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How eCommerce of olive oil happened of 1,000 to 35,000 visits to the month, in less than 1 year


The domain had antiquity but it had worked little and it counted on a low authority for his sector. He had never managed to position for no excellent keyword. In 2 months we caused that it began to appear on the front page of Google for some searches and in the middle year surpassed the 6000 monthly visits; at the moment it reaches the 35000.


Antiquity of Domain15Years
Duraci³nde Campaign14Months

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The Results

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How Hicimos


  • To analyze its competition within the sector to find opportunity landlords.
  • To position key words of reference in its sector.
  • To trim distances with competing domains and to gain authority.
  • To secure transactional key words or of product sale and to increase sales.


To realise a Keyword Research to discover the number and volume of keyword susceptible to position for the sector. To analyze the competition and to propose feasible objectives for the starting phase. 

To prepare and to define sections and contents working the values SEO within the domain. To introduce connections of thematic websites and authority to reach more ambitious objectives, turning the domain in reference into the sector of oils.

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Why it has worked

A domain with many years of antiquity is not synonymous of authority. Sometimes the structures for the SEO are very poor and even dangerous reason why an audit SEO becomes essential; to separate the grain of the straw, to maintain the good thing and for extirpating the bad thing.

The algorithms of Google evolve constantly; what before it worked now penalizes to you. To discover the bad habits of a domain and to change them are the first step so that it can grow and position.

To structure a strategy of contents was the following step. For it we created a Keyword complete and deep Research of the niche to understand how the sector in Internet moves and thus to take to end more efficient actions. With our methodology we obtained that increased the number of visits, as well as its income, month to month.  

Fulfilled objectives.

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Cases of Success

Agenda a call strategic to be the following case of success

Than 5 years of experience advising more digital businesses to position themselves and to sell in form Internet stable appellant and. It contacts now so that yours he is the following one.