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The majority of strategies of digital marketing concentrates in trying to attract the greater number of visits your webpage. 

© 2020 Tapja - Sitemap helps you to that these visits do what you want that they do.

To read all the information about your company, to arrange a meeting, to buy a course to you, to share an article with its nearer circle, to write a valuation and until contracting your services.

If the texts of your Web and your company are not written of persuasive form you are losing sales of potential clients and in we know how to avoid it.

Why you need persuasive texts?

In 2019 esteem that the industry of the marketing of contents will be evaluated in 300 billions of dollars. 

Really you are going to fail to take advantage of the opportunity to benefit from an industry that moves as much money?

If even so you do not know clearly why you need it, here you have 3 reasons more to begin to implement © 2020 Tapja - Sitemap in your business from today. 

Engagement and retention

If at the moment you are investing in a strategy to gain visibility/to attract more visits your business and the visits that arrive at your Web do not perceive the value of your services, you are losing money.

Increase of the sales

© 2020 Tapja - Sitemap is based on persuasive techniques of neuromarketing that they urge the user to take a certain action: or to facilitate your data to you, to agendar a meeting or to buy to you. 

long-term investment

It is demonstrated that the marketing of contents costs a 62% less than the rest of marketing strategies. You only must contract it once and it will generate leads to you during months.

it discovers

Texts that You need

Texts Web

We were in charge of texts of all the sections Web so that they differentiate to you and they put to you over your competition convincing to them that you are its better option.

Sequences of Emails

We write up sequences of email for each one of the phases of your funnel of sales. Tell us what you need and we will write up emails that makes take action.


You do not play with your money and makes profitable the results of your announcements thanks to persuasive texts that attract contacts and they turn them into clients.

we offer © 2020 Tapja - Sitemap

Since we have results

23% of percentage by ricochet of the HOME of my Web. (Below 35% by ricochet a good data is considered)
Sequence of emails of indoctrination of a client
Maximum score of relevance in the announcements of Facebook Ads, we wrote interesting things.
Percentage of a sequence of sale by email marketing

step by step

How We worked


Investigation of market

Before home with your texts we will request a series to you of data about your ideal client and your business that you will have to fill up before the date of home. 


it gives of the first draft

Within 7-14 days we will give the first draft and you will have to you one week to ask for revisions of the same. 


revisions and give end

Passed the period of revision, we will apply the opportune changes and we will give the final version to you of texts.

Ready to catch new clients for your business every month?

Every day that happens, you are losing the opportunity to turn your visitors into clients. Agenda a session and obtains texts that make you make more money.