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What is the Best Plugin de Cache for WordPress?

One of the most important aspects of a webpage is its speed of load. If you want to optimize your Web WordPress you have to offer to your visitors a great experience to him of use, in addition Google also values that your webpage loaded fast for the positioning of the same in the great G.

A slow Web can make to go down much to you in the ranking of Google in addition if a user sees that he enters a Web and takes much in loading will give the button Back and will enter another page. Reason why today we will teach different options to you and we will help you to choose best plugin of breaks for WordPress.

Better plugin breaks WordPress

Plugins de Cache in WordPress

When somebody accedes to your WordPress webpage they are realised a great number of requests to the servers where the same is lodged to load archives CSS, images and Javascript in addition to the consultations to the data base to obtain the content of each page.

For that reason plugins of breaks are so important since they generate static pages HTML so that it is not necessary to realise that great number of consultations to the data base and the servant where we have lodged our Web which drastically reduces the speed of load of the same.

Plugins of really breaks of WordPress conducts more battle than the one to generate a static page of each loaded URL, includes functions as the one of minificar the HTML, CSS and Javascript, integration of CDN, Gzip compression We will analyze some of them now!

It is possible to emphasize that whenever you make a change of design in your group or you change of group you have to erase breaks of your webpage and the navigator since but you will not see the realised changes. Here you can learn to realise this in all the navigators.

It accelerates your Web and in order to position in Google

In our gratuitous course you will among others learn things to optimize the speed of load of your WordPress to improve the SEO.

Super WP Breaks

wp-super-it breaks

Super Wp Breaks is one of plugins more well-known and easy to use that you can find. He is super simple to begin to use it, even for inexperienced users. Once activated you only have to go to Super Ajustes/WP Breaks so that it begins to work.

In the Advanced eyelash there is a great variety of options to form as the compression, pages not to frisk, well-known users As own plugin indicates, I recommend to obvious activate those that are noticeable as (recommended), 😛

In addition Super WP Breaks allows to use a CDN and it allows you to load different plugins within him to make agile the speed of load of the Web.

Total W3 Breaks

W3-total-it breaks

Total W3 Breaks is one of plugins gratuitous more famous of repositorio of plugins of It is used by the majority of great developers and companies as AT&T. W3TC improves the experience of user through several methods since he is very complete.

It improves the yield of the servant, reduces the time of unloading, it offers the integration of a CDN much more and. Generally it optimizes much the speed and the yield of a webpage. He is great plugin for your website, nevertheless to the so complete being is a little complex for the usuary one half due to his great number of configurable options.

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zen-it breaks-wp

ZenCache is plugin whose motto is œSpeed without Compomiso and so it means that he is very simple to install and to form so that immediately it begins to frisk your Web and to improve the response time of the same.

ZenCache acts intelligently since it does not frisk the pages for registered users nor people who recently have left commentaries, is very simple but in spite of it offers 8 sections of configuration.

Each of those 8 sections has a configuration explanation, something that we perhaps threw in lack in others plugins with many options as W3TC, which assumes that we have knowledge on plugin.

WP Fastest Cache

wp-fastest-it breaks
WP Fastest Cache is another one plugin of breaks very simple to form for the new user of WordPress since it only has a page of options and are very intuitive. Nevertheless it does not have so complex options and that they optimize better the Web as the previous ones.

This plugin simply frisks the webpage and it compresses it in Gzip to optimize the speed of load of the same, is available in Castilian and it does not admit the configuration of a CDN.

Conclusion and Recommendation on the Best Plugin de Cache

Surely you have read many opinions and critics of bloggers and designers on plugins of break of WordPress and each will be different following the tastes and preferences from the same. In addition, each plugin works differently following a great number of factors as hosting, its correct configuration and the content of our Web.

But without a doubt we recommended Super WP Breaks by its high productivity, is not most complete but the one than better works; Total W3 also Breaks is a great option but it requires more previous knowledge and it is not so easy to form for the user of mean level.

The others plugins are something lacking of options since they do not admit basic CDN and some configurations that you perhaps need to realise a good optimization of the time of load of your Web WordPress.

It accelerates your Web and in order to position in Google

In our gratuitous course you will among others learn things to optimize the speed of load of your WordPress to improve the SEO.