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We position in Google different contract groups, now sells them in automatic of form appellant.


The domain was .blogspot that had begun to position, but the limitations of the platform prevented the client to continue growing. We buy a new domain, without no authority, we migrated the content and we created the optimal structures and configurations SEO so that their visits multiplied. Of 3000 monthly visits inherited of the previous domain .blogspot, to surpass the 80.000. It multiplied income.


Antiquity of Domain3Years
Duraci³nde Campaign12Months

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The Results

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How Hicimos


  • To carry out a migration to another domain without losing positioning.
  • To improve the present positioning of the domain.
  • To harness and to optimize contents positioned in second page.
  • To give to the domain a sale approach. To obtain more of each visit.


To analyze the present structures to realise a safe migration and not to lose positioning in later weeks making the corresponding redirections.

To let rest during 30 days, analyze the behavior that Google has with the domain and work it consequently. Internal improvements of content and new trip ticket to obtain a more stable positioning.

Source: Google (Click to extend)

Why it has worked

The management of tempos was key to let breathe the domain after each critical action taken to end. Google requires of days but weeks to chew and to digest processes that imply to the whole domain, as for the case of a migration and massive change of URLs.

To walk is slower but it allows a firmer and safe step. Without slips. In order to make a good broth not only you must count on the suitable ingredients, you need to know how when to throw them to give with the perfect flavor. In Google something similar happens, precise actions at the correct moment allow a constant progression.

The contents of the blog are of quality and the answer of excellent user, the certainty together with a strategy of contents on the basis of the Keyword Research allowed to reach ambitious objectives more and more.

An optimal configuration of the Search Console, specific adjustment in page and structures SEO for the sector causes that each new content is positioned to the few days of its publication.

Fulfilled objectives.

Cases of Success

Agenda a call strategic to be the following case of success

Than 5 years of experience advising more digital businesses to position themselves and to sell in form Internet stable appellant and. It contacts now so that yours he is the following one.