Tell your Project me

With this course you will step by step learn to create your own professional store online, we began from zero contracting hosting to having a store online outpost.

It includes all the subject of configuration of taxes, shipments, payments, groups, plugins and until a DEMO already mounted of store online so that I concern it in 5 minutes.

With this course you will learn to create your own academy online, so that you do not depend on anybody or you lose money in commissions.

We will see as integrating the academy online within webpage so that you gain freedom and you have an own academy and with the image of your brand.

This it is my course stars with which you will learn to create a system of webinars automated to sell your products and services in autopilot every week.

We will see how make a good strategic script, as doing the presentation, the sequence of emails and until how making all the technical configuration of the system.