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Hello, I am called David Randulfe Lage and I been designer expert Web in WordPress and consultant of digital businesses

I help to companies and entrepreneurs to take advantage of the potential Internet to increase the sales of its business. 

With 19 years, I founded my first company with which I invoiced 50.000 in the first year. Nowadays, already I direct a team of 4 people to be able to offer more services and to help a greater number of businesses.

The majority of clients who arrive to me does it with the same problem: they have a Web that does not serve to them don't mention it. Not them help to that their business is profitable and this are due to

  • Bad presence in Internet. A Web that transmits an image very little professional and that is not optimized to sell nor to position in Google.
  • Nonexistent system of sales. They do not implement any strategy of marketing that attracts clients and it closes the sales to them of automated form.
  • Lack of enterprise vision. They manage its Web as if not a company and constantly sacks to lose opportunities of sale and growth.

transparency and speed

In what I am different myself

To work developing Webs has presented the opportunity to me how the businesses of hundreds of different sectors work on the inside.

It is more, it differentiates from the majority of gurºs that there is there outside, I have proven all the strategies that selvage and I will not recommend any to you that has not given results me.

I am tired to see freelance and agencies that recommend strategies of marketing to their clients who never have tried and they do not know if they will work 

I know very clearly I am here for helping to the clients with my experience in businesses online, does not stop to learn of the errors that I make them commit.

This is what they more evaluate the students and clients who have worked with me:


I am only going to recommend services and strategies to you that I have tried previously in my company or in clients who have become cases of success.

Enterprise vision

All services and programs of formation persecute the same objective: to make your more profitable business.


I do not like that they make hope me and either. It is by that I guarantee rapidity to you in the communication and the delivery.

my history

Why I can help you

I am called David Randulfe Lage, I been of R¡bade, a small town of Lugo and was born the 27 from March of 1995. I consider an enterprising person and troubles, who always is in search of new opportunities of business.


My homes with the Digital Businesses

I began to undertake with only 15 years, when I was able to invoice 3.000 in a month selling sneakers that mattered of China and gave in Lugo, the city where it studied.

Then dropshipping was not well-known and nobody could compete with my prices, so I knew it clearly and I decided to take advantage of the pull mounting my first store online with WordPress to arrive at clients of all Spain.

With the aim of securing more visits for my store online, I began to work the marketing of contents and I added a blog to him to learn Positioning SEO.

A year later and due to problems with customs and the time that consumed to me to resolve I decided them that the moment had arrived for putting aim to him: it wanted a business that could work without having to be I ahead.


New Projects with WordPress and SEO

With my closed store online, I decided to open 2 blogs of Apple with the intention to position posts to front page of Google and to make money through publicity and affiliation.

Immediately I began to close collaborations with great brands and stores of computer science that wanted to publicize my readers before so that they bought his products to them.

I wrote up and I positioned in Google tens of articles and thanks to it I learned very many on iOS and the Jailbreak of iPhone until the point to publish a book of which I got to sell more than 200 copies.

A year after publishing the book, in 2014, my blogs already had reached the 2,500 monthly visits in each and was managing a team of 4 editors when a company did a supply to me of purchase by 1.000 each.


The University

The store online and the blogs of Apple had tried to me that could be made money in Internet and there it was when I realized that were many more people than they wanted to create projects as which it finished selling.

Identified the necessity, I decided to base my business on the development Web WordPress and the SEO, scopes in which had learned much thanks to my previous projects.

At the same time, I registered in Computer science Engineering in the University of A Corunna, following the advice of my parents search the job security in a race.


My first Company

What it had not considered is that my business would grow so fast that before being able to finish to the first semester the constant arrival of clients made me choose: or it continued studying or it dedicated company exclusively to me.

I chose the second option, I went to coworking and I registered in independent with 19 years. A success was everything since I invoiced 50.000 in my first year with the company.

Since then, my agency Tapja has not stopped to grow, now already I have a team of 4 people with who I can cover the needs that demand the companies to us.

It is more, 2 years later I have returned to the same University of A Corunna of which I had myself to go, but already as professor of the Masters of Digital Strategy in the Company, where I am in charge to distribute the subject of eCommerce from the 2017.


  • I have helped more than 300 companies and entrepreneurs between whom they honor BMW, Panasonic, Roberto Gamboa, Consell of Ibiza, Xunta of Galicia or Group KIN.
  • I am positioned first in Google by œdesigner freelance Web and œdesigner Web.
  • I have webinars automated catching clients and selling my courses in automatic every week, generating more of 20.000 to the month of stable form.
  • I direct my own program of mentoring, Enterprise Intelligence, where all students become cases of success in only 4 months.
  • For 2 years, I am professor in Master of Innovation and Digital Estrategia of the University of A Coru±a.
  • I have been able to fulfill my dream: to buy new the Porsche to me Macan 2019.


They value the Work

David Randulfe is a great professional. In addition to counting on a high technical level, he is very effective and decisive. He has always responded quickly when I have needed it. Its equipment is also highly competent. I have been very satisfied with its work and without a doubt I recommend it.
Marco Esteban
In the projects in which we have collaborated, David has demonstrated to an extreme punctuality in the fulfillment of objectives and terms and a great professionalism and rigor in the development of the programming Web. He knows to express the potentialities of WordPress and offers solutions to everything what we asked to him. He is rewarding to coordinate projects in which David comprises.
Marta Paredes
I went to David after to have given with its webpage in Google (excellent positioning). I liked his style and I thought that she could do a good work with my webpage. After sending a pair to him of sketches, David immediately included the type of concept that she had in mind, and not only she executed it on the basis of which I had thought, but also that it was a step further on and she improved what there was. And all this did it in little more than one week. Very I am satisfied with the work that has realised and I do not have doubt that will return to go to him to redesign other pages that I have.
Mhelper Izeta
I only have good words towards David. It has known to do what it asked to him, quickly, good for doing and with a possibility of adaptation difficult of finding. Totally recommendable.
Adrian Ruano
David has realised the design of my blog in WordPress. I quickly consider a very qualified professional him, who has done an excellent work, and with a very competitive budget. If you are thinking about taking to end any project Web, I recommend to you to contact with David.
Javier Rodr­guez
The work of David has exceeded fully my expectations. It is, definitively, a good professional who knows what does, to a very competitive price, and works very quickly. Not only it has fulfilled the terms but also that has gone ahead to them, always listening my requests and rendering special taken care of to each detail. It is a pleasure to find to people as him and I am sure that I will return to work in the future with him.
Sara Mart­n

it chooses now

How I can help you



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Strategies of marketing to leave first in Google and systems sale to turn the visitors into clients of automated form.  Beam click here!



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