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What is and Why You need To install a CDN in your WordPress Blog

Many nascent users in WordPress do not understand that it is a CDN and why it is really necessary for his Web. So in this entrance we are going to try to explain that it is a CDN and why you need it for your WordPress blog.


to install CDN in WordPress

What is a CDN?

CDN is the abbreviation of Content Delivery Network, that is a network of servers who offer static content of webpages that they have lodged in cache being based on the geographic location of the user. He is something confused, truth? We will explain it thoroughly more.

Normally, when a user tries to accede to your Web, it loads the content from the central servant of your company of hosting, we say that you have the Web lodged in Hostgator, then, all the users of the world will load the content from its servers of Houston, TX. So all the traffic that has your Web is loading the content from the same site.

Then, if you have a high volume of traffic can be that the servant even overloads himself generating slow speed or the fall of the same, here is where a CDN acts, since to the being a network of servers distributed by the everybody content of your Web as images, archives CSS, JS is stored in breaks of its servers and when a usuary one visits your Web the CDN loads the content from the servant nearest its location.

Therefore this in addition to releasing the servant of our Web, improves the time of load of the same since it will load the Web from a place nearer the user which increases this speed. And that is beneficial for the positioning SEO since Google every time values more than a Web loaded fast.


Why I need a CDN for my WordPress?

If you have read the previous section, then you will understand why a CDN can have a great impact in your Web WordPress. Next we showed some advantages to you that we have verified using a CDN in the Web of DavidRL:

  1. Speed: Once installed the CDN our Web is much more fast and loads the pages almost immediately.
  2. Resistance: When a great amount of traffic is received by the Web, therefore by the servant, the normal thing is that he was very slow but thanks to the CDN this load in several servers is distributed reason why does not make worse the speed of load.
  3. Improved the Experience of User: ever since we installed the CDN we have noticed that the percentage by ricochet of the Web is handicapped reason why it increased the number of seen pages.
  4. Improvements in SEO: since we have shelp before Google values much that a Web loaded quickly, reason why we have noticed that the percentage of visits that arrive from the famous finder has increased.

In the blog we used MaxCDN since it is the best most well-known alternative and for this type of services. Kind, in another article we will explain how to form CloudFare or MaxCDN in a WordPress blog.

It accelerates your Web and in order to position in Google

In our gratuitous course you will among others learn things to optimize the speed of load of your WordPress to improve the SEO.