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It discovers the system that makes invoice 5 numbers me to the month of automatic and stable form


Tapja caught clients thanks to the SEO and to the personal brand and wanted to find new forms to scale his invoicing.


To double the invoicing of the short term business and to obtain that one stayed stable during the following months.


A invoicing of 5 numbers to the month thanks to the creation and the sale of 2 infoproductos by means of an automated system.

it knows the challenge

To double Invoicing

Agency Tapja, had been 6 months suspended in invoicing, the results were good but it wanted to scale and to double the income. 

In order to increase it first that I considered it was the possibility of positioning more services to front page of Google since it had already secured with terms as œdesigner Web and œdesigner freelance Web more ago than 5 years. 

Nevertheless, it knew that this strategy required long time and even so when arrived at the first position would stop being burglaryable since each term has a limit of monthly searches that is not under my control.

It was then when I decided to bet by the creation and the sale of digital products by means of webinars with the purpose of to generate income appellants and to open market to those people who not yet were prepared to contract our services of design.

it discovers now

How we did it

1) Webinar

The creation of a good one always for webinar part of the script, that must follow a determined structure to turn the maximum number of assistants into buyers.

In this phase the keys were decided that they were going away to share of form strategic to generate the necessity of purchase to the spectators, as well as the most persuasive form to present the course at the end of masterclass.

This phase finished with the design of the slides and the recording of webinar in my office.

2) Campaigns of Facebook Ads

Once masterclass was ready, had arrived the moment for home to catch the assistants when webinar. 

The format of announcements that we used was the one of nuggets or videos of 1 minute that responded to a posed doubt the potential clients of the course.

Next we made retargeting, that is to say, teach other announcements of invitation when webinar to the people who had seen 90% of the video.

The objective era to repeat webinar all the Tuesdays and to fill it of assistants with the campaigns of Facebook week after week.

3) Pursuit automated by email

Once the assistants scored when webinar obstruct within an automated sequence of email with double objective: to obtain that the maximum pointed number of attended masterclass and that possible major % of them bought the supply.

For it a sequence was sent to them to pre-webinar with focused messages to emphasize the value and everything what they would take of masterclass and followed with a sequence post-webinar focused to overcome the main objections of purchase.


The results arrived from the first month of implementation generating more than 5 numbers and since then this number has only done more than to grow thanks to the optimization.

it discovers now

The keys of the success

1.Identificaci³n of needs noncovered in the market

Unlike other agencies that bet to send to a development course Web with WordPress.

In Tapja we focused to niches of market in height that not yet were covered and was as well as I removed WooMaster, a course of design of stores online and AcademyMaster, a course of design of virtual academies for infoproductores.

2. To talk back the same system once validated

One of the most frequent errors in the majority of entrepreneurs and businessmen is the one of not talking back what it works to them. So as soon as WooMaster began to be sold in automatic I talked back the system creating another course, Academy Master.

3. Optimization of them funnel of sales 

Once the funnels to sell the courses were working analyzed the metric ones of each one of the steps and implemented a series of improvements that have been able to increase the conversion of sale of webinar to more of a 11%.

significant data

It knows the Numbers

Return of the investment on Facebook Ads
32.27% of conversion of landing, 28% of attendance to the Webinar and 19 sales, 10% of conversion.
Graph of assistants when webinar, everybody sees it whole number, nobody goes away.
Valuation of the assistants when webinar
32.50% of attendance when webinar, of those assistants 56 bought what a 11% do of conversion.
Capture of the sales in my WooCommerce of last the 2 months

Cases of Success

Agenda a call strategic to be the following case of success

If we had waited for 6 months more in implementing this system of sales to webinar, we would have stopped invoicing more of 40.000. You do not leave the same happens to you.