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to have to terminate itself of independent by not being able to pay the quota, to invoice more of 4.000/mes


Eduard worked many hours and she was myself forced to still accept all the projects that arrived to him, badly being phelp. 


To create a solid and specialized structure of business that allowed him to arrive at clients with greater purchasing power.


In little more than 3 months of mentoring it was able to invoice more of 4.000 to the month and nowadays it has tips that arrive until 6.000.

it knows

The challenge with Eduard

When Eduard entered Enterprise Intelligence had a Web in which she offered several services of marketing to low cost. He thought that therefore he would be created a portfolio of clients and who with time he could raise the prices.

œBefore knowing David it was not nothing else that ideas and projects. There were not no successes, was no strategy either nor mentality. He thought that he could yet and everything included. That if © 2020 Tapja - Sitemap, that if design Web, that if SEO 

He thought that if never offered an integral service to low cost I would need clients, until David removed to me from that error with good arguments. It convinced to me right away and with me that is not easy

The objective when entering mentoring was to be able to position to Eduard as specialist in one of the branches of digital marketing and to redesign its portfolio of services as well as the public to whom it went so that it was able to gain a worthy pay of form appellant.

it discovers now

The keys of the success

After mounting a system of sales of high ticket and impelling it with a strategy of automated marketing, now Eduard has a stable invoicing of 4.000/mes peaky monthly that surpasses 6.000.

1.  Search the specialization

When Eduard entered mentoring wanted to offer a service of design Web that in addition included texts and the positioning in Google, being in charge he only to do it everything. Something that would have taken to him to offer a good but nonexcellent service.

In the first week of mentoring I decided that one was going away to specialize in only giving to services SEO to position itself as expert in this sector.

2. Reconstruction of the services to do them profitable

The portfolio of services SEO that offered Eduard could be divided clearly in 2 types: those of which it was necessary to be in favor very qualified to be able to offer them and the services more mechanics as for example, the article writing. 

I decided that Eduard only would be in charge of the advanced services whereas the mechanics would be subcontracted more or eliminated of their product portfolio. 

3. Implementation of a strategy of sale of the services for the new ideal client

After redefining the portfolio of services and to fit the prices of each of them so that they left profitable, to focus us a new ideal client who would value plus the service and it would be arranged to contract it of form appellant: the SMEs. 

Something that in addition, would guarantee better results.

4. Experience and confidence to increase the prices

In order to transmit major value in the services that offered, new pages of sale were created exposing their cases of success. Clients whom they had engaged Eduard previously and they obtained great results positioning in highest of Google.

The objective era to accompany the new tariffs by social test and results to justify the increase in the price of the services.

5. Implementation of a service of recurrence

With the aim of which Eduard secured stable income, we created a service of high ticket, the price are 10.000 to the year that the client pays comfortably of monthly form. 

Of this form, Eduard obtained the financial stability that she looked for, giving a invoicing him bases sufficiently great as paying to subcontracted equipment and services, while still she had liquidity sufficient to derive a part from the income to let grow his business.

œMentoring of David supposed a shift of paradigm in my form to think, to value and to decide.

What it more surprised me in the first sessions of mentor­a was his clarity in the decision making. At a moment it understood my situation and it created a clear trip ticket directed to harness and to revitalize the sale of my services.

Sometimes it seems as if the money spoke to him to David. Strategy of sales that proposed to take to me to end, strategy of sales that worked and client that closed.

David has given the necessary tools me, among them a renewed mentality, to grow of independent form. Because now I know what works and how to make it work.

who is coromina Eduard

Conone to Eduard

At the moment it works with an ample portfolio of clients, many of which they engaged by means of the implemented strategies of sale during mentoring. 

Its professional brand is consolidated and is an expert recognized in its sector.  

Now Eduard is not enslaved of some unworthy prices. Desire much more working less. Delegating with criterion and taking care only of strategic operations that they let grow his brand.

Cases of Success

Agenda a call strategic to be the following case of success

Eduard happened to be a freelance one who included all type of tasks to get in order month to enjoy financial freedom and of lifestyle that always had wanted. Today he works very few hours and he wins much more than never he would have imagined.