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What to do when they hack into a Course to you Online, I tell my experience you

He does a little more 1 year I began to every week sell my courses online with a system of Webinars Automated. This system allowed to present me my courses many more people between those than also were the pirates of courses.

What the pirates do is to buy your course between several people, soon all the videos unload and they raise them its platform to sell them by low amounts that go up to around 10.

As you can be imagined this made me lose sales, because whenever somebody discovered one of my courses after participating in webinar, was it to given price and it did questions to me of the type

  • David, why it is your course to 10 here?
  • David, does this course to 10 have the same content that yours?

So that you become an idea, with one of my courses I got to have 12 results indexed between the first and second page of Google. Clearly, it was losing money so I decided to find the best form to solve it.

In this post I have documented the process with which I obtained that the 12 Webs that had hacked into my courses they less than eliminated it in 48 hours.

I will count you how to erase these results of Google, the best form to contact the pirates so that they eliminate your courses and to whom you can denounce these Webs that infringe the intellectual property so that they close them.

How to protect your course online of I hack into

My first recommendation is that you put a name to him name brand to your course, for example, mine of creation of stores online is called WooMaster


Once you have decided the name of your course online I recommend to you to register it so that you have the property of that brand and can protest when they hack into a content to you.

This it is a very important step that I recommend to do to anyone, - although the course has still not hacked into you, since but the name of your brand is in danger because it can be registered by another one and soon will have to change the name of your course, the domain and everything In addition therefore you make sure to have a tool that will help you against the piracy in case it happens to you.

To register the brand of your course online in Spain

In my case I already had registered in Spain the WooMaster brand

®and he has served to me so that the pirates erase my course online of their webpages and so that Google erases of the results search the pirates, because this registry confirmed that I was proprietor of the brand.

Registry of WooMaster in Spain

In addition to solving the problem of the piracy of your courses online, also you make sure that nobody can use that name in Spain. And in Spain to register a brand with its logo is very simple, we usually does it with, that receives around 150 by each registry and are quite fast.

They hacked into my Course to me Online WooMaster, I tell you what I made to solve it

1. To contact of friendly form by Facebook or Chat

When I realize of which somebody hacks into one of my courses first that I do is to contact with the webpage of friendly way by the page of Facebook or the Chat of attention the client which they have in its webpage.

Normally in this step many already usually they erase the content because they know that they are not proprietors of those brands and easily they can have problems. I write to them to ask for the IMMEDIATE retirement of the product:


In case he is not distant in next the 24 hours we will take the opportune measures against the proprietors from the domain and webpage having put the case into the hands of our lawyers.All the robbed and hacked into contents are protected by intellectual property.

I wait for confirmation,


n greeting

2. To send a more formal email of immediate cease

In the case that is not responsible by Facebook or the Chat already them shipment a formal email asking for the immediate cease and enclosing the certificate that we have as proprietors of the brand.

In addition in this point already shipment the case to my lawyers so that they follow it close by and they come to denounce in case they do not respond.

Good morning. I am David Randulfe, unique administrator of , propietary company of WooMaster®(Trademark)We finish verifying I hack into of content registered with intellectual property in its platform, where it sells and one profits from our protected content, in addition to have used images of my person, plagiarized texts and videos. 

The content at issue is the WooMaster course




.com /curso-woomaster-david-randulfe/

This œnotification has œfriendly character to ask for the following thing IMMEDIATELY:

1 “ IMMEDIATE Retirement of the plagiarized content of its webpage.

2 “ Confirmation of which the content has been eliminated.

We give œa friendly term of 24 hours to solve all this. In the case of not receiving answer or not solving this situation we will immediately put it into the hands of our lawyers so that they carry out the pertinent proceedings against its person.

In addition we informed to him that in the formal denunciation we will demand the amount related to the number of unloadings of these contents.

Associate certificate of the registry of the brand.

David Randulfe Lage3. To denounce to Google so that desindexe

If with the warnings of step 1 or the step the 2 proprietors of the webpages erase the content, this he disappears of Google in some weeks.

In case they do not respond, he passes the case at the hands of my lawyers and formally denounce the proprietors of the webpages so that they erase the content.

But even so, while the process is developed these results appears in Google and continues harming, for that reason we must contact with Google since they have a section to solve these problems with trademarks.

Simply you must fill in the form that I leave you in the connection and enclose the certificate as proprietor of the brand. In some days will respond to you with an email similar to the one of the image confirming that the contents have been eliminated of the results of the finder


Connection | To demand to Google infraction of author rights

Answer of Google

If you pay attention to the image they have eliminated 4 results of the searches, in the other 2 I connect did not find anything since the proprietors of the Webs came to eliminate the content with the warnings of the step 1 and step 2.

Even so they ten in account that Google only flock the result of the finder, but nonflock the hacked into content of the webpages, this must make it the proprietor of friendly form or after a judicial process.

In any case if Google the flock of the finder seems sufficient to me since nobody is going to find those hacked into contents.

4. To denounce in so that they close the Web

Finally, if we have a case of I hack into that it bothers much to us because the Web is very well-known or has much traffic, still we have an option to eliminate the hacked into content.

One is to contract the service of Trademark Takedown of the Web, costs $199 and it guarantees to you that they are going to erase the content of the Web that infringes the rights of intellectual property, if they do not obtain it give back the money to you.

In my case they have been able to eliminate the hacked into content and there are counted cases to me that even close webpages to the complete one.

Email that you receive when they eliminate a URL (Digital Millennium Copyright Act), is a American community that helps creators online, offering the tools and the support to them necessary to protect its contents.

So before a warning of I hack into, its work consists of contacting directly with the companies of hosting that lodge the pirate Webs and demanding the elimination to them of the content by the Law of Intellectual Property of the United States. They have direct bonding with these companies and great experience: therefore, sometimes even they eliminate copied Webs the complete one to the first warning.