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In accordance with Law 34/2002, into 11 of July, Services of the Society of the Information and Electronic Commerce (LSSI EC), we informed to the users into the data into the organization or propietary person into this webpage:

Person in charge

- Social denomination: Smart RL Webs, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY.
- CIF/NIF/NIE: B70550983
- Comercial name: Tapja
- Head office: C Galley, 42, 1ºA. 15003 To Corunna


- Telephone: 881914641
- email: [email protected]
- Form of contact online:


Registry of Treatments according to the RGPD: Clients/Suppliers, Lists of Mail, Employees and Users Web.
- Name of domain (website):


Smart RL Webs, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY (in future, œTapja), Person in charge of the website, puts at the disposal of the Users the present information in order to regulate the use of the page that the same puts at the disposal of the public. All person who accedes to this website assumes the role of User, committing herself to the observance and rigorous fulfillment of the conditions here ready, as well as to any other legal disposition that outside application.

œTapja reserves the right to modify any type of information that could appear in the website, without obligation exists to let know or to inform of the users these obligations, being understood as sufficient the publication in the website.


All the information regarding the policy of protection of data of œTapja is in our œPolicy of Privacy.


The website, including declarative but for a reason or purpose nonlimiting their programming, edition, compilation and other necessary elements for their operation, the designs, logos, text and/or graphs is property of œTapja or, where appropriate, it has license or express authorization on the part of the authors.

All the contents of the website properly are prot©g©s by the norm of intellectual and industrial property (articles 8 and 32,1, paragraph second, of the Law of Intellectual Property), as well as enrolled in the registries corresponding public, and the reproduction and/or publication, total or partisan, of the website, nor his computer science treatment, its distribution, diffusion, modification or transformation are not allowed, without the previous permission and in writing of the same. œTapja will guard by the fulfillment of the previous conditions, as well as by the due use of the contents presented in his webpages, exercising all the civil actions and penal that correspond in the case of infraction or breach to him of these rights on the part of the user.

The designs, logos, text and/or graphs other people's to œTapja and that could appear in the website, belong to their respective proprietors, being they themselves people in charge of any possible controversy that could be provoked with respect to the same. In any case, œTapja counts on the authorization it express and previous on the part of the same. œTapja does not recognize in favor of his holders the corresponding rights of industrial and intellectual property, not implying his single mention or appearance in the website the existence of rights or responsibility some of the Responsible one on the same, as either endorsement, sponsorship or recommendation on the part of the same.


The relation between Person in charge and User is in force in all its ends by the Spanish law, which specifically the parts are put under. The language of writing and interpretation of this legal warning is the Spanish. For the resolution of all the controversies or questions related to the present website or of the activities in him developed, œTapja and User decide to be put under the Courts and Courts of A Corunna.