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You have opened a webpage to promote and to sell your services or to increase the sales of your products by Internet but are no visits. Nobody knows you, nobody finds you. They have never heard speak of your brand, nor idea of the quality of your services. Nothing.

Your webpage will be beautiful, your products of quality, your services of the best thing of the sector, but you are invisible. Thus it is, you do not exist.

We have a problem. Clearly, you have realised an investment to open a webpage and to cause that your products and services arrive, as minimum, to all Spain and you have realized from which traffic only arrives at your webpage if payments by him.

To invest on Facebook Ads or Google AdWords works in some cases, but when you stop putting money, the traffic that generate those channels of publicity disappears and without a strategy of very well mounted sale, the user that arrives rarely ends up buying.

The SEO is a stable source and appellant of qualified traffic that allows a personal or professional brand to grow and to consolidate.

The SEO is the strategy economic and profitable to take traffic from quality to your website.

To appear in Google means to occur to know new users. Users with a problem or necessity that they look for to solve; and you are that solution.

to position in google is fundamental

As they are the benefits?

  • He is the consumer who goes. The user who visits your webpage has an important interest in the product or service that you are offering (he has taken action and has made the search in Google, remembers).
  • The visibility of your brand at level online will grow at levels impossible to obtain with other means (publicity of payment including).
  • Google is synonymous of security and quality for the consumer online, that same idea is transferred to the webpages that it positions. If Google recommends to you the user understands that you are good.
  • You can settle down as the reference to level online for your sector in all Spain; with the sales and new opportunities of business and expansion that it means.
  • Once you are positioned already you have it. New traffic will visit your Web day day without needing investing a single penny of more.
  • Much more traffic. Tens, hundreds and up to thousands of new people will know of your business, your products, your services; on a daily basis.

it knows now

How We worked


initial audit

In order to be able to recommend the service SEO that better adjusts to your business we must realise some inspection in your domain and sector. With collected we will be able to bocetar a positioning strategy Web for your SME. 


study of key words and competition

We find the associate key words to your products and services. We filter and we segmented in content bags SEO creating a working chart with structures and defined and optimized formats of text for Google.


creation of contents

We were in charge to write up texts formed and optimized to the millimeter to position in Google, but also we know of the importance of creating a content with information ordinate, easy to read and useful for the user.



It is necessary that the new contents that we created in your domain are securing to mentions and references of authority. For that reason to secure thematic connections will be key to position in Google.


treatment of content

We will take care of the internal interlace of the content, will improve the usability of the Web and answer of user within the page, we will improve the percentage of click in Google, we will make technical implementations, etc.


monthly information

Every month you will inside receive a customized report with the carried out actions and your domain, as well as detailed explanation of the Campaign SEO that includes the positioning ranking. 

obt©n results

Cases of Success SEO

Many of our clients know it. They phelp and we positioned them; they follow positioned, they continue receiving qualified traffic for his business and continue generating new sales thanks to Google. To cost zero.

To position in Google is a source stable appellant and of qualified traffic that generates income on a daily basis.

We offer services of positioning Web because we positioned. Our website positions in the highest of Google for words as œdesigner Web, œdesigner freelance Web, œportfolio Web, œconsultant wordpress The more excellent key words of our sector.

Key words that the user looks for and with that they find us.

Other agencies do not obtain it. They offer SEO and they are not positioned. You think that he is coherent?

Agenda a call strategic to be the following case of success

If you want to know what needs your webpage to position itself in Google and to receive qualified traffic of form appellant, ponte in touch with me and we will analyze your case of individualized form.