with card without leaving your Web. During the payment process they will introduce his card and the payment will already be executed. Faster impossible!

Example of form of payment with Stripe

Another advantage is that during the payment process the client does not know that is paying through STRIPE, simply will see a form to introduce the data of his card. This is an advantage since if it does not know the American platform could distrust, but thus no longer we give option him it.

Commission that Cobra

In addition the good thing is that the commission that receives is far below to the one of Paypal. Stripe receives a 1.4% + 0,25 by transaction, whereas Paypal receives a 3.4% + 0,35 by transaction.

It invoices of Comisiones

In addition another advantage with respect to Paypal is that Stripe at the end of the month issues an invoice of the commissions that has received to you, reason why you will be able to compute them as cost in your quarterly declaration.

Differences between Stripe and a Banking TPV

This is the question that to me my clients more often do: what I choose Stripe or a Banking TPV? And my answer, as good Gallego, is œdepends 😉

I consider that STRIPE gives more advantages you than simply to qualify the payments with card in your store online. Stripe gives simplicity you, an immediate discharge, payments by Apple Pay and with Google Pay, it increases the conversion of the store online when not having to leave the Web to the banking platform to make the payment

On the other hand it is necessary to evaluate the subject of the commissions that is important. Normally those of the Banking TPV go from 0.3% to 1%, reason why they are enough more losses than STRIPE and this can be noticed enough if invoices much. But however during the payment process the TPV removes you from the Web to the platform of the bank and a slower process becomes.

Creating your account in

Before forming Stripe in WooCommerce you will have to give you of discharge in It is very simple process and in a matter of 5 minutes you will be able to have assets the payments with card in your store.

It is important that during the process of configuration of the account you activate your account of Stripe since many clients register but their banking account number and enterprise data do not activate the account introducing to transfer the money reason why Stripe will not be able to work.

Installing Stripe in WooCommerce

  1. Once we have our account of Stripe arrives the moment for integrating it in WooCommerce and for it there are 2 options:
  2. If you are going to install a new WooCommerce, during the installation process it will appear to you the option to activate Stripe, as you can see in the image superior.

Or, if or you have installed WooCommerce you must go to New Plugins>A±adir and look for it in repositorio official of WooCommerce, WooCommerce Stripe Gateway is called

Forming Stripe in WooCommerce

Perfect! We already have our account of created Stripe and plugin of Stripe installed in the webpage, now what we are going to see are all options of configuration as much in video as in format text and image so that you can verify them whenever you want.

Now I am going to happen to explain each option to you that brings plugin of Stripe for WooCommerce:

To activate/To deactivate: Or, very simple, with this check you will be able to activate or to deactivate the payments with card through Stripe in your store online.

Title: This it is the name that will have the footbridge of payment in the page To finalize Purchase, you can see it here. I recommend to put Payments with Card

Description: It is the description of the form of payment that will see the client in the page finalize purchase, you can see it here.

Variables of the Webhook: This is important that you form it well in your account of Stripe, since is the URL of notification between Stripe and WooCommerce for the state of the requested positions/.

For it you must go to your account of Stripe to Developers>Webhooks and there you will be able to give it of discharge in Add Endpoint, and soon to give to Send all event types, according to you see in the image:

Click in the image to extend

  • Way of Tests: If active east way will request the publishable key and the secret key to you of way TEST instead of to request the production keys to you. This serves to test in Stripe with a breadboard that thus has Stripe and to prove the system of orders of WooCommerce, is the following one:
  • Card number: 4242 4242 4242 4242
  • Lapsing: Any future date to the present one, for example: 10/2024

CCV: 123

  • Key of publishable and Key production of secret production: These are the keys with which you identify yourself with Stripe and you must take them in in the section Developers> API Keys. As you see in the image arrives you can choose if you want to see those of way TEST or the real ones, that are those that is by defect.
  • Publishable key of production: it begins by pk_live_
  • Secret key of production: it begins by sk_live_
  • Publishable key of tests: it begins by pk_test_
Secret key of tests: it begins by sk_test_

Click in the image to extend

Form integrated for the credit card: This is the form to see the form in the payment page, if it is not activated will separately be the fields of card number, expiration date and ccv, the best thing is to see it with an image. This already to taste of each, but I believe that it is clearer to show the fields of separated form.

Click in the image to extend

Description of estracto: Here you must introduce the name that will appear to him to the client in the position of its checking account, normally the name of the store online.

Capture: This is VERY important that you have it assets, since if the position will not become cash, simply would be approved but it would not be loaded, this usually it is used for Crowdfunding campaigns, but the position expires in 7 days if you do not have activated this option.

Modal Stripe Checkout: If active east way the form of payment with cards will not appear integrated in the page to finalize purchase, but when choosing payment with card will open popup to pay with Stripe, as the one of the following image:

Click in the image to extend

Payment request bellboys: This we will see it next in a section in particular since he is something very useful.

Kept cards: If you have a store online where the clients make orders of form appellant this section are very useful, since they will not have to introduce his credit card in each order, but will be kept in the servers of Stripe and they will only have to introduce the CCV in each purchase.

Registry: This is for the developers, since if activates it and is some error will be able to know from where it comes.

Integrating Apple Pay and Google Pay

This seems to me a so powerful newness that I have dedicated a post to him aside from how forming Apple Pay and Google Pay in WooCommerce.

And you will ask yourself: Why he is so powerful this? Then because the clients will be able to make the orders in A SINGLE CLICK, they will not have to fill up data of invoicing nor of payment: they take themselves automatically of his Google or Apple.

And he is that as you can see in the following image, following if Google Chrome or Safari uses, will appear a new button in the cart with which they will be able to pay using his account of Google or Apple Pay. Impressive, no? 😛

V­deotutorial Forming Stripe in WooCommercex


Then, it is sight how to form Stripe in WooCommerce, the one that stops my is the best footbridge nowadays to accept payments online.

And it is that in addition to offering payments to you with card, Stripe offers many to you more advantages. And not only that, always is innovating to bring better solutions than the competition. Paypal already has remained back, you are going to leave your eCommerce remains back with respect to the competition?